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It has been modified from its older version namely Tekken 6 with higher graphics. With this Tekken 7 Apk + IOS for Android, you can enjoy the brand new Tekken 7 on any Android smartphone.
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About Takken 7 Apk For Android & IOS 

The Tekken 7 Apk is not officially released for Android OS but there is a Mod available online. It has been modified from its older version namely Tekken 6 with higher graphics. With this Tekken 7 Apk + IOS for Android, you can enjoy the brand new Tekken 7 on any Android smartphone. Since 2015, they have released a new version with a fixed s interval of time. So that none of their Game Lovers will ever get bored of it. All those who love to play Action & Fighting games will surely want to try Tekken 7 for Android. Am I right? If you are there then you are in the right place.

These games have already been released for PC users but not yet for Android. It is bad news for all Android users who do not have a PC or Laptop gaming console. But, there is no need to worry about it. Why? Because we found a Tekken 7 Apk with an iOS file for Android users. This ISO can use Tekken VII on your smartphone. What they have added to it are Graphics and characters that are not found in older versions. Many people searched for Tekken 7 for Android online but were not always satisfied with the search results. Since there is no such name for the release game, it is not an easy task to find its mod version.

Tekken VII for Android (Requirements)

Well, there is no special need to play Tekken7 on Android. But, a lot of people are confused thinking, Will this game work or not on my Android? To answer this question, we will share a list of all the things you need to enjoy this game on your phone.

• Android Phone (Works with 4.1+ version)
• Any PSP Emulator app (You can search online, you will find a list of many PSP Emulator Apk)
• PSP & Saved Data File
• ISO Zip

These are all the essentials we will use to play the Tekken 7 game on your Android phone. So, let me ask if you are confused after looking at these names in all the files? Maybe you! But, don’t worry these are just words and we will give you a step-by-step guide on How to Set Up All These Files and Use Tekken 7 on Your Android?

How to install Tekken 7 on Android?

There are some additional steps you need to follow to install Tekken 7 on your Android. The first and foremost step is the two required ones mentioned above, be sure to download both before checking the exit steps. After following the simple steps provided, you will be able to enjoy this amazing game. Also, download YoWhatsApp APK and GBWhatsApp APK for your Android phone.

1) First, install the PSP Emulator app on your Android. (You will find it in the PSP File we shared above)
2) Now, download the PSP file and Saved Data to your phone from the download link provided at the top of the page.
3) Extract the downloaded PSP file using any File Explorer App, then you will find two existing Apk Files.
4) Insert the Apk file you extracted into the PSP file.
5) Now, download the ISO file to your phone from the download link provided at the top of the page.
6) After successful download, extract the ISO file to the PSP folder.
7) Finally, browse the PSP Folder using the PSP Emulator application you installed in the first step.
8) From there, you can use Tekken 7 for Android!

Smooth controls

As with any fighting game, controls play a very important role. Because you have to take quick steps to bring down your competitor. So the engineer has made the best controls that help you to play games smoothly.


There are more than 30+ you can use in the Tekken 7 Apk but in order to use all of these characters you have to progress by winning other games. The more games you win the more chances you have to unlock these characters. Other famous characters have been added recently such as Katarina, Claudio, Josie, Shaheen, etc.

Returning Characters of Tekken 7

• Alisa Bosconovitch
• Asuka Kazama
• Bob
• Bryan Fury
• Devil Jin
• Dragunov
• Eddy Gordon
• Eliza (currently pre-ordered bonus item)
• Feng Wei
• Heihachi Mishima
• Hwoarang
• Jack 7
• Jin Kazama
• Kazuya Mishima
• Lord
• Kuma
• Lars
• Lee Chaolan
• Leo
• Lili
• Ling Xiaoyu
• Marshall Law
• Miguel
• Nina Williams
• Panda
• Paul Phoenix
• Steve Fox
• Violet (another Lee costume)
• Yoshimitsu

Exercise Mode

This is an excellent mode that helps you become a top player in Tekken 5 Apk. Exercise mode allows you to try out all the techniques and movements to see which one works best. Later you can use all these tricks in a real game and compete with your enemy faster.

New Military & Movement Equipment

Tekken 7 is back with new moves and instruments such as “Rage Arts”, “Rage Drives”, “Power Crushes” and, etc. Prior to this update or version, there was nothing in Tekken 3. Now hitting your enemies is more exciting than ever. only if you will use these movements and instruments correctly and on time.

New Version Development

There are some changes made to this latest version including image quality and new characters. The controls are much better and smoother as we said above.

Different game types

To reduce boredom in your free time, the developer has introduced many useful and amazing game modes for you to enjoy for free.
1. Multiplayer online mode
2. Offline mode
3. Online work mode
4. Time track
5. 1 VS 1 mode
6. Exercise court


Fighting games are always interesting. But they survive in size. So people with low mobile quality cannot enjoy these. Just download it from and enjoy it for the rest of your life.

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