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Dragon Mania Legends is simply an Android + iOS game where you have to collect different dragons and build an army to defeat all your opponents. An online game where you can show all your interactions and tactical skills to world-class online players.
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About Dragon Mania Legends

Have you ever heard of dragons? Indeed, it is! The Dragons are an awesome part of the broadcast and complete gaming market. Well, that’s the whole point, but can you think of some nice, useful dragons? It is difficult to count dragons as healthy creatures. Yet today we are here with the transformation of the Android game to unlock the reality of dragons and the theme of the beautiful dragons in front of you – Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK.

Dragon Mania Legends is simply an Android + iOS game where you have to collect different dragons and build an army to defeat all your opponents. An online game where you can show all your interactions and tactical skills to world-class online players.

But first, consider that Dragon Mania Legends official is a freemium game that includes many obstacles and powerful additions. So it is very difficult to play the official version of Dragon Mania Legends. Elsewhere, you can download the MOD APK of Dragon Mania Legends, and enjoy endless resources and features for free.

Android game based on the Dragon theme

Time to play a glamorous Android game based on a simple algorithm, Collect Dragon, train it with the best resources, use them in battles, and become a legend in the amazing dragon city. So if you are a dragon and a fan of the monster game, Dragon Mania Legends can greatly help you achieve all your dreams of training dragons and dealing with attractive dragon battles.

A very focused android game where you can find historical battles with monsters and dragons. First, you will need to collect a lot of resources to collect all the beautiful dragons. And after that, you can win each battle by playing an immersive game and strategy. In addition, you can use higher powers and boosters to train your dragons much faster than the normal process.

Enjoy the full HD Dragon game for real entertainment

Dragon Mania Legends is an HD Android game that works on animation. A great game embedded with all animation-like movies to make you immerse yourself in the game and make you feel energized. Additionally, it will also provide you with sophisticated dragon sounds that make this game look like a natural dragon mania. Mark my words, you will never feel bored after installing this game on your Android smartphone.

Pet all your dragons like real animals

Dragon Mania Legends is a free adventure game designed for all lovers of adventure and adventure. Here you can navigate many amazing dragon parks and you can collect beautiful dragons. In addition, you can also mix two or more different species to create a powerful dragon and combine eggs to hatch and get all the world-class species.

An Android game with a lot of crowded variety. Here you can find more than 600 types that contain different categories of high strength and facial covers. In addition, you can also combine different skins of each dragon to make them look more beautiful and strong than the official ones.

Unlimited diamonds make endless purchases

However, the above feature is truly unique. But in reality, no one can win challenging levels without having the famous dragons. And it needs more diamonds to buy stronger dragons. However, you do not need to worry about that as Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK brings unlimited diamonds with endless dragon purchases within the game. So in the end, Dragon Mania Legends can be a piece of cake, by clicking the release button at the very bottom. Stop waiting, Crush it!

A completely open game for making all the best enhancements

After the excellent feature and endless resources, Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK also gives you a fully open play interface. It’s time to uninstall the official Dragon Mania Legends and get rid of all the problems by installing the MOD APK inside your smartphone.

Hear the visual connection of zero-ad for games 

It is difficult to manage flawless happiness at the same time! But you need to use most of them after installing Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK. Besides all the useful features above, it also gives you the whole app without ads. And you will not need to look at in-app ads to unlock game levels and earn 2X coins, as we offer you a fully unlocked game with endless resources. Just download this game and enjoy it all!


Your adventure takes place on a remote island full of many mysteries that have long been hidden. Here, you are provided with Dragon Mania Legends with strange and magical decoration resources that allow you to transform the city. This will be a playground for your dragons and contains many schools, training camps, and supermarkets. Let’s transform into a city mayor to express your love of design and construction in this visual city!


Your dragon collection is not moderate but trained according to a magical model with great skills to fight rare monsters on an empty island. The combination of dragons and the magic system brings beautiful and attractive scenes to the battles. Those skills will help you develop dragon power, as the first magic of decimal, combining many different types of objects works very well.


When everything is ready, announce the battle with the various beasts to express your position and gain dominion. Each dragon is a famous hero with his own characteristics and strong emotions, who strive to protect his teammates and to protect the traditional world. Here, you can make alliances of many different armies into a cohesive block to increase your power to help you win the title of the best coach in Dragon Mania Legends.


You can increase the model and number of spirit children around the world by searching and collecting different species everywhere. Let’s challenge it by choosing the right mating; the power of both men and women will be clearly seen in the unborn child. Thus, your dragon collection will bring unique features that cannot be repeated. As a result, no matter how difficult, strange, or powerful the enemy may be, there will always be someone who will fight for you.


To increase the strength of your army, you can support it with small actions that take place every day. When it comes to caring, bathing, cooking, etc., show them, love, because your dragon is clever; it sounds like loyalty from the owner. Not only that, Dragon Mania Legends allows you to take them to school, and enroll in skills training courses to fully develop and become as scientific as possible.

Legendary Features of Dragon Mania

• Raise and train dragons

• It can be part of many Wars

• Interface Interface

• War with dream creatures and dragon tales

• Collection of coins and various items

• Make friends

• Creating an alliance

How to play Dragon Mania Legends?

• You can fight the dream creatures, you need to rebuild the city of the dragon destroyed by the Vikings.

• You need to reunite Drgolandia and by reproducing the dragons, really focus on them and keep them as great wise dragons.

• You need to prepare them to fight the Vikings and defend the island. You need to redesign and expand the domain.

• In addition you need to enter competitions with different players to become a straight dragon master. You need to collect cash, too.

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK

Fans of dragons-related games exist all over the world. So every year the developers release new Dragon games for android phones. Similarly, Gameloft created and published Dragon Mania Legends in 2015. This one-player game has been released for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, due to almost every type of smartphone user downloading the game to their android phone, and in a short time the game became. world-famous.

More than 50M people downloaded the game from the play store alone. Millions of people on Apple and Windows phones are also playing this game with great love. This game is similar to the city of the dragon, if you have ever played the city of the dragon you will enjoy playing this game more. Because even in Dragon Mania Legends you have to build a beautiful city, fight monsters and make yourself strong.

Download Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Almost all the information about its original version and Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK is shared with you. You just have to download and play the game as described. no one can download this game on iOS and windows because this cracked version is only available on android phones. You need to visit the app store to download the iPad or iPhone.

You can Download Dragon Mania Legends from Google Playstore

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