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Chicken Gun is an action game for you to join the chicken war. Chickens are usually known to be in the herd, but you will find a different atmosphere at the levels found here.
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About Chicken Gun APK MOD 

Chicken Gun is an action game for you to join the chicken war. Chickens are usually known to be in the herd, but you will find a different atmosphere at the levels found here. The image of a chicken with a gun-running through a battlefield and fighting is easy to see in this game. Meet many other players and find a way to bring your team to victory. Help the chickens in Chicken Gunfight unlimitedly with your survival skills.

If you like shooting action games, Chicken Gun is a good choice. The game incorporates many very different action elements, which bring impressive emotions to the player. This is a downloadable action game today, and its appeal has attracted a lot of people to participate in the game. This has helped the game to develop and have a solid foundation in today’s gaming market. Aside from endless and solid games, game entertainment remains a priority.

Introduce with Chicken Gun
Chicken fights with guns!

Are you bored with playing shooting games all the time? Yes, I am. On a good day, I thought what if I was an animal and went to war with a gun? I tried to search again and interestingly, catching my eyes the best unbeatable symbol of this Chicken Gun game.

A new and different game of roosters

Cockfighting is a cultural specialty in many lands. I know many of you are also curious but do not have the opportunity to see for yourself. If you want to experience a funny chicken shooting game without gambling like me, I recommend you play Chicken Gun right away.
At the beginning of the game, you can select your “fighting cock” character. The colors from its feathers to its stunning location and the shape of its dirty face are described in detail to choose from. After you look good, remember to name your cock.

Then the fighting roosters became involved in war immediately. Our war rooster will unleash a rifle, and start hunting and shooting to destroy the stubborn cockroaches that threaten to invade your area.
Functionality and sequence are easy to play
You just need to pick a weapon and touch something that you are going to shoot. Done! Everything is neat, orderly, and organized.

A Gameplay

Every time you kill an enemy, you will get points. If you have enough points, the system will bring one or a few options to “raise” your pet. You can choose outdoor equipment such as paper, belts, hats, coats… And if you have more points, you can choose a new weapon with different damage, speed, and spread. With a few special weapons, you can even destroy dozens of vicious cockroaches.
At some point, you can choose the most impressive rooster character if you have enough points. I may have to disclose in advance that it will require many points.

However, on the way to victory, there are not only roses. Enemies are constantly emerging, and obstacles are increasingly unsettling, but your speed and skill can only await the decisions of the system. Fortunately, since the bonus mode in the game is very common and generous, our chicken will never be worse than a rival.

Things that should not be mistaken in this cock-fighting game

Although you carry a gun to fight like a real person, you are just a rooster with a big, fat belly. So, when you play Chicken Gun, do not think about calmness, the speed of heroism like ordinary heroes. You will walk slowly, sometimes even slowly in a very fun and lovely way, sometimes you will even dance with humor.
And do not forget that your enemies are as vicious as you are, they never stop attacking easily. They will keep moving, jumping so you can work hard to find and put them in front of your gun. Also, be careful not to get too close to the target unless you can jump in and die.

 shooting game with extreme fun

The first is about the characters of the characters and 1001 shades in the game. In Chicken Gun, the faces and expressions of a pet are very funny. When he holds a gun in his hand, he is rude, aggressive, rude, and noisy. On the contrary, when he loses his temper, his face is sad and cowardly. Look at him and you will find a gut-eating laugh.

Not to mention that body fat and fat belly roaming back and forth in transition scenes look very funny. Enemy cocks also share the same funny look. Being integrated into the 3D scene makes the game extremely fun, and without doing anything.

Photo and sound in Chicken Gun

The visual effects of Chicken Gun are well designed as a real simulation game. Although the main structure of the game shoots from the first glance, the landscape and the 3D effects in the versions have done a very good job, which look like the real thing.
Sound is also a good foundation and there is nothing to complain about. With cool background music highlighting gunshots, steps, and a different conversation, Chicken Gun promises to immerse you in the world of great entertainment.

2 Game types

You can choose from a group of 5 or survival mode. Chicken Gun has both player options that you can combine with team allies to reach the goal and fight all remaining enemies. Depending on your level, you should choose a game mode that makes sense. These gun-fighting battles are often the most difficult. When the gun is activated, you cannot be seen fleeing from the bullet.

Arms plan

Chicken Gun is packed with the weapons you need while fighting. Your chicken has all the features of a real hero. Not using a gun all the time is a good way to show strength. Show your fighter players your amazing skills using other weapons. The updated version of Chicken Gun has many new features to give players more choice.

Types of vehicles

Cars, planes, horses, … are one of the ways to make travel easier. You are right, in the Chicken Gun game chickens can do strange things. Take the time and you can share it with your friends if you like. Chicken Gun is not the only vicious gun battle, and you are challenged with many skills to learn. Become an experienced operator using all the vehicles in this game.

Chicken Gun allows you to customize chicken with many accessories like hats, shoes, eyes, and beaks, … Extremely sophisticated items are brought to the game by an engineer. For example, the physical eye has added attractive mirrors. They can wear shoes and special hats. Create an outstanding fashion for your chickens in battle.

Chicken Gun is a game that fights for a variety of chickens only. You can change the look of the chicken any way you want. But the ability to fight perfectly depends on the ability. No matter how strong the weapon is, it requires training so that you do not get shot. Download Chicken Gun mod to familiarize yourself with the chicken hero shooting mode and become a winner.

Download Chicken Gun mod – Fight Chicken Heroes

Chicken Gun lets you try a chicken war. Not so a natural fight. The chickens in this game deserve a hero. Surely no one would have thought that chickens could take up arms to fight. Chicken Gun is looking at a gun battle that is not under the action games you have ever played. As mentioned earlier, the only difference is that at this level the chickens will be the owners. Reviving the real combat mode helps the chickens to prove their strength.

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