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File Manager + is an easy and powerful file explorer for Android devices. It’s free, fast and full-featured. Because of its simple UI, it’s extremely easy to use. You can easily manage storages on your device, NAS(Network-attached storage), and cloud storages. What’s more, you can find how many files & apps you have on your device at a glance immediately after opening the app.
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Jun 15, 2022
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File Manager – If you want a straightforward but effective experience with managing your files on mobile devices, Android users can benefit from the amazing mobile application of File Manager Plus since it lets you access all the apps and files on your system without difficulties. The user-friendly and efficient File Explorer app can be used on all of your devices and will perform well on all systems without issue.

About File Manager MOD APK

File Manager functions completely different than the default manager on the device It introduces a variety of new tools and features to enhance the user experience for everyone. It also offers a variety of interesting tools for compatibility with a broad range of file formats that are not widely used. Naturally, users are able to modify everything within the system, allowing new possibilities to manage all the data within the device.

Be prepared to appreciate the easy UI and the features that are accessible inside the app. This allows you to effortlessly track and manage your applications and files. Explore the various basic file management functions as well as the more advanced features that will allow you to manage your apps with ease. Utilize the mobile application whenever and wherever you’d like.

What are the implications?

Through The File Manager, Android users will be able to use a standard file explorer for their smartphones, which can be used to perform normal management operations, and provide advanced features that aren’t available to all users. You are free to use it to efficiently manage all documents on your local storage as well as NAS storage and cloud drives using all features available within the application.

Use it to organize and scan all your files with no issues. It is easy to categorize your files into various categories like audio, downloads, images videos, Documents new files, and much more. Explore all applications that are available for your devices on the go. Utilize using the Cloud as well as the Remote option to manage your online files. Access your phone’s files from your PC and in reverse. Discover the capabilities of a variety of built-in players. These should all allow you to use the amazing mobile app of The File Manager to the highest degree.

Features of File Manager MOD APK


One of the main advantages that come with File Manager is its user-friendly and advanced interface that allows users to learn all functions it offers quickly. It also offers a variety of alternatives in design and layout to make it easier for users to have a diverse experience. Additionally, all information is organized neatly in a variety of distinct categories, making the interaction of everyone easier and more fluid.

A standard explorer interface with available features

To begin, Android users in File Manager are able to quickly participate in the amazing mobile app for File Manager, thanks to its simple and easy-to-use user interface. This app’s clear and user-friendly interface lets you quickly navigate through the intuitive menus and use the features of the application whenever you need.

Take advantage of its filtering and search options to search for files. You can also browse directories manually by using the convenient and efficient navigation options within File Manager. This will enable users to enjoy their work using the Explorer app.

Manage files easily on local storage

For those looking to learn more, begin by allowing the application to scan the entire system for folders and files on your local disk. This includes your internal storage as well as external storage that have SD card and USB OTG compatibility. In the end, you should be able to navigate through every folder and file without issue.

Use online and remote storage devices

While you’re at it you can use the mobile application to work with the online and remote storage you can access. This includes standard cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Yandex, and many more, along with sharing NAS and FTP storage. These should all allow users to make better use of the file browser on their mobile devices.

Do you have all your files categorized?

To help you manage your folder and files to make it easier to manage your files and folders, to make it easier to manage your files and folders, Manager can also assist you in automatically categorizing different formats into their own directories and categories.

You can search for files in the Download folders, or for new files that have recently been added to your computer. Use the categorized Video, Audio, Images, and Documents menus to browse through all the latest files available on your computer. The easy and practical options will allow you to use File Manager to the fullest.

It is easy to manage all apps that are installed on your system

If you have apps running on your phones, File Manager offers useful tools that allow you to effortlessly monitor their current status at any time. You can simply access the file browser to know more about particular apps and carry out specific management actions.

Connect to mobile devices via your PC

If you are interested in accessing your mobile devices through your computers, making it simple for Android owners to collaborate on sharing files across two systems. You can now access your Android devices through your computer to download the files from shared folders.


The application scans constantly in the background to continuously update the information in the phone’s capabilities for the user. The information displayed is in detail for every product, as well as users are able to alter the display settings to catch additional changes in a shorter time. In addition, each item or file comes with different levels of memory use which makes it easy for users to locate or find large files.


In addition to scanning for changes to the memory as well, File Manager automatically sorts the files into distinct categories. The categories will then comprise documents, media audio, documents, and more and will cover a wide area to make it easier to find documents or content later. Users are also able to drill into the system and locate anything instantly using the integrated toolbar.


In addition to the many broad categories, the program can also integrate additional extensions that allow users to interact with files much faster. Particularly, the most popular is the ability to immediately forward files for users to review all information contained in the file even when there isn’t a software that is compatible to display the files. In addition, there are many ways to enable users to easily manage files with uncommon formats.


If your device is cluttered with lots of junk or files, then it is time to clean up the mess. File Manager includes a junk removal function that allows all users to get rid of duplicate files swiftly.

The feature will automatically remove files that aren’t used or have a redundant format however it will display or ask users if there are any files that are important prior to eliminate them. In addition to cleaning out documents, it also lets space available for specific categories to make better use of space.

Comprehensive storage analysis

With its sophisticated and thorough analysis of storage With the in-depth storage analysis and smart design, File Manager ensures that Android users will always be in control of the various data and files that are stored on their system. This is because File Manager will let you examine your local storage for unnecessary and useless data that can be eliminated to free up space. You can use the cleaning options to clean your storage and make maximum use of your space.

Built-in text editor and player for media.

By using the inbuilt media player along with text editing tools available in File Manager, Android users are now able to use the speedy and highly effective application while on the move. You can effortlessly look at the images using the internal viewer tool with a variety of editing options. Utilize the internal music player, which let us listen to audio files without difficulty. Additionally, you will have access to the text editor, which allows you to edit any document using standard text editing tools. All of this will help you boost the overall performance while browsing through the folders and files.

It doesn’t include advanced storage management tools

Although File Manager is great for general Android users who don’t have to deal with the extensive system files, there are apps such as Root Explorer a more suitable option. It is a mobile tool designed specifically for devices with root access and lets you access the system’s files without any issues.


The most appealing feature of this application is the capability to synchronize with many cloud folders available on the internet which allows for more storage with just a couple of clicks. Users can also include customized cloud storage and links and transfer suitable accounts in order to carry out any sync. All data of the user is secure during the transfer, assisting users to store and optimize their device memory without any issues, instead of traditional methods.

Key Features of File Manager MOD Apk

File Manager is among the most versatile and reliable file managers, thanks to its capabilities and top features. In addition, the supported integrations are user-friendly and refined so that everyone can enjoy greater results or discoveries when their memory is constantly optimized.

  • A customizable interface built-in with great design and layout provides the most efficient interaction while traveling or looking up the memory of the device.
  • Auto-scans for any new changes to files or any other abnormalities in each category or file while providing accurate information and similar.
  • Comprehensive junk cleaner that has outstanding performance, while removing the most important items that users need before completely removing the junk.
  • Multiple extensions are integrated to increase users’ capabilities or interact with other unusual formats of files or make organizing the files better.
  • Easy to connect to other cloud storage services with exceptional security when transferring files, with perfect synchronization.

Get the no-cost and unlocked application available 

If you’re not willing to shell out the extra cost to get the full version of File Manager, however, it is recommended that Android users choose the modified version available on our site which is absolutely accessible at no cost and available to users to download.

It’s as simple as users installing the Version APK File Manager then following the instructions and begin enjoying the app. This is where you can use the ad-free app with disabled in-app purchases as well as unlocked features that will enable you to get the most out of it while on the go.


With easy-to-use features, and a simple and intuitive UI File Manager allows Android users to start exploring their online and local folders and files easily. In addition, with the unlocked and free version available on our site there are even more reasons to download the app.

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What's new

- Target Android 11 : To read and write to files in shared storage using this app, you need to have the all files access permission on devices that runs Android 11 or higher. This is the policy of the Google Play store. Please refer to the following link for more details.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.


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