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Currently, there are many technical forums for educational purposes. To learn a foreign language, we can mention Memrise, Cake, LingoDeer, and Duolingo. Apart from that, there is ELSA Speak - an app to help you learn to speak English online.
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What is ELSA Speak?

Currently, there are many technical forums for educational purposes. To learn a foreign language, we can mention Memrise, Cake, LingoDeer, and Duolingo. Apart from that, there is ELSA Speak – an app to help you learn to speak English online.

ELSA Speak is produced by ELSA – a San Francisco-based education company. To date, the app has received over 128,000 updates on Google Play and has a rating of 4.8 / 5 stars.

For what purpose are you learning English?

Before embarking on an English practice routine, you need to clarify your learning purpose. The program offers topics such as travel, work, education, daily communication, culture, and entertainment, … What is your purpose? You will then select your native language, current English level, and training objective (rare, moderate, or advanced) to complete the survey. Based on the information provided, the program will develop a proposal and a suitable learning path.

MOD APK version of ELSA Speak APK

Premium Unlocked

What else in ELSA Speak’s Premium version?

The Premium version unlocks all 1600 most popular English communication topics, provides access to fast lessons designed for people with a busy schedule and unlocks real-life chat content, and other advanced features. All in all, it will help you to improve your English from beginner to advanced much faster than the free version.


After registering an account at ELSA Speak, you will be given a free one-week trial period. It will give you 1600 courses covering more than 40 very varied themes. There are many practical matters, such as personal study with Elsa, which is very beneficial. At the end of the day, students will be given a brief overview of what they have learned. Next, if you would like to learn about the app, you can sign up for a three-month course with the company.


Through ELSA Speak, you will be given tests to assess your level in the first lesson, such as pronunciation, conversation, voice tests in sentences, and entrance tests. With the pronunciation function, you will hear the sample reading and repeat it. The app will recognize your voice so they know how it sounds like a native. You will watch a situation video and practice sentence patterns in the conversation section.


After knowing your current English level, the app will give you a logical route. There is a detailed video tutorial on how to pronounce and distinguish sounds in a lesson. In addition, there are vocabulary lessons that are very detailed on the topic and level. After the lessons, you can go to your profile to watch your progress, such as pronunciation, fluency, listening, emphasis, and pronunciation.

ELSA Speak provides the best experience for beginners to move forward. It has different sentences for checking your pronunciation, conversation, and pronunciation. After the login test, the application will perform a detailed test in many terms, such as different consonant groups. As you know, English is very popular in all countries around the world. Suppose you are a person who wants to get an English learning app. If you are going to speak English with native speakers, understand outsiders, or work for a foreign company, you should try this app.

Features Elsa Pro Apk Details

The ELSA English app can help you:

The ELSA mod can help you through a difficult day. Elsa mentions lines in the voice of the character Elsa, from Disney’s “Frozen”, which helps support a child or adult with developing social and emotional abilities. Elsa speaks to more than 200+ conversation lines, as well as actions to be compared. Elsa also incorporates 3D background sounds from popular Disney movies to provide a calm and natural environment. Elsa helps by working as a personal therapist, knowing what to say when you feel upset, angry, or scared.

Elsa can help in many difficult situations by identifying how the user may feel and expressing what else they think should be said. Elsa’s dialogue lines are correct and reassuring and Elsa speaks in someone else’s voice. If you are facing challenges at school or at home, Elsa speaks pro can help you a lot. Elsa mentions facial expressions to track emotions that she uses as indicators of conversation lines.

Discover Your Speech and Points

Elsa speaks pro crack gets points on Elsa’s result based on users’ responses to Elsa’s speech. Elsa mentions face changes and conversation lines are spoken, which allows Elsa to see your response and hear your feelings. Elsas’ voice is a clear indication that Elsa’s pro apk has started while Elsa’s mod apk is running in the background, Elsa speaks pro crack will give you Elsa talk lines for the app. In Elsa, the user can change the score based on their response; Elsa gets high scores when the user smiles and responds well to Elsa’s talk lines, but Elsa’s scores drop if the user does not respond correctly.

Game types for Elsa Speak

Elsa’s talking mode has two game modes: “Free play” and “live play.” Free play mode is where you can use Elsa to speak without any stage setting scenes. Scene Play mode is where you use the settings that come with Elsa speak to set up Elsa speak pro.

Elsa speaking scenes

Elsa speaks mod premium 2020 is loaded with 15 different scenes that can be used in the gameplay. There are 13 other cartoon scenes available: bedroom, living room, school office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, playground, hallway, and classroom.

Elsa Speak Scenes Helps Users

The Elsa mod apk has 13 different animated scenes that users can choose from when playing the Elsa speak app. Each stage is professionally designed and has different backgrounds and interactive features that can be touched to make Elsa speak.

Quickly Bilingual Languages

The Elsa mod can help users learn a new language by translating Elsa into any conversation line from English to 7 other languages, including American, Australian, British, Indian (Urdu), Swedish and Norwegian. Elsa speaks translation works best when the user is looking at the screen directly, allowing Elsa pro apk to use face recognition technology with a front-facing camera. The user can adjust the volume of the Elsa mod apk to higher, middle, or lower settings by swiping at the top of the screen when in game mode.

Elsa Speaks for a Child-friendly Visual Connector

The interface used in Elsa speaks pro crack is designed for children ages six and under to easily familiarize themselves with the technology. Elsa speak mod premium2020 is not a game in the traditional sense but a personalized medical app that helps users to speak conversations with each other’s voice, with over 200 lines of dialogues that allow kids to speak fluently in any language quickly. The visual connector uses professional graphics and text chat when playing scenes, making it easy for kids to learn and learn new words easily.

Promptly Improve Speech Challenges

Elsa’s speaking game mode has a variety of speech challenges that can be easily completed once the children become accustomed to Elsa’s speech. For example, the first challenge is to make Elsa smile three times in a row by pressing her face, which will result in a higher score. However, if the Elsa mod apk users do not bring the chat line between Elsa and Elsa talking mod by pressing on Elsa’s face, this will affect the Elsa school. When more challenges are easily resolved, children ‘s ability to speak is enhanced, allowing them to speak two languages ​​more quickly.

Speak English confidently and clearly:

Elsa’s speech helps children learn English faster and more confidently by providing clear, well-articulated voice instructions. Kids can choose different Elsa pro apk chat lines to record themselves speaking in English before hearing what they have said in someone else’s voice.

Speech recognition AI technology 

ELSA Speak uses machine learning technology, helping to recognize the user’s voice.
The first lessons focus on pronunciation and word reading. The display displays vocabulary, phonetic sounds, and recording keys. As you read, the system will record and test your reading ability. Besides, the meaning of a word is explained in detail and includes some examples, such as the standard sentences that use that word.

Currently, there are two levels of measurement: standard and standard. The advanced level will test your speaking / reading compared to native American speakers, measuring on a 100% scale. The program also shows you what sounds you need to improve your reading in order to speak / learn English better.
There are not many English learning apps like ELSA Speak. It focuses on every little detail, thus helping you to communicate effectively and fluently.

Choose subjects that are appropriate for your route

ELSA Speak has established an appropriate learning program. No matter what level you are in, you have the opportunity to improve your ability to speak/learn English.
If you are new, you will probably be frustrated by ELSA Talk about so many lessons. But you should start by learning the pronunciation, the spelling of words, and the phrases. As you progress, you can learn all the sentences, the same techniques, the final sounds, the tone, and more.

Improved pronunciation thanks to real conversations

An application designed to help you speak English fluently. Therefore, there are many real conversations you can consult and practice. The system is still monitoring you, identifying words/sounds that you have not pronounced correctly or sounds that need to be emphasized. As a result, your communication skills will improve, and at the same time, show you the framework for everyday communication in English.

I and hundreds of thousands of others feel better after using ELSA Speak. It provides detailed instructions and information and texts needed to learn English. Apart from that, you also have the opportunity to experience the real thing when communicating with native speakers individually using the Video Call feature.

Download the ELSA Speak MOD APK for Android

If you are trying to learn spoken English or improve your reading and speaking English, you should use ELSA Speak. It is a powerful tool that provides tips and tricks for speaking English better. You must sign up for the Premium package or use the MOD APK version to read and upgrade faster.

Find out

ELSA Speak content is updated regularly. You can check them in the find feature. This content is very close to reality, for example, Online Dating, Number, Date and Time, Self-Identification, General Travel Conditions, … Each content has a specific number of lessons and is categorized according to each level, from simple to complex, for you. improve your English faster.

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