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File Commander is a powerful file manager that allows you to handle any file on your Android device, cloud storage, or network location via a clean and intuitive interface. Fully optimized for Android P, File Commander is loaded with features - Vault security, Recycle Bin, Storage Analyzer, File Converter & also receive 5GB Free storage on MobiDrive.
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May 25, 2022
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Varies with device
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File Commander is an Android file management tool that lets you access and manages files on your mobile phone and those stored on external applications such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box, or SugarSync.

What is File Commander Manager & Cloud?

With all the different files and folders available on your mobile devices, users, especially those who do not organize their files properly, will have difficulty finding and using certain files in their device storage. So, to make sure you can easily manage files on your Android devices, cloud storage, or files shared on your local network, File Commander is the best mobile app you can work with.

Feel free to use the app as a local file manager and easily run any files on your Android device. Access cloud storage in any of the available fields and easily sync your file management between devices. Open many advanced options to protect your files and track all important situations in current storage. All of this will allow Android users to truly enjoy their mobile app.

Thanks to File Commander you can copy, paste, cut, and move any file into the memory of your Android device. You can also work using a local network or FTP, all from the same interface.

Once you are in any folder you will find all the features you can expect from a good file manager. You will have previews for photos and videos, as well as options for selecting all files with a single touch or editing files based on different criteria.

File Commander is a complete and complete file management tool with a simple and attractive visual interface. It is not an app that offers many features, but it has everything you need to manage your Android phone.

Features of File Commander Manager & Cloud

Enjoy working with an accessible home screen

First of all, Android users in File Commander can easily enjoy working with an accessible home screen on their mobile devices, thanks to the clean app UI and intuitive menus. Also, you can now choose to work on a fully customizable home screen. Just assign specific files and folders to quick access files and use them to access your data quickly without browsing storage.

At the same time, you can use the Bookmark option to name specific files and folders you wish to have available in your Favorites list. Use it to quickly access your files and folders whenever you want. Also, thanks to the latest file menu, you can quickly return to where you left off.

Get access to all files and folders available on your system

And like Solid Explorer, Android users in File Commander will have the option to easily access all the files and folders available in their system without leaving. The app will thoroughly scan your system and allow you to access all available files easily. This includes hidden files and folders, usually not available in many other applications. Therefore, you can continue to manage devices and available storage.

File clusters are clearly separated for easy handling

For those who are interested, you can now use a group of categorized files in File Commander to easily manage the application. Here, you can now view your files in Music, Photo, Video, Apps, Archives, Docs, and many more file collections. Therefore, you can always find your important files and use them to the fullest.

Useful built-in media players

With integrated Audio & Video players available, Android users will now have the option to view the content of their videos or play certain music tracks right within the mobile app. As a result, File Commander will enable smooth and flawless self-awareness for all Android users.

Work well with all popular cloud services

To make the app more interesting, Android users in File Commander can now enjoy working with popular cloud services using the mobile app. Here, with enabled services, File Commander will allow you to sync your files to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other services.

Also, access many file management options and enjoy working with the fully installed mobile app. Cloud services will certainly make your file manager much easier.

Enable recycle bin to manage your deleted files

With the Recycle Bin option available, you can now prevent your files and folders from being accidentally deleted. Just open the feature and the app will automatically insert all the deleted files and folders into the bin. You can choose to permanently delete your files using the provided trash option inside or use the restore option to recover them from your storage.

work with external storage and devices

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with administrative tools in File Commander, allowing you to access files and folders in any external storage.

Feel free to connect the app with your MicroSD cards and other USB OTG portable drives. You can then make all file management easy and advanced in these storage areas, such as in-house. Also, users can reconnect their devices to a PC and enable all in-app features on connected drives.

Save space and data with archived files

Here at File Commander, Android users can upgrade their storage location using archive options. Now, you can select any files you wish to archive and place them in trusted folders. This will allow you to save space on your storage and create new data rooms.

Enable different login profiles 

With the login profiles available, File Commander will allow users to choose different personal settings for their mobile system. Now, you can save various settings and app data with specific profiles. All your saved profiles can be uploaded to cloud storage and will be synced as soon as they are signed.

More remote access options

For those who love each other, you can now use the helpful remote access options in File Commander to share and transfer your files. Start by logging into Windows or SMB networks using local networks or using FTP servers to share your files offline. And for some Android devices, the remote sharing option will provide a much faster and more efficient connection than using Bluetooth.

Additional Features Of File Commander

In addition to the three key features above, File Commander also has a series of “heavy” features, I’m sure you’ll be shocked because you really need it but you haven’t noticed. Details:

  • Protect important files by storing them separately with password management.
  • Indicate the amount of memory stored by all files, the memory statistics for each category, and suggest what to do with these files, such as deleting previously opened files, moving to another memory, and deleting useless files …
  • Finally download this File Manager to install and get 5GB of free drive space, free to store data online.

Download MOD Apk Version of File Commander

Lastly, for those who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the open File Commander program on our website. Here we provide a fully open app with ads, unlimited resources, and premium-opening features. All you have to do is download the File Commander Mod APK from our website.

The word “handle” here is more than you can expect. From simple tasks such as opening, reading, retrieving files, copying, renaming, cutting, and deleting files …

The feeling of familiarity makes me very happy when I sit down and review files and accompany the app to plan my “smartphone life” neatly.
File Commander also manages online files

with File Commander, it’s different. Just log in to your personal online account and you can easily manage and perform all administrative tasks, as you do with the internal backup of the phone above.

File Commander also works smoothly on all of the above files stored on online storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.
Convert file extension to any format

Time to sit down and install a different conversion program, or file extension software, and open each file to download it is very annoying. The app will help you to convert existing files into more than 100 different formats such as from documents to pdf, from ppt to ppt, pdf…


Get ready to immerse yourself in the helpful File Manager application and enjoy using its features to customize your storage in many ways.

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What's new

• 'Properties' for multiple files/folders selection
• Specific sorting options for a folder
• Create an empty file in a folder
• MobiSystems Drive has a new name, icon, website & integration with Windows PC
• Use your Apple ID to sign into MobiDrive
• Organized audio files with the new tabs for tracks and folders
• Music Player Queue - Arrange songs in the desired order
• New Home screen categories - Screenshots & APK
• Video Player – Support for looping files



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