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You play an open-world action game of a powerful hero like Ninja with glittering navy-blue defenses. Fight crime by climbing and jumping like Spider-Man and using all the real Ninja skills.
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About Blue Ninja MOD Apk

In the modern city where most of the faithful life, there is an underground world. Dangerous criminals lurk in the shadows, hoping to wreak havoc on people’s lives.

Police and soldiers almost gave up. They have no power to fight against violent gangs, and they cannot fight against gangster mafia bosses. Therefore, they need the help of a skilled and inexperienced hero.

And that great hero is you who can move like a spider and have the special skills of a skilled Ninja. There is no reason to stand still and watch the wicked men destroy the city. So, day after day, she walks through dense cities, weaves in the dark streets, and goes to the city park to hunt down hidden gangs to harm the people. A series of high-level battles begin here.

A gameplay

You play an open-world action game of a powerful hero like Ninja with glittering navy-blue defenses. Fight crime by climbing and jumping like Spider-Man and using all the real Ninja skills.

Your main task is to eliminate and destroy the criminal gangs and all the mafia bosses in this great city.

The Blue Ninja contains many small levels, each with different functions, but most of them have the same context: villains suddenly appear and put innocent people in danger, and sometimes touch a large area that is the whole big city. People are calling for help, the police are powerless, and everyone needs someone to fight these seemingly increasingly dangerous criminals. Now is where you do your job. You use all your fighting skills with Ninja weapons to destroy evil and save good people.

MOD Features of APK of Blue Ninja

  • Unlimited Coins
  • VIP unlocked
  • Open Letters

Fight like a giant spider

Here you play the role of a mysterious hero who is a combination of Spider-Man and Ninja. This new Spider-Man style has created a very unique open world of offline hero themes. Like a giant spider, you can launch a black spider web to cling to huge walls and pass through high-rise buildings to get to where you need to go.

Not yet, as you are trained to be a good Ninja, you have all the qualities and skills of a real Ninja: throwing knives, kicking, hitting, melee hitting, using mace, using arrows to make a moderate attack. Combine this nimble attack with the movement of a giant spider and you will complete the challenge and become the greatest hero.

Morning and Night Ninja

Not only does it save the city in the morning, but it also becomes a gangster when night falls. At sunset, it is Ninja’s “land”. You will do all the rowing skills, going fast at night to fight crime when the city is shining. The lighting effects and the unique style of the streets day and night are also factors that make this mysterious hero attractive.

In most Blue Ninja battles, you will be fighting one or more enemies with fast-moving skills and melee or midfield attacks. With the victory, you will unlock many new skills and develop heroic skills to better prepare for future battles.

Over time, cases increase and become clever and bold. You are forced to improve your skills regularly and manage city streets well. So, when the mafia boss seems to have enough of his followers, he has a chance to win.

Ninja Swinging Experience

Play the best open-world superhero game like a blue ninja! Fight crime as a real hero! Jump on a dark street or park in the city and defeat as many gangs as a spider fighting a real ninja. Games like this require super kung fu ninja skills.

Become the Best Ninja of All Time

This superhero action game parody is set in a big city full of criminals and mafia bosses. Become a spider-trained ninja 2 so you can stop the kings of dangerous criminals from invading the city with your amazing superhero ninja spider gadgets to beat all the mafia and avoid death. The police and army can’t fight the gangster mafia bosses so they need help from a skilled and mysterious spider to fight the ninja man. Villains games put citizens at risk and need someone to fight all criminals on the street. In one of the best spider fighting style games, choose to be a powerful hero to save the city!

Fight Like a True Spider

This spider metal-style game was created as an open world of offline gameplay, like many comic action games based on comics, uses sword-like weapons and performs amazingly different melee attacks with criminal gangs. You can combine avenger attack to become the greatest ninja spider in the superhero games.

Become a Brave Ninja

Fight like a ninja man with great skills against gangs around the city that have made the roads dangerous day and night. Stop the actions of the criminal king and use any weapons needed. Put on a superhero mask and weapons with deadly weapons and power to get into city battles against criminals!

Find the best Game Play Features

Have fun with deadly battles from criminals vs spider-style heroes. Use unique mortal powers as superhuman heroes in epic fantasy battles on the brutal city streets. Meet enemies with melee attacks to gain new skills through this new superhero game.

Be a Real Hero and Conquer Crime as a Commander

In superhero games like this, become the best hero to save the city and become a real kung fu criminal fighter!

A New Ninja Game You Should Not Miss!

Fight like iron ninja spiders! like making a spider attack on your enemies. Tall Super jump buildings like some amazing superheroes! Use the power of death to play a game with simple controls in these great spider-fighting ninja man games.

How to install blue Ninja

  • First, you have to download Blue Ninja: Superhero Game’s original version once you have installed it.
  • Then, download Blue Ninja: Superhero Game Mod APK from our site.
  • after downloading successfully,  find the apk file and install it.
  • You must enable “Unknown Sources” to install applications outside the Google Play Store.

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