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Return to the wilderness in the most visually stunning FPS hunting simulator on Android!
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Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK – HUNTER CLASSIC DEER is my favorite game, downloaded over 50 million times worldwide. Low capacity means you don’t need a very powerful operating system to play the game, and when you get into the game the graphics are actually amazing. The game contains full 3D environments of over 60 locations worldwide and is the smallest in total at 84MB.

If you like adrenaline-laden hunting animals with a headshot, then DEER HUNTER CLASSIC Mod APK is the right app for you. This app includes deer hunting in a challenging and fun way that tests your hunting skills and confidence. You can enjoy the thrill and challenge of tracking down one of South Africa’s most endangered animals in its natural environment using Deerhunter Classic Modular Asset. This app allows you to hunt one of South Africa’s most popular animals – Deer.


Deerhunter Classic Apk includes four different weapon sets including guns, bows, spears, and arrows. Do you love the adrenaline rush as you travel the world from one place to another? If so, the DEER HUNTERclassical Apk is the program for you. With an easy-to-use interface, the user will find it easy to enjoy the full hunting experience while enjoying the joy of hunting long distances.

Game overview

This game provides you with a great hunting game where you can get into some of the most unusual places in the world. Put your hunting skills and knowledge to the test in a variety of places and environments. It is a game of hunting or hunting in the wild.

Surrounded by a variety of seemingly trivial animals, all of them will turn into deadly hunting machines when they see the danger. So if you do not want to be a water target, just aim and shoot. Something is happening in this real-time hunting game and you can get very fast.

APK Features of Deer Hunter Classic MOD

Have a Real Hunting Experience

It is a very old game where players can enjoy hunting in FPS mode. This means that the purpose of the game is not for the character to fight with others with a weapon. The object of the game is deer only. They are wild and cool animals, but their numbers are dwindling, and extremely difficult to hunt. Players have to go to the desert land of the natives and search the forest for a long time to find a way to catch and kill them.

Additional Weapons

After you finish the game, you can check a certain amount by selling animals. This money will be used to easily develop additional weapons and tools such as magazines, binoculars, utensils, barrels, and other hunting aids.

But it is not that simple, for with the deer you have to face the living world. If you do not have enough food, water, and medicine, you may have to die while aiming in the forest. There are also more than 100 animals in the game. However, predators such as bears, wolves, and leopards are ready to kill you at any moment. To protect yourself from danger, join a yacht club and increase your chances of survival.

Secretly Hunt animals from afar

By using a deer hunting bow, a hunter can enjoy hunting deer from afar. The Bowhunter Classic Apk comes with a variety of weapons to choose from including bows, long-range guns, and bows.

In addition, this app has a complete collection of hunting tools that include the use of visuals, binoculars, pepper spray, blinds, and even knives. The user can easily customize his weapons to provide the best hunting experience. Apart from this, the user will also receive a variety of bonuses including trophies and invitation cards.

This is especially helpful for those who are always on the move and do not have time to look for the best hunting areas. This is also good for students learning foreign languages ​​and would like to learn more about hunting animals while spending time in their studies. This is also good for people who would like to get involved in sports without putting too much pressure on their budget.

Deal with a variety of animals and species

And as you travel around the world, you will encounter a variety of different animals that can only be found in the worst places. With over 100 species of animals found around the world, going wild and hunting will give you a variety of exciting experiences.

But beware: not everything in nature is as kind as the animals or deer you see. In fact, if you fail to shoot any predators, you may lose your life.

Collect various prizes 

Deer Hunter Classic also offers Trophy Hunts, where you can take the ultimate hunting challenges and show off to your friends. Compete in a limited hunting competition against players from all over the world to see who can take the top prizes. You can win a nice trophy with your name engraved on it.

Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK

Yes, if you work hard enough, the most valuable spoils in the game, as well as the wonderful prizes that have been put in many challenges, can easily compensate for this. If you do not have the time or skills, however, to be a top hunter will require a lot of effort. Or, at least, get your weapons upgraded to the point where you can achieve them.

That being said, if so, our Deer Hunter Mod APK will probably be helpful. The game is fully unlocked thanks to our fix, so you can enjoy and use all the features without paying anything. Enjoy a game without ads and buy what you wish.

Point Tap

Game controls are easy to play as if you were in an FPS battle. In front of him is a shotgun (selected to unlock the game screen) and he moves the screen to use movement direction and aim. Once you see your goal, click the sell button in the top right corner. With a shotgun scooter, the player can turn on the zoom mode to shoot more accurately. You can also change weapons using the switch button at the bottom of the screen.

In this game, there are up to 200 types of weapons to choose from and play successfully.

Travel to many places around the world

Deer Hunter Classic Hack APK players are not limited to certain areas. You even have the option of packing your bags and traveling to more than 60 different locations around the world.

Hunt in many locations and areas and collect weapons and guns in this popular hunting season. Enjoy hunting in completely different places and situations with Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK.

Load up arsenal  with different weapons

It is time to hunt to the end with all kinds of weapons in this game. Select your favorite weapons and more before hunting. Take the time to hone your skills and become a better hunter. The game also contains a variety of machines that can be useful when hunting.

Bring your telescope, utensils, barrels, and chargers to use against wildlife. Most importantly, you can fully customize all the weapons and equipment in the game. So feel free to create your favorite weapon with all kinds of customization options. Or upgrade your explorer and efficiency with the best game benefits.

Hunting Clubs

In Deer Hunter Classic, you can participate in global teaming challenges with your friends to win prizes! Completing hunting objectives and collecting rewards as a team is a great way to tie the knot. At this level, teamwork is important because you have to work together to achieve goals. One mistake can ruin an entire hunting trip!

Different Animals

There are more than 100 different types of hunting animals in the Deer Hunter Classic! When the animal you are shooting is unfamiliar, the rewards are better! To find out more, try to find as many strange animals as possible.


You will be able to use various weapons to hunt animals in this game! However, because you do not want to get too close to the animals, they are all sniper rifles. You have to consider that each weapon is different.

  • Unlimited Money
  • MOD Unlocked


Deerhunter Classic game installed on Deerhunter Apk contains an old deer hunting apk designed specifically for Android users. By using this app, one can hunt all kinds of animals including deer and deer. It will allow users to enjoy the thrill of hunting while on the go.


What's new

Welcome to the Hunting Season Deer Hunters ! As always, we've been tinkering away to make Deer Hunter Classic the best possible experience for you. Here's what you can expect with this update:
- Improvements to scaling and progression to help our new members along.
- Double Rewards with the Free Energy event. Keep an eye out for this one!
- Bug fixes


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