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AutoResponder is a "WhatsApp" service, so it should have a well-known interface and use the same colors as the unique software. It really works like the mod itself, and its important use is to help customers respond with a robot to all their non-public messages.
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About AutoResponder for WhatsApp MOD APK

AutoResponder is a “WhatsApp” service, so it should have a well-known interface and use the same colors as the unique software. It really works like the mod itself, and its important use is to help customers respond with a robot to all their non-public messages.
AutoResponder for WA MOD APK is useful for WhatsApp, so it will have a standard interface and use the same colors as the real app. It works like the MOD itself, and its main use is to help users respond automatically to all their private messages.

Not only that, but it also offers the user many other benefits, and even the user can customize the lines. The app interface is well-designed and well-tuned, even separating features neatly, making it easy for users to customize the app.
With a visual structure, they can change lines, greetings, and quick responses with simple steps. This app ensures that the user will have the best experience when using “WhatsApp” because it will change everything for the user.

Download AutoResponder for WhatsApp MOD APK

Not only that, but it certainly offers the consumer many different benefits, and even the consumer can customize the sequence. The input interface will likely be fully designed and optimized, even separating the options neatly, making it easier for customers to customize the input. With the interface of the interface, they will change tracks, greetings, and instant solutions in simple steps. This software ensures that the buyer can have the best experience when using “WhatsApp” because they have to do everything for the consumer automatically.

Are you too busy with situations and unable to respond or choose your contacts? Then do not be afraid, because “AutoResponder” will deal with every consumer lot. With simple actions, customers can delay calls or texts, and customers may have more time to plan current solutions or tasks. The buyer has two immediate response options, namely personal decision-making, or the user will respond to a robot-series chat session. As a result, customers can enter a response field and quickly select the answer that best suits all of the friend’s questions. In the meantime, the autoresponder method will probably be customized by the consumer, so they can make a different person wait patiently for more feedback.


Customers are not limited to the variety of automated solutions they create, and customers can customize the solutions to suit the type of query. Most interestingly the buyer can create multiple answer containers, with a set of solutions for the selected type of question, and even the consumer will probably be comfortable using the keyboard with this feature. If the buyer needs a response to have more feelings, he or she will enter certain characters or emojis in the middle of the follow-up. In fact, it works even on the general message, so customers can add emojis freely to make their partners happy and cheerful.

Set up multiple default responses for WhatsApp messages

Not only do you set one default message for incoming messages but you are also allowed to set more than that. On the screen, click the merge icon to edit multiple default responses to WhatsApp messages. In this way, most of the default messages for messages will be organized so that you do not need to write and replies will be sent in a variety of ways. If you do not want to save them, you can delete them by sliding the default answer on the left. At this point, unsatisfactory responses will be removed from the screen.

Send replies to specific messages

Automatic replies may not be appropriate for some messages under certain circumstances. Therefore, to avoid common responses, you are allowed to modify the content of certain messages. You can review the questionnaire you often find examples of simple personal information or basic business questions, etc. Preparing each query to get specific messages from people The contact number you specified will save time and get the job done successfully. A large screen with command buttons will allow you to perform these tasks easily.

Set default messages easily with just a few simple steps

Everything you need for your need is on the home screen. To set up these messages, you need to click the merge icon in the green circle in the lower right corner of the screen. Here you are free to add an auto-responsive theme. To receive messages from certain contacts, you need to enter the reply you want to be automatically addressed when you receive a previous message. Then mark it in green to confirm. All tasks are completed as soon as the default message response is set.

Simple backup and sync

It will take you a long time to set rules for automatically replying to messages in AutoResponder for WhatsApp. To ensure that your rules are not lost, the app allows you to make a backup copy and store it in cloud services. You can then sync this data to any device where you have installed WhatsApp AutoResponder. Note that you need to sign in to the same account on all of these devices.


In order to create richness and avoid annoying situations when replying to messages, you need to know how to constantly change and customize the time, name, location, and reasons most influencing viewers … Moreover, no matter who the callers or the phone number are, they remember it very well. Your feedback will make users more amazed and impressed with your entertainment and appeal. Take advantage of new and useful features to make it easier for you to respond to all kinds of messages.

Features of Autoresponder

  •  Automatically reply to WhatsApp or WA Enterprise
  •  Customization
  •  Multiple default instruments installed
  •  Reply to all messages when you are busy
  • Ship responses to specific messages
  • Welcome message for brand new conversations *
  • Permanent answers (time, topic…)
  • Multiple answers to one rule *
  • Works with contacts, groups, and anonymous numbers
  • Ignore and specify contacts and teams
  • Automatic editor with delay
  • Working as a Tasker plugin (Tasker is the default tool) *
  • Backup backup guides
  • A private agent for your business
  • Almost every lot can happen with this bot!
  • Many more options will be noticed!

AutoResponder Features for WhatsApp

AutoResponder for WA MOD APK Information
• Premium Features Unlocked
• AndroidManifest Clean
• AOSP Compatible with / Not Google
• CPU arch: Universal
• Multilingual Languages
• All debug information deleted
• Original Signature Changed
• Installed Micro lot

How to connect to Google Drive

1. Download the Google Play Touch Store (For Split Apk)
2. Install the first version to touch> Get started> Login> Uninstall.
3. Install Mod Version> Launch> Login.

WA AutoResponder MOD APK

Premium version

AutoResponder for WhatsApp with the free version may not provide all the features of your individual needs. Why not try the Pro version of this app? The Pro version allows you to edit the default reception messages for new chats, adding multiple responses to specific rules for different contacts. Moreover, it also works as a Tasker plugin, making itself more tools to make it easier to respond to your messages. Cache copy rules are also added so that whenever you want to retrieve your text messages, it will not take any time. There are also some advanced features you can check.

MOD info
• Premium Unlocked: All advanced features in the PRO package are unlocked so you can use them for free

• CPU support: Armv7 và Armv8
• For the rules to work properly, please update to the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger.


In everyday life, most people do not always have the opportunity or the time to answer messages or calls. And if you are one of those people, and you use WhatsApp regularly, AutoResponder for WA MOD APK will be the perfect tool for you. It will make your life easier than ever and free your hands from replying to all WhatsApp messages manually!

Frequently Asked Questions About Autoresponder for WhatsApp MOD APK 


What's new

Now you can reset the rules
New features: Respond only when the screen is turned off, the device is charged, it rings silently, and do not disturb the operation or car mode is in operation.


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