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ePSXe for Android is a Playstation emulator (PSX and PSOne). It is a port of the famous ePSXe for PC. ePSXe provides very high compatibility (>99%), good speed, and accurate sound. It is designed for smartphones and tablets, (for 1-4 players) including a fun 2 players option with split screen mode. It includes virtual touchscreen pad support, hardware buttons mapping (Xperia Play, phones with keyboard or gamepad, external gamepads bluetooth or USB such as WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, Ipega) and analog sticks. ePSXe includes native support for ARM and Intel Atom X86.
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Jul 12, 2021
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ePSXe for Android MOD APK – Download ePSXe on Android MOD APK Latest version. If you’re unfamiliar with ePSXe is an emulator that allows you to use PlayStation 1 games on your Android device. The greatest thing about it is it doesn’t need the root privileges.

About ePSXe for Android MOD APK

It is the PlayStation 1 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful consoles ever developed by Sony and the world of console gaming. It is true that the PlayStation 1 has a wide selection of amazing games that you will be interested in, certain of them have been regarded as legendary. So, what do we say if we told you that you could relive the amazing memories as you play the games of your childhood from your smartphones? Wouldn’t that be more fascinating?

This being said, thanks to the emulator ePSXe, PlayStation fans of the 90s are now able to play their favorite games from childhood directly on Android devices without having to sweat. If you install the app and loaded with the game’s files on your device, you’ll be able to plunge into endless gaming adventures anytime you like and while on the move.

What is ePSXe for Android?

ePSXe is a Playstation emulator which can be utilized on Android smartphones and tablet computers. It’s extremely compatible and has good performance even on older models of graphics cards. Like the Nvidia Shield Tablet which doesn’t support the latest mobile technology like ARM processors, or Intel Atom x86 devices because of their size limitations. precise audio.

You can choose to play in a 1 player mode, where all controls are compatible with touchscreens, with native input via USB gamepad or joystick. Split-screen gaming for 2 players using an external keyboard mouse or 4 players local multiplayer battleships racing shooters. Assist with trophy displays every 15 seconds, without being able to miss any explosions.

optimized to work on tablets and smartphones. ePSXe allows up to four players, split-screen, or on multiple devices. It comes with virtual touchscreen pad support as well as hardware buttons mapping and analog sticks. ePSXe can be used with ARM as well as Intel Atom X86 devices.

ePSXe has graphics that appear better, which includes software renderers as well as two OpenGL renderers. It is also possible to utilize cheat codes, savestates, and cheats in this PC version.

PlayStation Emulator (PSX and PSOne)

PSX is an excellent console that is loved by millions of gamers across the globe. It is compatible with a variety of games that are attracting the attention of players. However, not all people have the money to purchase it, or it may not be available in their region at the moment. We require an emulator that lets more players enjoy PSX games.

A lot of people have downloaded ePSXe since it offers an authentic experience for phones. The Android version just launched via Google Play and has had more than one million downloads. But, the game is not licensed and has not been approved by the original creators. But, don’t fret- on our site, you can download a no-cost mod to the game.

Simplified User Interface

If you’re looking for an emulator that’s quick and user-friendly and easy to use, then you should consider ePSXe to run Android. It has a straightforward interface that’s easy to use even if there isn’t an official bios file. It functions as a plug-in for the computer’s interface. It is possible to play various kinds of games without losing any quality of performance or speed.

Play Multi-Disc Games With Menu

The program is also able to be used for games that require multiple discs. If installing a game it could automatically inform you of the discs that came with the game.

Players can alter the number of discs available on the menu easily and quickly. Additionally, they can make a variety of options for screen sizes as well as picture quality, gaming modes, and much more. This allows players to make tiny adjustments to their gaming.

Enhance Gaming Performance by using HD Graphics

The software also gives you great visuals when you use HD graphics. This makes images appear better and more appealing. Additionally, thanks to 2x/4x rendering software and OpenGL renderers This software can be used with smartphones and tablets. This makes gaming more fluid and without delays.

Good compatibility with all Android devices.

It is also extremely compatible with all currently available Android gadgets, ePSXe allows gamers to enjoy smooth emulation, without having any issues. This being said that the application is compatible with various hardware that has ARM as well as Intel x86 support. Additionally, it comes with OpenGL support so that you are able to enjoy HD graphics with no issues.

Quick and easy autosaves

If you’re curious, the application can allow you to capture your game’s progress without needing to revisit the save points in-game. It will only require a few easy tips to successfully record the saved files and save them to your computer. When you’re ready to return, simply open your saved files and it will take only several seconds to go back to where you were.

Adjust the sound and video settings 

To make playing as enjoyable as they can be gamers are also permitted to change different visual and audio settings so that the games are running smoothly on their devices. You can either make the settings general or specific towards specific games, that’s your decision.

Feel free to personalize your gaming experience for optimal sound or visuals. This allows you to experience seamless gameplay even with a phone that isn’t the most expensive or to bring out the power of your device, something that is essential for emulator apps.

Find useful and enjoyable cheats

Additionally to that, for those who are interested, you can enjoy having exciting and intriguing cheating options for PS1 games. PS1 games. You are welcome to add Gameshark cheat codes and take advantage of the amazing gameplay to the max. However, don’t use it too much as you’ll need to go back to the original gameplay to experience absolute pleasure and excitement.


If you’re familiar with the incredible emulator applications for old games, such as GameGuardian as well as the PPSSPP ePSXe is a must-be added to your game collection. It’s also a great performer it’s not easy for you to keep it on all devices, including Android devices and it’s absolutely amazing.

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What's new

Fixed a bug touchscreen bug when pressing 4 buttons together
Improved Dynamic Pad modes with static start position and adjusting pad position
Added image overlay to screen support in 4:3 mode
Added pause on menu open support - enable in preferences
Disable magnifying button effect when using a custom gamepad skin
Fixed crashes when connecting/disconning some gamepads on gameplay
Added flag to permit to capture audio for third party app from Android Pie
And so on.


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