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Apr 13, 2022
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Dictionary.com Premium – There are many English Dictionary apps on the market, but only a handful really stands out. Dictionary.com, one of these great apps, is one that you can always use. This powerful app allows you to translate words and look for different meanings. You can also learn how to use certain words in different situations.

About Dictionary.com Premium MOD Apk

This amazing Dictionary.com mobile app is a fantastic tool for English language learners. It allows you to improve your vocabulary and flexibility in using the words. The complete dictionary collection makes it easy to find words and their meanings. The complete study section on the mobile app will help you improve your other skills.

Our comprehensive reviews will help you learn more about this app and its incredible features.

Features of Dictionary.com Premium MOD Apk

Dictionary.com is the best Android app to learn English. It provides a complete English dictionary that can be used for searching and learning word meanings. You can search for words using 2 million trusted definitions. Learn how to improve your use of these words by exploring the in-depth information.

Use the Word of the Day tool daily to discover new words and build your vocabulary. You can use the synonym library to find related words for any keyword searched and increase your versatility in English. Access to accurate and authentic audio pronunciations that will ensure you don’t mispronounce any words. You can use the voice search feature to quickly find any word without typing.

Play addictive word games and word puzzles to have fun learning languages. Learn more about grammar and get tips and insight into their use. To learn from the app, unlock the amazing learner’s vocabulary. There are many more.

These are just a few of the many exciting features the app offers:

Translations of relevant words and details

Dictionary.com users on Android can instantly search for any English word using the search feature in the mobile app. It will give you more information about the word and its various uses. You can understand the word and engage in the studies by adding relevant examples and additional information.

Accurate audio pronunciations of words

Dictionary.com allows you to hear the exact pronunciations of words so you don’t misspell any. You can choose different voices from different speakers to get the best pronunciations. Dictionary.com supports both male and female speakers and dialects.

Thesaurus has many synonyms

Dictionary.com now allows Android users to access the fascinating synonyms in the included thesaurus. This will allow them further study the words as well as their related alternatives. Select the word you want to use and many synonyms will appear. Dictionary.com’s amazing app allows you to expand your vocabulary and make more use of the language.

Look out for interesting homonyms

Android users can also use interesting homonyms to identify words with similar pronunciations. You may be surprised at the similarities between homonyms such as bear and bare, sea, see, and other similar words. Dictionary.com will note all of these and provide the full explanations.

Voice inputs allow you to quickly search for words

Voice inputs are now available for those who have difficulty typing correct words in Dictionary.com. To enable voice-to-text in the app, simply speak to the microphone on your Android device to tell it which words you wish to search.

The app can improve your spelling

Android users can use Dictionary.com’s advanced English spelling tool to improve their spelling. This will enable them to identify words they don’t know how to spell and help improve their study experience.

Your Word of the Day

Dictionary.com allows Android users to use the powerful tool to learn new words. You will also receive notifications about your Word of the Day updates. Dictionary.com can now provide you with specific English words, depending on how busy you are and what your preferences are. This feature allows you to learn new words each day and improve your vocabulary.

Enjoy playing puzzles and quizzes

For those who are curious, puzzles and quizzes can be enjoyed. This will allow you to engage in your learning experience while having fun. You can also use the Wordplay sessions to test your vocabulary and learn new ones with interactive quizzes.

You can unlock the Word Puzzles for Android, where you can explore the many uses of letters as well as word meanings. This list could go on. Each game has its own gameplay, which allows language learners to engage in their learning. Dictionary.com’s many features will allow you to improve your library and have fun at the same time.

The app will improve your grammar

If you are interested, you will be able to use the Grammar Help menu on Dictionary.com. This will give Android users many helpful grammar tips and word usages that will aid them in learning the languages. You can look for common problems when you work with English languages. As you learn more, your vocabulary will improve. Dictionary.com’s mobile app is amazing and will improve your vocabulary. It will also help you to use English better.

Quick access to searched entries and favorites

Dictionary.com now allows Android users to access the Favorites, Searched menus, and Related. These are similar to the dictionary, and the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 10th Edition. They allow you to keep track of important entries and studied words. You can simply select words you like and save them to your Favorite list so that you can easily return to the word you are looking for whenever you wish.

Never forget to look for words you have just searched in the Searched menu. The collection allows you to search for words you’ve recently searched. You can use the available entries to improve your vocabulary and increase your knowledge.

Premium upgrades offer more features

You can pay to unlock the premium version Dictionary.com, which includes advanced features. The premium app allows English learners to explore relatable and intuitive example sentences that allow them to search for word meanings. This allows them the opportunity to fully engage in the study and memorize the words quickly.

Access the Dictionary.com Encyclopedia, which allows you to search for English solutions and more advanced knowledge. Learn English Idioms & Phrases. This will help you improve such as your writing skills and speech. You can begin by studying topics that interest you and then look for language knowledge.

The premium version of Dictionary.com with all its features will still be available even if you aren’t connected to the Internet. Dictionary.com is completely ad-free so you don’t have to worry about being interrupted.

Download Dictionary.com Premium Apk Mod 

We offer our unlocked and free version on our website to Android users. This allows them to make the most out of the mobile app without the need to purchase premium apps.

You don’t need to pay for the full app at premium prices. You can unlock all premium features for free by downloading the Dictionary.com Mod and following the instructions. you can get it from the Google Play store


Dictionary.com is an Android app that offers a simple and intuitive user interface, a vast learning database, and interesting features to keep you interested in your studies.

It’s the ideal app for anyone looking to improve their English skills and learn English. You will be able to enjoy the app for free on our website.

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