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The biggest obstacle for those who want to start drawing a picture of their beloved characters is the impressive and artistic images. For that reason, this article will introduce Easy Pose, a flexible application for artists to design the perfect character with countless different shapes and individual situations
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About Easy Pose MOD Apk

The biggest obstacle for those who want to start drawing a picture of their beloved characters is the impressive and artistic images. For that reason, this article will introduce Easy Pose, a flexible application for artists to design the perfect character with countless different shapes and individual situations. Its possibilities are endless, and the app has been developed to prioritize manga styles, which helps users get ideas out of the box of projects or manga they produce or collaborate with. If you are an artist and have a lot of problems with setting the perfect frame rates for a frame, this app will be a good start.

With this app, users can create 3D images, looking at the model they have just drawn from many different angles. This will allow you to easily hear a specific point in each model angle, thus easily creating tasks according to popularity. So far, Easy Pose has reached over 5 million installs on Google Play. So we believe it will not disappoint you from the first use.

Create art models

In the first use, users will have to choose one gender to create a model. If you do not have an official idea of ​​your model, do not worry too much. Because Easy Pose will bring you the best model you can easily choose. Many models in this app are designed in the traditional anime style. It will help the user’s intelligence to be richer than usual. In addition, the models are created 3D, so users can see them at many different angles.


Many users come to Easy Pose because of its library of style and resources, and it is plentiful, varied, amazing, and constantly updated with new features. Not only that, but users can learn for themselves in creating characters for their character, and from there, complete the final steps to create a perfect character with a perfect body shape. Apart from those resources, it also comes with many tools or animation systems to make everything more beautiful and creative.

Everything is free, and users can be exploited and discover more of its hidden power during the experience. Many special tools will automatically generate many new shapes, thus giving users many options for designing characters or drawing frames that are very clear and attractive, creating the soul and feeling of the character by setting.


If users already have the resources or ideas of their favorite characters, its solid builder and editor will be much more useful and easier than ever. Users can directly import compatible resources, and the app will redesign everything, including hair extensions, body shapes, colors, clothing, etc. Best of all, users can edit everything with just a few clicks, and different configuration options allow them to customize. their character or standing with perfect accuracy.

Everything in the system is carefully and precisely designed, even with strong connections so that everyone can enjoy developing their favorite characters. In addition, users can directly access the standing library while editing, from which they can select appropriate shapes to prepare for final steps, such as coloring, visualization, and export.


With Easy Pose, users can create many different objects with different styles or situations, and the app also provides full support to make everything smooth and easy to shape. It will start with changing the clothes and colors of the characters, and users can freely change everything thanks to clever AI programs. They have the function of different pre-format fill colors, and users can combine different colors to create the perfect product. Not only does it change colors, but the app offers many popular costume contexts or many styles, such as fairy tales, steampunk, sci-fi, etc. All resources are stored on a cloud server, and users can use the preview mode to make the right decisions before downloading and applying the main function.


However, it requires a lot of extensions per store, and users need to regularly export or import resources to refine each component or room for various projects. Every app in this app is worth it and promises to give users many benefits in creating an amazing action sequence of manga or anime. Of course, the most popular and attractive stereotypes of female characters will always be updated.

Users can also design and submit various personal projects themselves in the app, which helps improve human search and more. The comfort and elegance of Easy Pose have brought millions of good results for users, and at the same time, it has helped them to discover creative and outstanding ideas in the construction of fictional characters. The possibilities of the app are endless and can vary depending on the user’s thoughts and needs for many different purposes.

How to use Easy pose?

How to use it is simple and does not take much user time. After selecting the model according to the requirements, the user needs to place it in the desired location and start designing immediately. This application allows for incredible precision control of the model assembly. Easy Pose offers many functions that are not available in other design applications such as: creating accentuation of moving parts, controlling elements, and obtaining a balanced position with the display function.

There are many outstanding features

Anime style simulation

Previously, many image apps provided human models with an aspect ratio of 1: 8, which was not very appropriate for traditional cartoon images. But Easy Pose is completely different, this app offers models of many different sizes to allow users more freedom to choose.

Various shapes

Each model incorporates more than 60 shapes so you can easily create your artwork. You can also decorate your model with clothes available in the store. Usually hair color, hair, clothes, shoes.
Note: In addition, Easy Poser also provides users with many other useful features such as a real shader generator. This will help you to see the shadows passing by. Viewing angles can be adjusted, direct light and backlighting can be set using a few simple functions. In addition, there is a wired mode that allows you to download the character frame to edit it freely.


Easy Pose has a harmonious design, which creates a pleasant feeling for the user. In gray as the main color gamut, you can feel the softness of the screen. The designs are eye-catching anime when imitated in 3D space. This will be a great experience, for those who love to imitate and draw.

Draw cartoon characters

You too are one of those people who love to watch cartoons. Want to draw your favorite cartoon characters. After that Easy Pose will help you do it faster. And you have to use the letter models themselves to be able to draw. Each character you want to draw will be shown with a sharp 3D model. Then use the tools to draw your favorite characters. It is not difficult for users to create beautiful graphics. Make each cartoon character appear from all angles. In addition, you can move and set in many styles. Make each letter perfect for every detail.

Using drawing models

It includes two types of models that will be designed for both the female and the male sex. Based on models provided by Easy Pose. After deciding whether the person you want to paint is a man or a woman. Select and draw the pictures you want. It also describes all the characters’ situations. You will depend on that to draw. There is no need to think too much about how a character will stand.

Because the models themselves offer different movements, users will also be selected at will. Then draw according to the available models. Dresses and beautiful colors. All hair extensions, and costumes for each character. To make that drawing different with all the character images of many styles.
The Easy Pose app provides ways to draw pictures. Specifically, steps to create drawings of cartoon characters. Note the posture. Download Easy Pose mod to draw works of art.

How to draw situations

Users will first have to decide whether to draw a male or a female. Then based on the drawing model and determine the location to create the pattern. Care will also be required to create the most balanced information. The image you draw will be based on the model you are making. That is why it takes a lot of time and wisdom to invest. Making details and drawings complete. Align so that the conditions are the same. So that when the painting is finished, it will be even more beautiful than before. At the same time, showing the same look like the photo models. Made with simple tasks but requires the care of the maker.

Download Easy Pose MOD APK for Android

Currently, in the market, there are not many applications that support 3D modeling on mobile platforms. Therefore, Easy Pose is one of the best and most prominent options in the current era due to the features that are introduced. In addition to the attractive features, this app also has a visual interface that will make the user process much easier. What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy this app to find interesting things to bring.

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