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Learn to Dance Apk Premium: You can dance with STEEZY on your Android or Smart TV. There are 800 classes available and many are added each week. You will find professional beginner classes, so you can jump in when you feel comfortable.
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STEEZY pro-MOD Apk – Learn to Dance Apk Premium: You can dance with STEEZY on your Android or Smart TV. There are 800 classes available and many are added each week. You will find professional beginner classes, so you can jump in when you feel comfortable.

About STEEZY pro-MOD Apk v3.5.0

Top STEEZY pro teachers are among the top in the field. These step-by-step instructions will help you learn and understand the basic techniques. This will allow you to build your confidence and your ability to dance better.

STEEZY pro digital studio technology allows you to watch your dance teacher show movement at different angles, adjust the pace of your class and play any stage or go to the gym as you practice. Broadcast directly to your TV!

You can save your favorite classes for future use. You can also take one of the guided lessons to learn your favorite style.

So what are you waiting for? join STEEZY Pro& start dancing!

Encouraged from the first look

Steezy allows people over 12 years of age to get together to do anything related to dancing. In this space, there are many people who love each other and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, nationality, or skin color because this is a place where people can live forever. When you first enter, you will be frustrated by its size; there are more than 800 classes, with over 100 traditional and modern dances.

Everyone is free to choose their own style, without any restrictions. In this training app, there is a digital zoom system that allows you to view teacher writing at different angles, and adjust class speed. You can even watch online through an app, TV, or another social networking site.

Unlimited Features of STEEZY Pro MOD Apk v3.5.0

You can choose different styles and levels in Steezy Pro

  • All levels of dance classes are available. There are three levels of Startup, Intermediate-Advanced Classes.
  • Start dancing when you are new to the art of dance with Carlo Darang’s “Urban Dance Basics”.
  • Do you want to be challenged? You can take as many hours as you like with the advanced class!

Step by step it is easy to learn

We are here to help you if you have ever felt confused or missed many of the lessons available. Each STEEZY pro Studio class is divided step by step to make it easier for you to understand movement and movement. They are not only copied but also read.

  • You can only copy music videos.
  • if you need to learn from professional dancers and teachers if you want to be able to dance in a modern dance style.
  • Explore the knowledge and expertise of STEEZY International Dance School.

Together with work experience

In addition to those special features of the app, it also allows you to download it for free. If you find a course that suits you, you can try it for free for 7 days, and then it is not too late to sign up. By coming here, you can read and interact with many friends in many different places, be it in the country or abroad. If you’ve been here, this game won’t disappoint you, for sure.

Dancing is a beautiful, healthy, and powerful art

Dancing is one of the most exciting arts with many facets: good health, endurance training, self-discipline, bringing players a lot of positive emotions. But this is also a story that not everyone can play or train.

It is good to go to a dance center where you can have a teacher and sit with a dance partner, listen to music, and do daily exercises. However, this is still a challenge. The world seems to have changed since the plague. And I think you can try another solution: Learn to dance at home, with an easy-to-understand and simple program like STEEZY.

Suitable for everyone, even for children’s

One of the biggest obstacles, when you think about exercise, is learning not to keep up or not being able to exercise. By default, people assume that these types of apps are for people who know little or no expertise in the topic field.

There are a few apps that are hard to use like that. But that is not true of STEEZY. You can be anyone, at any dance level, or start at zero.
You do not have to pay for any tuition, and you do not have to go to class every day (then the risk of illness can be eliminated), you do not have to work hard to remember the daily test or take it. pressure before your exam for each subject. Just download it and you can start your dance learning.

From the first dance practice

It teaches you the rules of dance, head dancing, hip movement, hand position, shoulder balance, distance from colleagues, and the necessary expressions to get into the song…. STEEZY will take you to your first move, naturally and comfortably.

When you apply, you will be asked about your expectations and current qualifications. It will then automatically raise the appropriate levels and exercises. You can also choose according to your preferences (such as low-level exercise to train your body daily, or high-level exercise to challenge yourself).

These designs are designed to help you get the right exercises, and then gradually improve your skills, and take the next level.

STEEZY currently has over 800 classes and continues to be added weekly. Each class follows a dance style with a specific theme. It is divided into many levels from beginners to advanced and up to professionals. You can easily choose according to your preferences or let STEEZY suggest the appropriate tests and follow them.

STEEZY’s dance styles include Hip-hop, Open Style, K-pop, House, Breaking, Popping, Whacking, Krump, Heels, Jazz Funk

What is the quality of instruction in STEEZY?

STEEZY has an amazing group of teachers. They are all leading specialists in the field. According to their names, you will be able to find more information about the awards, international programs, and competitions they participate in many different categories.

Adjust the tempo, zoom in on all movements

STEEZY also has state-of-the-art digital studio technology. This integrated technology will help you identify a dance teacher. They teach dance clearly in every movement, every detail from many different rooms. You know that this is really important. Anyone who has ever used an app that teaches gymnastics at home knows how frustrating it can be to have just one idea.

For example, sometimes there are complex movements where you have to combine many body parts to create continuous movements. But because of a lack of vision, you miss or can’t make the right movements. Multi-view technology in STEEZY will help eliminate this distraction and bring many benefits to the learning process.

Download STEEZY pro MOD apk for free

download the apk mod of steezy pro for free from our website. You can also freely adjust the class tempo, the tempo of each movement, or reset the number of loops to make sure you fully handle the lessons.

If you find your favorite course or level/style of music really appeals to you, you can save it to your album to learn a little more.

During the reading process, you can connect your phone to a large TV screen to make it easier to read and follow the dance moves. STEEZY has this feature that is perfect for beginners. Connect, expand the study, and you can even invite family members to study together. Spreading joy and happiness in the family in this way is also very good.

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