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Textra SMS is one of the most popular smartphone SMS apps today. Customizable, with a simple but beautiful visual interface, more than 100 themes inspired by Visual Design, dark night mode, and pop-up notification.
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About Textra SMS Pro

The most customizable and flexible SMS app I have ever used.

What is Textra SMS?

Textra SMS is one of the most popular smartphone SMS apps today. Customizable, with a simple but beautiful visual interface, more than 100 themes inspired by Visual Design, dark night mode, and pop-up notification. You can change the notification color brightness, switch to a recording tool if you are lazy to type, delay sending a message, and quickly delete messages with a slide. Most importantly, it is completely free to use.

How to use it is simple and very fast. You just need to install it, open it, and use it. I think anyone, even those with low technology, can install it and use it themselves.

Why do you need a messaging app?

SMS on smartphones always has a default interface and a few color options for the interface. However, it will still be the same font as the old colors and display, nothing new. It’s very fun, isn’t it? Imagine how frustrating it would be if you used the same SMS interface for years. Oops, I can’t think of it.
In addition, the more time you spend sending messages to relatives, friends, and partners, the more fun it will be to send messages. Sometimes, different Emoji sets, animated text images after a message … can make our conversation more appealing than ever. However, these SMS communications available on mobile cannot.

Well, if you find yourself in any of the above situations, I think you need to download Textra SMS immediately.


In previous versions of the app, Textra SMS was a messaging device with special features. But other than that, the app also received honest suggestions from users who needed to be able to copy messages from the app chat bubble. From there, they can easily convey their important messages wherever they want without taking notes. After receiving applications, the app immediately provided users with the latest update on the resolved issues. The app has added the requirement to copy messages to the app chat bubble right into this updated version. Please try launching the app and check out this unique feature! In addition, some system errors that users sometimes encounter are corrected in detail in this review.


The complaint is an app that you usually get before users download the app that exposure to the traditional phone messaging feature is very boring. So when users start with this app, the problem will be solved quickly and easily. The app was easy to use when adding more than 180 different themes specially designed with different styles. With this feature, no matter who you are and your style, you will find the right design for your app. With each design, you will also experience changes from within the theme to the outside of the form. Everything the app wants to bring to users, such as chat bubbles, the color of the app icon, … will also be changed depending on the options.


In addition to providing you with a messaging app that can change many different designs, the app offers users many other fun features. The first one that can be said is a chat bubble inside the screen of the mobile device. This seems to be a design that brings a lot of comfort to the users. Instead of entering the phone messaging component, now messages will be notified continuously. In line with that, the way users respond to messages will be simpler than conventional methods.

In addition, the fact that you can change the light and dark in the app is also a very useful feature. Because according to research, users will have to use the phone in many different situations on a regular basis. So owning a light / dark background switch feature will be a great feature for customizing the app to suit the needs of the environment. It will be challenging to find a new SMS messaging app and restore a very annoying original SMS message. But Textra SMS will be the perfect answer for you. The app can meet the needs of users, such as: designing an app interface, having simple chat bubbles, turning on and off light and dark mode, … and many other intelligent support features.

Download Textra SMS Pro APK

The original Textra app is made with Modified Textra Pro APK. This application was created by an anonymous developer, so it is a third party. All features that come in this Textra Premium are unlocked in the Textra MOD APK.

People download this app very quickly. This app, launched in the past, provides unique messaging information to people all over the world today. if you want to restore your messaging system then try the Textra Pro Cracked APK.

Features of Textra SMS Pro APK

You will love this app by learning the attractive features. For any app to be popular among people, it is very important that the app be easy to use. But with this, there are other features that make that app different from other apps. There are some similar features in the Textra Pro APK 2020 that you will love the most.

Android Auto

Aside from all the amazing features, the Android Auto feature is available in this app. Guys, this feature is only available in the premium version, but with the help of the app shared here, you can use the best free feature like Android Auto.

Simple visual connector

You can use all the features provided in this app very easily. Because the connection of Textra SMS Pro APK is very easy. No user should face any difficulties in using this app. Whether you want to create a custom emoji or set a bubble color, you can do this task with just a click.

No Ads

As with all modified apps, Ads have also been removed from this application. To increase the user experience of this Textra Pro, the developer has removed the ads. As a result, this app has become very popular among people. If you use the Textra SMS MOD APK without ads you will forget the original messaging app.

Edit Messages

This app sends a timely message to anyone you like or anyone connected to the office. To do this, all you have to do is edit the message. This feature of this app is very popular.

Other features of Textra PRO

• Group Messages
• Use Different Colors for Contacts
• Website
• All In One App

Apart from these features, there are many other features such as Sms blocker/blacklisting, Post Delay, Floating Lollipop type notifications, and smooth text message information available in this app.

Editing SMS

If you are running a business or something like that where you need to send an SMS every day then this feature is especially for you.
By using the SMS editing feature, you can edit messages for all your customers or clients and send them a reminder about your review services, pending activities, and many other things related to your business.

Different text size options

This is my favorite feature of Textra Pro Apk with the help of which can send the same message in text size over 21+ and can shock the recipient.
Even if you want to change the text color, you can easily do it by selecting the text font you want.

Dark mode

This is the best feature that everyone in the app wants. Because black mode has the ability to increase readability, and reduce light emissions in a very efficient way. You can also adjust the color varies according to your need.

Send group SMS

This is one of the most useful features of Textra SMS pro that allows you to send SMS in bulk to multiple recipients. It is therefore useful for those who want to send invitations to as many people as possible in a very short time.

How To Download And Install Textra Pro Apk 

As I have always said, downloading any premium app from Thinkers is a straightforward task. Anyone with a little knowledge of android can download it and install it on his device.
If you are new to Thinkers and do not know how to download the app, you can follow the guide below. I am writing this guide from the perspective of a newborn person so that anyone can easily understand it.

Step 1: Click the Uninstall button, After that, you will redirect to the Textra Pro download page.

Step 2: After downloading the program, navigate to the file manager and open your downloaded Textra pro.apk file.

Step 3: Enable all the required permissions by clicking on the ‘Settings’ option.

• This is a voluntary step and we will ask for the first time
• If you have not responded to the warning above, skip this step

Step 4: Now, press the back button and try again to insert the apk file.

Note: You must uninstall any pre-installed version of the Textra app before installing this premium version. If not, you may be facing an error that failed to be installed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Textra SMS pro-MOD Apk


What's new

• Multi-Color Thumbnail Application
• Sms barrier/blocking
• Delivery Delayed
• Floating lollipop type notifications
• Smooth messaging experience


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