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DraStic is a fast emulator for Android that emulates a popular 2004 handheld console with two screens. In addition to being able to play its games full speed on many Android devices it has the following features:
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Apr 24, 2020
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DraStic DS Emulator APK – DraStic DDS Emulator with APK (MOD, Licence Resolved) – allows you to play the entire range of Nintendo DS games on your Android device. Nintendo DS games have become hugely popular throughout the world, and here’s an easy method to play the game on your Android mobile device.

About DraStic DS Emulator APK

For the most ardent Android gamer, DraStic DS Emulator is definitely a top mobile application that lets you quickly replicate your favorite DS games. You can play enjoyment with thousands of Nintendo games available only on the gaming console. Experience amazing adventures by playing a variety of thrilling portable games which have helped make the platform a hit.

Get the full DS emulator experience on your Android devices, whenever and wherever you’d like. Utilize the extensive and detailed settings included within the app to make your adjustments and modifications to the game. Also, feel free to use the numerous interesting features available in the app to enhance the game and make it more enjoyable than your previous Nintendo DS experiences.

What is DraStic DS Emulator APK?

DraStic DS is the popular emulator to play Nintendo DS games on android. You can download the complete version and the most current version of the games on your Android device for no cost.

The app launches by allowing you to select your most loved Nintendo DS games and start playing. The most popular games such as Mario Kart, and Pokemon are included.

DraStic DS Emulator has completed more than 1 million downloads across the globe which makes it one of the most downloaded Nintendo DS emulators of all time.

This DraStic DS Emulator APK which is provided does not require a license (Patched) to make use of, so you can take advantage of paid (pro) features at no cost.

Make the game more 3D-like

When playing games, the graphics are important and you must customize the game’s graphics. Make it 2×2 times the resolution of their initial resolution to enjoy the most enjoyable experience. The next step is to customize the graphics in those games that you are playing.

Modify the size and location

The DS screens need to be customized in terms of size and positioning to be certain. You need to select and change between landscape and portrait mode according to the games you are playing. Also, make sure to alter the settings before you begin playing every game.

Fully can be used with the addition of controllers

A physical controller is an enjoyable experience, and it is compatible with all kinds of controllers that are physical. You are able to choose one of these such as Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play and many more to provide an enhanced gaming experience.

Save Your Progress in the Game

Connect your account with Google drive and begin recording your progress. You must click the Save button in order to save your game.

The most powerful emulator application for your DS gaming experience

As soon as you launch, Android gamers in DraStic DS Emulator will soon be able to use the most effective Nintendo DS emulator app. In fact, millions of players across the globe have downloaded the application and are enjoying it every time they play their favorite games.

DraStic DS Emulator offers complete compatibility with all of the DS games released on the platform. In addition, it will offer more fun and enjoyable gameplay, with improved graphics and numerous fascinating settings you can use on each of your games. You’ll also find the application offering even more enjoyable and smooth gaming experiences than previous DS devices.

Get amazing graphics in the game 

As you begin your thrilling gaming experiences in one of the DS games, DraStic DS Emulator will give you more impressive graphics that are better than the games you play available on your DS. It’s because the handheld device has only the 256×192 pixels resolution on the two screens.

Therefore, with the latest smartphones, you can easily increase or even triple the resolutions of your screens with the help of certain settings offered by the app. Thus, you will experience a clear and crisper game-play experience. Additionally, the various rendering options provide different experiences for your games.

Adjust the audio quality of your music

Additionally, DraStic DS Emulator provides amazing audio features that allow you to easily alter the sound quality. It allows it to be compatible with your hardware and lessen the load on the system, especially if your games are slow. However, for those looking to enjoy pure and captivating original sounds via emulation, The app also has numerous amazing audio options for users to choose from and listen to.

Make your interfaces more user-friendly 

Start your emulated gaming experience by exploring the amazing in-app interfaces available for all your DS games. Make use of the customizable options and layouts of the displays within the application to alter the way you experience the game.

choose between landscape and portrait modes to align your two screens vertically and horizontally and horizontally. You can also pinch the screens for them to shrink or bigger while you play the amazing in-game experience.

Accelerate emulation with the helpful Fast Forward button

In addition to the standard controller Along with the normal controller, the app will include the exclusive Fast Forward button for each game. DS games. This is where you can access speed hack options within the app.

Based on your specific preferences, you will be able to enjoy rapid-forward capabilities right away within the application. You can make adjustments to your gameplay using various speed settings with just one click.

Access your saved files

If you’re one of those who are curious, DraStic DS Emulator also provides easy and complete access to all of your saved files as you advance. In addition, you are able to easily create your own saves throughout your gaming by using save states. Save and play these particular states any time you’d like to have the most enjoyable Emulation experience with DraStic DS Emulator. you can also get it from the Google play store.


For serious Android players, this fantastic emulator by Exophase can provide you with many more choices when it comes to gaming on mobile. With over a thousand amazing DS games You’ll never have to worry about becoming bored by this fantastic application.

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