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Truecaller replaces the best calling, messaging, and contact systems to have the best experience compared to the default features of the device. It also comes with many enhancements to improve the system or security of people over phones.
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About TrueCaller MOD APK

Truecaller replaces call, messaging, and advanced communication systems for better information compared to the default features of the device. It also comes with many enhancements to improve the system or security of people over phones. In addition, its ability to block is hidden and can permanently block spam calls from any known source that tries to irritate them.

But what if you do not want strangers to call or text you? That’s where Truecaller Premium comes in! This change app allows you to block unwanted calls if you want to be available only to certain people. This is the feature of this application that many users want.

What is Truecaller Premium?

Whether personal or business, we use it for communication.
However, Truecaller Premium is different. You can add people to the contact list you want to contact. This way, you will not be able to receive any spam messages. When you receive scams or calls, the app automatically detects them. Therefore, eliminating the risks of victimization is one of these.
Other than that, Truecaller Premium is full of features you would not expect in such an app! It has smart messaging, powerful dialing, call recording, private profile view options, and more! This is how this app differs from other instant messaging apps out there. As a result, this app already has over 500 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone! That’s all you ever wanted your phone to do! Now, with the help of Truecaller Premium, you can enjoy spam life!

Truecaller Premium Features

Most people do not realize that this app is more than just a separate instant messaging app. Not sure? Here are its features:
Record your calls – Most phones do not provide this feature, especially older ones. Apart from this, read the features below. This option is also useful if you are on a business call so you do not forget anything important.

Smart Messaging – This conversion app can do many things which is why it is so popular. It offers free chat so you can post to anyone anywhere in the world. It also automatically identifies all anonymous messages so you don’t have to guess whether they are legitimate or not. Then, it automatically blocks those spam and telemarketing messages.

We all know that they are a nuisance because they can interfere with our work. For phones without Truecaller Premium, it is difficult to know whether a message will be important or not but we do respond anyway. If not, it may also block with words and a series of numbers.

Caller ID –  As we all know, these calls are very annoying to hold, especially when you are working. You can also use the light message option where you can share location, emoji, and status instantly with your contacts. Then you can also access the backup call history, contacts, messages, and settings in Google Drive.

View Profiles – Truecaller Premium lets you know who is viewing your profile so you know who is interested in your profile. You also have the option to view profiles privately so as not to arouse suspicion. Here are some instant messaging apps that come with Truecaller Premium offer. Since this is an instant messaging app, you can see profiles of any contacts. Think of this as a link between your phone and an instant messaging app. But instead of having them separately, Truecaller Premium offers all its features in one seamless app!

Dual sim support – Many people today use more than 1 sim card to separate business contacts and personal health. If you are a user of dual sim cards, you may be happy to know that Truecaller Premium has full support for dual SIM! This means you do not need to donate any sim just to use this amazing app!


The app comes with a secure and trusted messenger. Users can freely send any content or email attachments via advanced messaging systems, and the app will automatically or automatically delete all data after a certain period of time. Depending on the nature of the people, the message data will be hidden from your contacts and only appear through certain interactions.

Truecaller is one of the most important enhancements for people as it is high and hidden from them to manage or stabilize by filtering and interacting with all stakeholders.

• Advanced calls and contact managers so users can adjust their schedule or avoid unwanted calls out of the blue.

• Accurate features automatically block a particular company or contacts without intimidating users or from appearing in history.

• Immediately identify the caller ID with full information, such as addresses, tasks, and personal matters, so users decide whether to take the call or not.

• Greeting friends with a funny video before starting a call, showing the height of the intent of all users on the phone.

• Secure systems that protect user information or data from leaks or depths in any way and even lock the phone when it hits hard.


When users first come to Truecaller, they need to edit and personalize the entire contact list for easy access later. The filtering process is done with a highly refined visual interface and a lot of amazing improvements in sharing to get a more in-depth user experience. Features are also neatly arranged so that users can interact with the contacts for the best performance.

What’s even more interesting is that users can change the background and create new styles for their contacts instead of following the usual style. That shows the app is superior to the default features in the system and helps to work with all contacts before calling or contacting them. Of course, users can customize and transform everything visible on the interface to get more comfort instead of using dirty and dreamy designs.


The most impressive feature of the app is its ability to completely block any contact person or company that intends to annoy users with spam calls. Blocking those numbers can be done automatically or manually in the system and comes with many impressive extensions for users to block multiple items. Also, the system can automatically filter and hide human contacts in social media when it detects spam calls coming in from them.

Contact blocking functionality helps users to completely remove all advertising-related companies or other items to avoid disrupting daily life. That also applies to automatically filter contacts or displaying all real caller names so the user can decide whether to block or not. Depending on the usage style of the users, they can upgrade all incoming calls instead of mixing spam calls.


Almost every subscriber in the world registers the owner’s name and information, so Truecaller will automatically detect and display real names. This allows users to quickly identify the identity of unknown numbers that are dialed even if they are not listed.

Yes, they can permanently block the contact numbers of those people instead of receiving calls to avoid any unexpected problems that may arise.
The app interface will display all the required information for each contact, such as an address, function, and other items so users can advance. It has many advantages over a fixed interface or device system, which include displaying or launching multiple functions to connect with a contact. Not only that, people can switch to video or facetime calls right away to have fun times.


The call recording function is now widely integrated into many devices or systems, but with low performance or unsatisfactory users. Therefore, the recording feature that comes with the app is high and works in many ways so that users can separate all the recording data, whether in one of two ways. The system will automatically detect the voice and filter the audio clips needed for most other applications.

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