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HelloChinese is a fun, functional, and attractive app for beginners learning Chinese Mandarin. Using practical methods, HelloChinese helps beginners to learn Chinese Mandarin quickly to a conversational level. Chinese accent recognition and character writing techniques are also used to make learning Chinese Mandarin fun and easy.
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About ChineseSkill MOD APK

Want to take part in free Chinese lessons and be filled with new information? If necessary, this is the best app for you. Choose the program that best suits your skills. If you intend to earn HSK, please review those courses carefully.
Many languages ​​now have many different apps to help people access or learn more efficiently and effectively. One of those languages ​​is Mandarin, a language spoken mainly by Chinese and Asians. The language is complex, so this article will introduce ChineseSkill, the perfect choice for everyone to learn and have a very solid knowledge of the language. In addition, the app includes many impressive features, which allow people to have fun while discovering the basics of language.

What is Learn Chinese – HelloChinese

HelloChinese is a fun, functional, and attractive app for beginners learning Chinese Mandarin. Using practical methods, HelloChinese helps beginners to learn Chinese Mandarin quickly to a conversational level. Chinese accent recognition and character writing techniques are also used to make learning Chinese Mandarin fun and easy. With HelloChinese, you will learn Pinyin, pronunciation, alphabetical order, vocabulary, and grammar in an interactive way.
Download HelloChinese instantly, and start learning Chinese and speak Chinese Mandarin anytime, anywhere!

Features Learn Chinese – HelloChinese

◉ Game-based Chinese Mandarin learning: You will never get tired.
◉ Well-designed Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation) lessons for beginners.
◉ Speech recognition improves pronunciation and makes Chinese speaking a breeze.
◉ Handwriting is specially designed to learn Chinese characters at a fast pace.
◉ Personalized training games become familiar with your unique performance and make you fluent faster.
◉ Formal studies based on HSK standards.
◉ Bite equivalent curriculum to strengthen your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese.
◉ Simplified Chinese and traditional alphabets are supported.
◉ Provides standard Chinese Mandarin sound spoken by native speakers.
◉ Displays Chinese as pinyin or characters the way you like.
◉ Offline reading: Once the lesson has been downloaded, no internet connection is required.
◉ Tracking the progress of research on all multiple devices.


By coming to learn Chinese, players will have the opportunity to learn different things from a small level. You are free to choose the subjects that best suit your interests. Besides, you can learn by playing in a fun and exciting way. With smaller games, you will become more familiar with and strengthen your knowledge. From beginners, you can become familiar with many different types of characters. In addition, this app will teach you how to name each word and stroke before and after the correct procedure.


Learning Chinese will bring users more than 400 new and accurate language points, and you can download them to memorize and use in your future tests. Besides, there are more than 300 different sentence patterns that you can check and read. The most memorable thing is that you will own more than 1000 different keywords and key phrases. Read it diligently every day so that you can remember all the words. Enjoy the complete and essential features that the app brings in a fun and effective way. Anyone can learn Chinese independently if they have the desire and great effort in the past.

The ChineseSkill APK is developed on a knowledge base by leading professionals and professors from several Chinese universities. All content and exercise content are added to the lesson in a detailed and easy-to-understand way.

With this language learning domain with this app, you will surely catch Chinese grammar, vocabulary, reading, and pronunciation from basic to advanced.

Learn Chinese online with a variety of grammar

A professional Chinese grammar now. Are you just starting out or learning Chinese? The app provides full language basics for year-round development and information mode. More than 150 content languages, as well as 1000+ focused words and sentences available for reading.

You can easily choose the right lesson with suggestions or study options depending on your preference. You want to learn to know, look for a job, or go sightseeing. With advanced AI technology, ChineseSkill will automatically analyze and suggest relevant content to your goals. If you are new, it will send you a simple lesson.


Mandarin is a complex language, but over time users may be able to use it fluently with normal pronunciation and fluency. During the first few times when you interact with the app, users will be greeted with colorful power, including introductory lessons and friendly greetings. All in-app lessons will also be categorized at different levels, and users will be exposed to Mandarin culture and history in many ways. Not only that, but it will also include many effective teaching methods, such as integration with games and live chat activities.


The great thing about ChineseSkill is that it allows users to read directly while having fun, and all the content will always have simple lessons for them to improve. Subject content is easy, and users can use the information they have acquired in the past to unlock new content. However, the level of play is measured by individual learning progress, which enables them to continue learning and enjoy more rewards or improve their learning quality. Above all, the app will review entertainment games and give users more opportunities to show basic knowledge of this special language.


If reading is not enough, users need to be able to write special Mandarin characters using a special ChineseSkill method. The app will provide a writing kit for everyone and is integrated with a simple AI to test individual writing performance. In addition, it has several levels of completeness, and users can continue to practice writing a few words or a short paragraph with their strengths or knowledge. Many effective teaching methods will always help users to move forward, including writing special characters or creating complete sentences.


If users want to test their ability to communicate directly, ChineseSkill will introduce a traditional chat function. However, everything is well recorded, but users can still communicate with others and start chatting via text messaging or video calling. All the functions of this app require the user to move forward in Mandarin, and all apps promise to deliver amazing results instantly. In addition, users can select specific genres or themes, thereby enhancing cultural savings and communication skills. ChineseSkill is an impressive and flexible app that promises to bring users the most effective jobs and lessons to learn Mandarin effectively. It also displays exclusive content, which includes games, entertainment, and live communication with native speakers. In addition, everything in the app is professionally approved by experts, and they come up with very effective ways for users to easily improve their knowledge of this language.

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