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Earthquake Network is the most comprehensive app on earthquakes and for most countries of the world it is the only earthquake early warning system able to alert you before the seismic waves. More details about the research project at
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May 30, 2022
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Earthquake Network PRO MOD Apk – A comprehensive earthquake warning system and forecasting app help users to prepare and evaluate to avoid earthquake-related events. Earthquakes are dangerous for humans, so this app allows for predictions and related problems.

What is Earthquake Network Pro?

Earthquake Network Pro – Real-time alerts The MOD APK research project aims to create a pre-smartphone earthquake warning system that can detect earthquakes in real-time and inform the public. Thanks to the accelerometer on each device, smartphones can detect earthquakes.

When an earthquake is detected, those with the installed app are notified immediately. Because earthquakes are moving at a moderate speed (between 5 and 10 km / s), it is possible to warn people who have not yet been hit by dangerous earthquake waves.

Earthquake Network Pro – Real-time MOD notifications allow you to receive real-time earthquake alerts from the network, report live earthquakes, and talk to others during earthquakes.

If a real-time earthquake occurs near your location, the software may automatically send SMS and emails to your contact list, including your actual location in space. This helps free up without requiring the user to join the app. With one click, you can resubmit the application or say OK. The app also displays data from national and international networks about earthquakes detected.

Features of Earthquake Network Pro Apk Mod

  • Pre-earthquake warning times (for people who are not too close to the back).
  • User reports of earthquakes received.
  • When a real earthquake is detected, automatic emails and SMS with your location are delivered.
  • Earthquake data from national and international networks.
  • Earthquake exchange sites.
  • Earthquake warnings are delivered via voice synthesizer (PRO version only).
  • Earthquake warning in the event of your smartphone vibrating (PRO version only).


The app works due to the accelerometer on the imaginary mobile device, so when the user uses it and opens it, it starts working on high productivity. In real-time, it can detect earthquakes with greater accuracy and precision. Especially now that the app has covered the whole world, wherever you are, you can contact us to help you get an earthquake very quickly.


It reports to users the occurrence of earthquakes and comes with detailed and precise parameters. Includes high earthquakes and low speeds, the direction of your movement … Even how many minutes it will take to get to your destination. Not only that, but it also provides critical warnings that add a lot of specialized information. for you.


Earthquake Network Pro allows you to engage in live chat with leading seismologists in the field. Here you can ask them questions and find out more about the ongoing earthquake. They will provide specific warnings and advice in each area, adding an earthquake prevention address if you are in a high-risk area.


After each earthquake, you can report a current or recent experience, or what you heard in the app. Earthquake Network Pro has a section for you to create your report. It helps us update real-time data that you can only understand. Your experience can be reported on both as your course and shared with other users around the world.


Usually, with the free version, you will receive text notifications and messages. However, if you are the owner of the pro version, Earthquake Network Pro provides data, warnings, and advice from your word directly.

You will not waste time or be afraid to read each text, but now that everything is ready, just open the notification, it will sound like a reminder to a friend. This helps busy users or those in unfinished business not to miss important news.


In recent years, earthquakes have wreaked havoc on people and property. Therefore, the purpose of the publisher when creating Earthquake Network Pro is to meet the needs of users. Earthquake-prone countries are in dire need of accurate forecasts. That is also the main function of this amazing app.

If you are wondering about choosing an app with useful features, this is the name you should hear. As the development progressed, the app updated more countries. Most countries in the world can use this app. Just using a smart device can detect earthquakes.


Perhaps this is a disaster warning application, so all the services provided are basic. It should be easy for all users to understand how the app works. First, when you join Earthquake Network Pro, users will be guided by the system. The instructions will be displayed on the screen to make it easier for the user to understand.

First, log in and fill in the details. Information is contained in the user’s world. All is updated data about seismic status in the area where the user is. Statistics are updated hourly and are extremely accurate. Help users know their location.


With predicting rapid and accurate earthquakes for users to take appropriate action immediately. According to research, earthquake waves will travel from 5-10km / h, so the application can warn of tidal waves and seismic levels. If earthquakes are mild, there are other ways to deal with them. Conversely, if the earthquake is strong, the user needs to move to avoid danger.

real-time alerts

The Earthquake Network research program creates an early warning system that uses cell phones to alert people to earthquakes. This system can detect you in real-time and notify you in advance.

An accelerometer built into smartphones can detect earthquakes. Users with the installed app will be notified as soon as an earthquake is detected. It is possible to alert people who are not affected by earthquakes as earthquake waves travel at a moderate speed (5-10 km / s).

You can get real-time alerts on the network. To report earthquakes, and to communicate with others in an emergency such as earthquakes, you can download the Earthquake Network Application. It also displays information on earthquakes experienced by both global and national networks.

Key features of Earthquake Network PRO MOD Apk

  • Mobile networks allow real-time seismic detection
  • User Reports on Sound Earthquakes
  • Data from earthquake networks around the world, including earthquake data starting at magnitude 0.0
  • Earthquake exchange sites
  • The PRO version has many features
  • Voice synthesizer to let you know about earthquakes
  • Discuss Priorities for earthquake emergencies
  • Advertising is not permitted


Thanks to this app, in the event of an earthquake, users will be able to communicate with each other. You can discuss the app to update the earthquake situation with family and friends.

At the same time, the application also reviews the exact location of the earthquake and the corresponding level. This is very helpful for the user to be able to avoid negative risks. Users will have full preparation before the terrible earthquake.

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What's new

Added new icons on the earthquakes map and on the users' felt reports map


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