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FlipaClip is an animation app developed by Visual Blasters LLC. It has 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone! These apps make it easy to create animation. Here, you will learn frame sketching with a frame and draw with the app itself. You can also convert anything into gifs or create rotoscope videos. There are many things you can create in this app. Keep reading!
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About Filpaclip MOD Apk

Drawing and animation apps have become very popular in the last few years. We live in an age when almost anyone can be an animator with decent drawing skills and access to animation software. These animated apps make it much easier for people to create amazing works of art. If you like these apps, you will love this one!

FlipaClip is an animation app developed by Visual Blasters LLC. It has 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone! These apps make it easy to create animation. Here, you will learn frame sketching with a frame and draw with the app itself. You can also convert anything into gifs or create rotoscope videos. There are many things you can create in this app. Keep reading!

What is Flipaclip?

Cartoons and jokes are not only a feature of entertainment but also a door to human thought. When you cannot find happiness in life, read a comic book. If you feel confused, watch the happy cartoon. If you do not know how to express your feelings, you can draw pictures. Cartoons, jokes, and even simple doodles, still exist, one way or another, in our daily lives.
And if you really want to experience the feeling of truly drawing cartoons or anime characters, without buying a lot of tech stuff.

Flipaclip Highlights

To make the tutorial, hold the user’s hand to create a cartoon character, Flipaclip is equipped with 4 groups of easy-to-use and accessible features for everyone to understand and use. Let’s take a look together.

FlipaClip Features

FlipaClip is an amazing and unique animation app that allows anyone to create amazing art! Here are the features of this application:

Unique app – At that time, you can only create animated videos with animated software like Maya and other favorites. But as technology rapidly evolves, we now have access to a host of animated apps! One of the best animation apps right now is called FlipaClip. You no longer need a laptop to create these videos if you have this app! The presence of this app allows anyone to create animated videos, gifs, and rotoscope videos easily!

Drawing Tools – This app allows anyone to easily make animated videos using smart drawing tools! Here, you get access to drawing tools such as brushes, lasso, fill, eraser, ruler, shape, and insert text. This allows anyone to create almost anything you want. It also supports compression pens for easy illustrations. You can also draw in custom canvas sizes up to 1920×1920!

Cartoon Layers – In this app, you can use up to 3 layers for free! If you buy the pro version, you can use up to 10 layers. These layers allow you to create a more complex and complex animation sequence than ever before. There is an option to add as many layers as you need in this app. Because of this, you can create great art!

Cartoon Tools – This app also includes tools that make animation easier. There is a animation tool called onion skin, frame viewer, and more! You can also cover grids to direct your animation. Everything here was designed to make your sense of humor even easier! Now, you do not need to pay for expensive cartoon software to create these great ones.

Easy-to-use interface – What really makes this application different from another easy-to-use interface. Everything here is designed to be used even by beginner animators! You will get the whole animation process after using it a few times.

An element of practicing drawing

By drawing the background layer on sample videos, or sample photo frames. This feature is specially designed for people who have just painted characters. When in graph mode, Flipaclip gives you pre-painted layout templates. These drawings can be static (in the form of photo frames), or they can be dynamic (in the form of videos showing character movements). You just need to select, view and practice the drawing layer by layer to understand how to make the characters and the basic drawing activities.
This practice of painting is actually not only for beginners but also for professionals.

If you are very stressed with drawing software that supports animation, just go to Flipaclip to select this feature to have some relaxed moments combined with soft exercises for your hands.

Start creating your own cartoon characters 

Using the camera features, take a photo of yourself or add a photo from your phone’s photo gallery. Flipaclip will then produce a series of compatible photo effects so you can create your own cartoon character in your photos, so you can gradually enter the various world of animation.
This feature set in Flipaclip is straightforward. Just take a picture, add a picture, then trace the lines found in the picture and create your own shape. Done. This activity is for new participants or for specific entertainment purposes.

Simple cartoon and anime drawing tools kit

With this collection of work, the animation of painting will no longer be weighed down by a series of stricter rules as we used to know. The tools are clearly organized, organized, and accurate. Just touch, and select to use. Includes sub-features such as Brushes, Lasso, Fill, Eraser, Ruler Shape, and Insert text with multiple font options.

Once you know it well, you can use in-depth built-in functions such as drawing custom canvas sizes, which can be up to 1920x1920mm, and draw with a powerful stylus like Samsung S Pen or SonarPen.
The final step is to create the layers of the image. The goal is to create an anime image, or animation frame to create layers. If you use Flipaclip, you will get up to 3 classes for free. With Premium mode, you can create frames with up to 10 layers.

Connect and perfect your animated images with the help of animation video creation tools
If you just stand in the still pictures, the 3 sets of tasks above are enough for you to draw. But if you want to make a little animation, you will need this fourth function. The video tool on Flipaclip has also been simplified. Users can create their own animation by combining frames made together, in the built-in Flipaclip timeline, a compact grid feature to create flexibility for connecting various frames ..

And when you created the animation, Flipaclip did not forget to bring a set of sounds. You can optionally add, and edit audio clips with up to six levels in the free version of Flipaclip. You can even record and speak over the conversations of your characters using voice recording. And all these audio clips are stored in the Flipaclip cloud at a smaller size but with better quality.

After completing the steps for creating images, drawing, and animation, you will save a file like PNG, JPG, GIF, or MP4. Also easily post on YouTube, TikTok, or other social media platforms with the flexible storage and sharing feature of Flipaclip.


If you have this app, you will easily be fooled by drawing with the drawing tools available here. You have the right to create using some special tools like Lasso, Fill, Eraser, … and other useful tools for quick drawing. Alternatively, you can insert and delete text as you wish and freely choose any font size and font style as appropriate. Best of all, they are all free. Not only that, but you also get to draw pictures up to 1920×1920 size. In addition, this app will help you to draw with a stylus that is sensitive to the pressure of special tasks and useful objects.


Flipaclip will make it easy for you to create audio videos and edit them quickly. It has up to six different audio tracks to give users during video production. Alternatively, you can simply add chats to the animations. Plus, unlock your creativity and fully enjoy the carefully selected audio packs available in this app.


After designing and creating products for a long time, you are done with satisfaction. Can you upload these videos to social networking sites like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, … and Youtube? Let’s create more videos with new and more useful content so that we can bring viewers joy in life and create inspiration, helping them enjoy and enjoy freedom. If everyone loves the products you create, you will get a lot of love, and a lot of compliments. Otherwise, if there are any mistakes, they will enthusiastically correct them.


This app has opened an exciting competition for those who love video creation and filmmaking. If anyone has the best and most meaningful video, they will win and win prizes. Be confident and participate so that you are lucky enough to be the winner! Animations or short videos you create can help you win prizes from the fun and unexpected challenges offered by Flipaclip.

What exactly is Flipaclip?

Flipaclip is about simplicity, and speed, for everyone, not just filmmakers and cartoons. Flipaclip, therefore, serves many different purposes:
• If you want to draw motion pictures for fun, you should use Flipaclip right away.
• If you want to quickly draw a drawing idea or to illustrate a quick idea, please use Flipaclip.
• If you want to make your own cartoon characters to express emotions, make cards, and express feelings about someone, you should use Flipaclip.
• The need to make a short animated video for work, study, or entertainment can also be made on Flipaclip.
• And if you are already an expert, you should also use Flipaclip to use your hands, and practice drawing every day.

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