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Zombie Gunship Survival, like other zombie games, includes highly advanced weapons, with more than 30 different types of cannons, rockets, AKM, sniper rifles, and more. .Defend your troops and take out Zombies with a deadly gun. Download the Zombie Gunship Survival mod APK for Android now to unlock your gun and use heavy weapons to destroy death and damage to zombie gangs.
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About zombie Gunship MOD apk

Defend your troops and take out Zombies with a deadly gun. Download the Zombie Gunship Survival mod APK for Android now to unlock your gun and use heavy weapons to destroy death and damage zombie gangs.

Do you remember those machines in Call of Duty when you get to shoot a gun and take out enemies illuminated by white light? However, this game is basically that 24/7. You can unlock better guns and harder rivals for your ship as you play longer, allowing you to do more damage to your zombie enemies.

Death from above!

The Zombie Gunship Survival APK is the latest demonstration of air support. He will be flying high while the lower armies try to disperse the hordes of Zombies and save the civilians from death. Zombies come in a variety of shapes and sizes – as well as speed – which means you’ll need to use different tactics and different guns in them to get them out.

A simple Guideline to zombie Gunship apk

There are a lot of zombie games on the market, so we always look forward to a different and different game, not just a first-person shooting game. In Zombie Gunship Survival, you are the last line of defense between Zombies and the human world. Your job is to kill the zombies before they kill people and get to the base of your army. You will control the weapons system on an AC-130 aircraft, destroying the underground zombie waves before they reach a safe tunnel where the survivors are hiding. Collect resources from friends you sent to build your military base. Each time you finish a campaign you will be rewarded, and this can help you in many things like upgrading weapons, earning machine bonuses, etc.

The Survival Feature of Zombie Gunship Mod Apk

  •  Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock All Levels
  • No Ads
  • All Infinite

Zombie Gunship Survival MOD Features of the APK

Gameplay Zombie Gunship apk

We are always looking forward to a unique and unique game, not just shooting the first person because there are so many zombie games on the market.

He is the last line of defense between the Zombies and the human world in the Zombie Gunship Survival. Your job is to eliminate the Zombies before they kill people and reach your military fortress. You will be in charge of the AC-130 weapons system, killing zombie waves underground before reaching a safe tunnel where the survivors are safe. Collect resources from friends you sent to build your military base. Each time you finish a campaign, you will receive a prize, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as weapons upgrades, equipment bonuses, and so on.


Zombie Gunship Survival, like other zombie games, includes highly advanced weapons, with more than 30 different types of cannons, rockets, AKM, sniper rifles, and more. You will be given three types of weapons to start with: a 25mm autocannon, a 40mm automatic rifle, and a Gatling rifle. The bonus earned to end a zombie-killing campaign may be used to upgrade your weapon. You can choose the best weapon depending on the speed and range of Zombies, as well as the type of Zombies.

There are two types of Zombies in this game: Little flying Zombies and Big Running Zombies. You can find them on various maps with different levels of difficulty. To differentiate yourself, you will need a different method that corresponds to the details of each map. Kill them all with the most powerful weapon you have, and protect the earth.

Map with a wide range of options

While the Earth is on the brink of extinction. It is normal to fight and be everywhere. The plane can fly faster than any other car. Gunship of the Zombie Players will travel to the mountains, tropical vegetation, and other places to survive. Most of the area was surrounded by wild beasts, and only a few civilians fought in a powerless war. That will be the situation you will see. Each area has a different landscape that requires a different approach. The thing that scares me the most is attacking the wrong partners. Prevent this from happening, even if a quick attack is always necessary.

Develop a fighting team

You should also help people increase their attack power, in addition to helping with airstrikes. Downstairs, upgrade the gun tools. You may not always be able to save them from the advancing enemies. Empowering them to fight independently is a great way to ensure their survival. If there were only a few survivors, the situation would be bleak. The continuous air attack that enhances the combat vehicles will allow you to strike with precision accuracy and no feature. Make the monster power base fall to the ground, and save the struggling people on the ground. To narrow down the list of creatures and survive the apocalypse, download the Zombie Gunship Survival mod.


With many monsters, Zombie Gunship Survival will give you the standard and gold so you can collect and build a solid defense system to become a place of refuge, and no one can be broken. If you collect enough gold, you can also upgrade your defenses, bars, weapons, and guns to protect you from storing your blood, preserving your base from the hunt for the dead in this game world.

As you participate in in-game events, if you kill zombies, your rewards will be huge, or players can earn famous prizes to unlock more advanced weapons. Play with the living community. Discuss the shooting game strategy with friends. Not only that, you have to kill the Big Zombies, this is an important task and a challenge to test your shooting ability, and you can threaten their survival.


Plus, you can not only play alone, but you can also play with the community. Here you can go with your friends to plan a war or discuss shooting skills. To help you and everyone get together, create lasting relationships.

While this is just a shooting game with an easy-to-play game, the designer is careful to invest in photos. Taking care of the smallest details in a good detail makes the players feel like in real life. So let’s destroy the Zombies together by getting the ultimate, authentic service to every corner of the Zombie Gunship Survival house.

Upgrade your arsenal

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new weapons that will allow you to deal more damage to your enemies. Your AC 130 rifle is one of the most feared weapons in the world.

Share online

You can share tricks and show your best kill to your friends and the rest of the online game community. Although the game is a single-player, the developers have made an effort to include as many player features as possible.

Present on the Survival of the Zombie Gunship

Since then, the game has had over one million downloads on Google Play. It is now a very good game and receives many good reviews from players.

KEY FEATURES of zombie Gunship apk

  • Against hordes of Zombies, provide air support for your men with a shotgun. To ensure full efficiency, plan your work before sending your troops.
  • Play killer, demolition, sniper, and scout in Assault, Demolition, Sniper, and Scout. Virtual weapons may be armed and upgraded.
  • From the scene of the shooting, they feel the night vision of infrared military level and strong combat situations for first-person shooting.
  • Your team’s survival is threatened by Zombies with various awesome abilities. Titan Zombs, which is hard to kill, will test your shooting skills and put the life of your zg at risk.
  • Collect gold and other fine items to improve the security of your shelter. In this zombie shooting game, upgrade your tower defenses, bars, and guns to protect your army from immortal attacks.
  • To win famous prizes, shoot more Zombies at weekly events!
  • Play in a thriving community. With friends, discuss shooting game strategies

Tips for playing the Zombie Gunship Survival APK

The game is simple and easy to play, but you will still need tips to make sure you play it to the best of your ability.

Rate your ground team

Your base team should be a diverse mix of complementary soldiers and cover the weaknesses of your gun. You only have heavier weapons, so some of the less experienced shooters will have to travel a great distance to make sure you can play the game successfully.

Organize your troops wisely

Your soldiers are not only protecting themselves from Zombies – but they are also trying to steal resources from enemy-guarded areas. You will want to try to find out where those resources are and place your troops wisely to ensure that they are used most effectively. Also, note the zombie breeding points.

Do not overheat

Machine guns work very well in washing the undead, but they also tend to overheat. You will want to make sure you do not burn too many grains. Try to save your explosive and use only what you need to use.

How to install zombie Gunship apk

  1. Download the “Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK”.
  2. Install Download Apk without using internet/wifi.
  3. Open the Installer, then install it
  4. Allow it to fully install on your Android device
  5. Open the MOD APK App and enjoy Unlimited Free Apps.

Frequently Asked Questions About zombie Gunship MOD Apk


What's new

Hello, Airmen! The end of the Wasteland proverb has come.

  • New Circumstances: The last 3 levels in Wasteland
  • New Weapon: MK77 Firebomb
  • Minor bug fixes


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