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Lavengers is a combination of two popular films Avengers and Larva, and here is Avengers in the world of worms. As you probably already know, Larva is a comic book about comedy stories about two beautiful and "stupid" worms. I really like this cartoon. This also inspired Mr.Games to create his own amazing products, including the game we presented today.
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About Larva Heroes Lavengers MOD apk 2.8.9 (Unlimited Coins​)

what Lavenger is? Lavengers is a combination of two popular films Avengers and Larva, and here is Avengers in the world of worms. As you probably already know, Larva is a comic book about comedy stories about two beautiful and “stupid” worms. I really like this cartoon. This also inspired Mr.Games to create his own amazing products, including the game we presented today.

Classic tower defense game

The rules of the game follow the standards of the tower defense game. In Larva Heroes: Lavengers, your goal is to do everything to prevent the zombie caterpillar, mother caterpillar, or something similar from attacking your base.

There is one thing you should know, although there is an easy way to play, no one can say that this game is easy. The main characters of the game are a red or yellow larva, there’s also a commander. At the same time, you can call for additional reinforcement by selecting a worm at the bottom of the screen (of course, you cannot select a locked worm). After that, they will leave the base and fight the enemy.

Although your large caterpillar is much stronger than its other allies, I think you should not let your caterpillar fight the enemy directly.

The game is fun and crazy

When you feel fighting is difficult for you, you can use drugs, food, or other support skills. Sausage is a caterpillar’s favorite dish, use this dish to name the heroes of caterpillars that will fight for you. Automatic sausages fall from the sky. This machine is like collecting light from plants vs Zombies, fun and addictive tower defense games.

The game gives you a variety of different caterpillars, divided into several classes such as archers, monks, knights, heroes, etc. Each level has 3 levels corresponding to 3 different difficulty levels. The last boss usually appears in the last round, you need to be strong enough if you want to win. Not only is power common, but your enemies also have many special abilities such as reducing the power of rivals or healing allies.

Open and develop the larvae

If you pass a level with just one star, you can play that level and get high scores. The best way is to open a powerful worm or upgrade your caterpillar for extra strength and protection. When the larvae are high, they are very strong.

Drawings and sounds

In terms of design, Larva Heroes: Lavengers has 2D color graphics and is a lot of fun. With a horizontal screen game, the game is simple and addictive. The sound part is also very entertaining. The whole game sounds like punches and swords as the worms fight.

Comedy and one game

Larva Heroes features a defensive and intelligent game, in which the player must use available characters to attack enemies or complete targets.

The inside of the game is a perfect combination of many things, and new creatures or enemies will gradually emerge from the most difficult challenges. Enemies and character players will gradually change and become stronger and give the player more advanced tactics. The game also gives players a lot of fun activities, such as mini-games and interaction with each character they know. From there, players can unlock new content and engage with the caterpillar in countless battles.

Intuitive AND Friendly MECHANISM

The fighting style of the game is simple; that is, the player uses cards or combat units and causes them to scatter throughout the battlefield to knock down enemies. The rules of the game are simple the character of the player will attack everything in the path until it reaches the base of the enemy. However, when you produce, the player must have a different amount of money, and each card will have a different value so that the player has more intelligence on the battlefield. Before starting a fight, players can customize the deck with the right combat units, where each challenge has definitions and an initial test of difficulty or unexpected appearance.

Larva Heroes Lavengers Game Features

• “Hero mode” for a total of 550 stages
• “Dungeon Mode” to compete with your friends
• Simple and convenient interface
• Easy difficulty setting (Easy, Common, Strong, Master, Crazy)
• A plan to draw a hero and a friend (Grade 6) can improve the character’s ability on average.
• Various daily, and weekly cash registers.
• Reduce user fatigue with automatic fighting.
• Choose 2 stage modes with 4 hero friends in jail mode.

More Features of Larva Heroes Mod

Basically playing the game in the original version is the best decision you can make right now if you want a game without cheating mode in it and try hard to find what you want.
Because the caterpillar heroes themselves are temporary games and money here is needed to buy things or improve the skills you use. So in this game, you are given one benefit by playing this mod game, here are the features:

1. Unlimited Money

Get a chance to become a player by becoming the richest person in the game, because with this wealth you can do unlimited things in it with unlimited purchases.

2. Unlimited Coins

Coins are one of the most commonly used buying items and you can earn them by working. With coins, you can buy a few items at the store.

3. Unlimited Sweden

Another shopping item you can use here and the hardest to find. In fact, some people are willing to buy bundles for a set amount of money in order to obtain valuables as a way to open up or buy the things you want.
This may be too much because the current version of Larva Heroes already offers the following features of Mod without Coins and you get Purchased Items in the form of unlimited candy at a very high price.

4. All the Heroes (Opening Bullets)

Usually, it takes a long time to find all the heroes and play them by completing the mission after the journey.

And because this is a modified version, in the game all the characters of the heroes/worms are opened with their various rights, from the most difficult heroes to the easiest to find here.

5. Open All Units

If you think the game is about using one of the existing unit skills it means you are wrong because not all units open easily in the original version and in this version you are lucky because it comes with all the units unlocked.

6. Unlock All Skills

These skills allow you to unleash the hidden abilities of the heroes you play at the moment, and not all of the skills are readily available, some require additional work to acquire.
But it all becomes easier by playing the Larva Heroes: Lavengers Mod APK that I shared above.

7. Development

Each game level tests your star-gaming skills (up to three stars the maximum can be achieved). If you pass a level with just one star, you can repeat the level until you get a high score.

The best way to win the game completely is to unlock powerful caterpillars or upgrade your caterpillars to gain more power and protection. The higher the larval stage, the stronger they are. They can change when they reach a certain level of each caterpillar species.

Download Larva Heroes mod apk for Android

The game allows you to download for free on both Android and iOS apps. Since this game is part of an action game and some items and features can be unlocked with a simple effort, some players have their own way of having fun with it.
Another option is to play the game with a modified version given the features and variations of each. Next below is the download link you are waiting for.

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