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A realistic criminal case featuring real people… including YOU! Duskwood - Detective Story - Duskwood is a game that takes you to a mysterious village and many criminal cases take place in a row. If you have ever liked investigator movies or novels.
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May 30, 2022
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Duskwood – Detective Story – Duskwood is a game that takes you to a mysterious village and many criminal cases take place in a row. If you have ever liked investigator movies or novels. Best not to miss this game, it is one of the best products that attracts millions of players in the app market.

The actor’s first story is the disappearance of Hannah. No one knew about this until a mysterious message was sent to his friends. The Duskwood mod apk gives players the ability to collect clues and evidence to find out where the victims and bad guys are. Be an investigator and overcome all traps to find the truth. Do not allow everyone in the village to panic.

About Duskwood – Detective Story MOD Apk

Deep in the forest, the village is relatively small. But you can’t hide forever, it all starts with lost people coming here. Nothing will happen if the missing person is not found. Duskwood requires players to be smart enough in the process of finding evidence and resolving cases. Believing in a person is also very important if you do not want the killer to get a chance to escape. The player must make decisions to speed up the time for the truth to be revealed.

KEY FEATURES of Duskwood MOD Apk

  • From a real and exciting crime fairy tale to a real messenger, play an interactive mystery book.
  • Spy mode for secret agents to learn to communicate privately with other people. Don’t get caught, psst!
  • Play is completely free. If you do not want to spend a penny, you do not have to.
  • Dead City was written by the same author who wrote dead city. Duskwood is the author of a new fairy tale of international crime. Join hundreds of other players in this new game of fairy tale legends!
  • In reviews and many other criminal cases, a criminal case in the game is constantly occurring. The next update will be available soon!

Improve your research skills

Criminal investigations are always one of the tasks that requires players to think in order to get a clue. It is not easy to get rid of a bad person and get guilty. Players need to have enough convincing evidence, the Duskwood challenge is a really clever battle. You can be a hero in the city if you catch a criminal. When the case is resolved quickly, the victim’s life-saving rate rises. The investigation process usually takes a long time, the players need enough patience to get to the end. Create your own story instead of watching a movie or reading a novel.

Content updates

The story at Duskwood will be reviewed and updated according to each version. Make sure you install the latest version so you don’t miss anything. Conquer criminal cases with the evidence you will encounter in this virgin adventure thing. Maybe a text message, voicemail, or a photo, … It’s all key for the player to distinguish the truth. Duskwood with a mysterious object makes you curious to explore an unexpected game. The village needs peace as it was. Teach bad people the right thing by making them guilty.

It is shocking when the disappearance happens one after the other and the victim is found dead. Your job now is to find the bad guys and punish them with a legal system. Duskwood will offer you many options but never hide the crime. Download the Duskwood mod apk to play the role of a detective and solve all the most difficult cases.


The story the players encounter in Duskwood revolves around a village with the same name as the game found deep in the jungle. Things will not be so bad when a character named Hannah does not survive. But sometime earlier, his friend had received a text message, and its contents contained nothing but the main phone number of the main character. So his friends have started contacting you and they found out this while you did not know what happened.


As mentioned above, she will be working with characters who are relatives of the deceased named Hannah, and Duskwood’s interaction was done on a messaging app. You will see the information slowly emerge and collect the necessary information to know what is happening. At the same time, you can also reply to these characters by selecting the corresponding dialogs suggested by the game.

You never know when you will respond to this character, and then, there will be many options to choose from and decide for yourself. Variety also goes hand in hand with reality and emotion when you read the information sent by other characters. Over time, what happens is not only in group chat, but you can also communicate with other characters directly with personal messages. The game will have many episodes that you can spend time watching.


Once you have finished one part of Duskwood’s story, you will want to hear another one to see what happens next. But you will encounter an obstacle that is a small puzzle game waiting for you to solve. The time it takes to complete this game will increase, and the complexities players will feel are wrapped up in the basic three-dimensional game. This gameplay is not very difficult for most players.

When you enter the minigame interface, you will see a text asking you to complete the puzzle so you can continue the story. After selecting, you will be taken to the minigame screen, and there will be many squares of different colors. You will see the number of movements and items you will collect at the top of the screen. At the same time, three-dimensional aspects of the game also emerge and bring a sense of intimacy to the player.

Download Duskwood mod apk – Be a criminal detective

Investigations always require confidentiality, and criminals hide in the dark you can’t reveal what you are doing. Has Hannah been found? He is the first challenge for the Duskwood players. In all cases, everyone wants a miracle and the victim will return.

But really, you need to accept that someone was killed or disgusted more. Duskwood allows you to play an investigative character to find the victim and place the criminal in front of the horse’s shoe. The evil plot is always unexpected, the players should not fall for them.

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