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ITranslate is an advanced translation and dictionary application. Easily translate text, websites, or start voice-to-word chats in over 100 languages.
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About iTranslate Translator

If you are always having problems while studying foreign languages, today I will present a complete application for that field. With its ability to translate with high accuracy, iTranslate is currently one of the most trusted apps on the market today.

ITranslate is a translation platform based on the Android platform. Supports text translation and voice translation in nearly 100 world-renowned languages, fast translation, and high accuracy. This is a useful translation tool for those who are learning another language, who often work abroad, or who need to work with their international colleagues. You will be interested in everything this tool can offer and support you.

Definitions: iTranslate is a leading translator/translator with a dictionary app. Easily translate text or start word-for-word conversations in over 100 languages. In our new offline mode, you can take advantage of our mobile apps and the cost of roaming.


+ Offline translation mode is available.

+ Voice-to-speech conversations.

+ Integration of action at different times.

+ Get a free translation of texts in over 100 languages.

+ List the translations into male or female words.

+ Switch between different dialects when translating.

+ Dictionary and Thesaurus for all languages

+ Transliteration, sharing, favorites, history, and more

Supports all languages ​​worldwide

This is an important feature of this app, which means you won’t have to worry about not understanding any of the words you see. Now you just need to enter a word and select its country, then select the language you want to translate. Results will be displayed instantly with high accuracy, and will deliver the same results, depending on the scope of its language. Language is very rich, but that is not the limit of this application, any word that will translate it because it will come with a big name for the user.

Translate with pictures

Having trouble writing the words you see? Take a snapshot of parts you do not understand, and cut out a picture of the part you need to translate. Because this application only needs to see the language in the image, it will translate the whole and not follow any order. The best way is to identify the category you are going to translate and cut out the image, which only covers that section. This feature is useful for everyone, can be used anywhere, anytime. As long as the image has text, we will analyze it all and translate it all.

Voice translation

If you have trouble communicating with foreigners, this feature is the best friend you need. Start recording, and then let someone else speak, the end of the recording is everything the other person says will be translated. For example, the opponent is French, and he is Chinese, the opponent will be translated into Chinese and will be translated into French. This is a very useful feature to help you connect and improve your communication skills.

Sentence book

This is a unique feature of the app, it will contain all the basic communication phrases when you are abroad. Just select a status and start searching for the lines you need. For example, in a restaurant and you need to order, a sentence book will help you. Not only that, it will guide you to the correct pronunciation so that you can easily repeat it when you speak.


Unlike other translation apps, this app works fully offline without any hassle. Because when users install this app it will come with a large dictionary to support users anytime anywhere. As you speak, everything you need to translate can be done instantly without a wifi connection.


If you have trouble translating each word and are having problems that confuse you open the website app. It will work in the background while filtering, has the ability to translate all web pages into your language. Even if you highlight the category and make this app work, it will translate the whole with high accuracy for you to understand.

Pro Packages

Although it is a free app, you can use the most advanced features by downloading the pro version. You can enjoy lens mode. This is a mode that allows you to use your camera to quickly translate menus or street signs and more. Every time you travel or travel to countries that do not speak your language, and you do not know what the sign means, you can use your camera immediately and start translating it.

Besides, this version is paid and offers an external translation mode, which is very convenient for users. You do not need to worry about needing an internet connection to run the app. Just buy the iTranslate pro version, and all the problems will be solved immediately. There is also a featured voice chat, a web page translator, which includes a Safari extension so you can easily translate all your favorite web pages. Finally, the feature helps to combine actions at different times. In addition, the Pro version adds many of the attractive features mentioned above and is provided with non-automated subscriptions.

Features Mod

PRO Unlocked: To use premium, you need a monthly subscription for $ 2.99. There is a free 7-day trial option. We bring you the latest mod so you can use all these PRO features for free.


So they not only help translate, but this app also takes care of making it easier for users and using the most flexible translation text as much as possible. Download iTranslate now and enjoy all the benefits it offers. You can also upgrade to the Pro version for more advanced features or get our mod to use them all for free.

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