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Adblocker Free Browser is an excellent program from “Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited Communication”. The app is provided free of charge and helps block ads in many popular Internet browsers. You visit the website and you are not bothered by advertising.
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Adblock – Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited
Jun 5, 2022
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FAB Adblocker Browser – Using your phone comfortably without interruption of ads, quickly download “Free Adblocker Browser” to enjoy the fun!

Adblocker Free Browser is an excellent program from “Rocketshield Browser Technology Limited Communication”. The app is provided free of charge and helps block ads in many popular Internet browsers. You visit the website and you are not bothered by advertising.

What is FAB Adblocker Browser?

Web pages are clean and easy to read. You can get things better when you are traveling, or in places that do not have internet access.

It’s free, and it’s powerful in blocking types of ads

The free Adblocker browser brings a lot of useful features and is a good choice for users who hate ads. It can block many types of ads (hijackers, banners, videos, etc.).

The app helps prevent annoying criminals. It’s annoying when you have to delete unnecessary tabs. adblocker helps you to block all bad tabs/hijackers.

It also helps you to avoid getting tired of seeing junk food. You are very comfortable visiting your favorite websites. This will helps clean up all spam content, and all bad content is gone. This helps you to have a clean website, as well as a comfortable web experience.

Features of FAB Adblocker Browser

Browse the web securely, and privately

The free Adblocker browser lets you choose your search engine (Google by default).

The app allows you to customize notifications. Alternatively, you can choose to save your password for quick access to the web or change the color of the interface as you wish. So you can customize everything to experience browsing.

You can save and manage bookmarks to quickly access your favorite web pages.

It makes your browsing more private, and more secure. Apps always block advertising cookies from third parties to the user. You can select incognito mode, and update your browsing history. In short, the app guarantees user privacy most importantly.

The app recommends secure websites. Users do not have to worry about web security. The app provides alerts for any malware and adware. The application ensures that you have a secure and private browsing experience.

Many useful features are included in the app

The free Adblocker browser has many useful features installed. The app shows the weather in real-time. The app can predict the weather in the next 10 days (select location), so it helps you to have the most relevant plans.

The app is designed to be friendly and has an impact on your learning. So, you can better read anything (e.g., read stories and novels easily and quickly with your favorite visual interface).

This ensures a high level of privacy. The app is updated regularly and automatically. So, you will see a clear list of Adblock filters, and they will help you browse the web easily and for free.

Don’t forget to turn on private and incognito mode to clear your entire browsing history. This helps you to browse the web privately, and securely (without leaving anything out).

You can use “Adguard” software to avoid all kinds of ads on any website. The app helps you to block annoying windows, and warn malicious websites.


The browser is considered part of user security because there is a lot of different content that can be accessed, so the FAB Adblocker Browser lets you set a password. You will choose the right password you want and make it difficult for strangers. At the same time, you are also free to change your browser theme to change the feel when you use it, and anyone will have their favorite color and feel free to view it.


When users use the app to read texts, they should not take their eyes off the document reading mode. The feature is aimed at the smooth and highly structured reading of documents with different settings, and the two most commonly found settings are full screen and automatic operation. At the same time, this feature is widely used when users read comic pages, and of course, you will not be bothered by ads on the websites you visit. FAB Adblocker Browser


In web browsing, you are not usually blocked by other websites, and you do not need to search for and install another application. Specifically, users will be able to access the VPN servers the application provides and bypass the barriers and perform the various functions they like. At the same time, the built-in VPN browser can be used anytime and helps you to browse the web smoothly and quickly.

Ready to browse the web with a great feeling

Feel free to access the website with great content, and do not worry about advertising.

The app effectively blocks annoying video ads, banners, and pop-ups. Quickly download “Free Adblocker Browser” to enjoy one of the most useful mobile apps!


Sometimes, the websites you visit have impressive videos you want to download, and again, the app does its job. Specifically, users will be able to find the video they want through the browser, and with just one simple action, the video has been downloaded. At the same time, this video download is being distributed to many types of videos on various platforms such as Tik Tok, YouTube, and others. Users will be able to compile a video folder for fun.

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What's new

- Upgrade to the latest 96 version of the Chrome kernel, which you must have
- Lots of optimizations
- Support video download, turn it on in setting page


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