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Measure anything with CamToPlan! Horizontally and vertically! Length, distance, area of any surface… Measure everything with this virtual ruler and tape measure thanks to augmented reality and ARCore.
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CamToPlan is an app that measures distance, size, and anything else a user needs. It uses state-of-the-art technology and integrates with VR to provide the user with the most accurate measurements while measuring adjustments. This app will use the lasers from the camera and measure the camera distance from objects. The app will provide accurate results in terms of length, length, and distance from the location. With this app, people will not have to rely on length measurement tools or balance items. This app is a complete tool for hardworking employees who regularly use measuring tools to get the job done.

About CamToPlan Apk MOD

For housing professionals and construction workers, having accurate and accurate measurements of objects or buildings is the key to their success. But you can’t always go around the measuring tape wherever you go, because it can be very annoying. Instead, both professionals and regular homeowners can use CamToPlan, which is a complete measurement app for your mobile devices from Tasmania Editions.

Now, you can easily use the built-in camera of your devices, as well as an advanced AR measurement algorithm from the app to easily measure distances between objects. Use the app to collect precise lengths, distances, overlays, and more, using a visual ruler and measuring tape, developed by powerful AR technology.

What does Camtoplan do?

Using Google’s ARCore technology, with machine learning algorithms and built-in device sensors, the app can scan the location with your camera and try to calculate specific distances using the data provided.

Therefore, with CamToPlan available for your mobile devices, it can replace the most common measurement tools that are usually not available when you need them. Just turn on your phone, open the app, and start measuring length, distances, and location, using the built-in AR technology. Just move the camera from point to point and mark distances.

Also, the app will support 3D scales, where all your scaling lines can be in 3D. Thus, giving the viewer a better view of their work. Use floor scales, the size of windows, doors, and other furniture. Apps are limitless and CamToPlan will make self-assessment as easy as possible for you.


CamToPlan is designed to be integrated with smart AI to use the camera to measure user furniture. However, the user needs to have the right angle and point the object with a special app tool. After all the processes are completed, the app will start measuring everything that is marked with the camera, and the user will get the results associated with each item. The accuracy of this app is perfect, no matter how far the user takes pictures. Users can also customize their ruler to get the results they want, and the app will have many useful features for users to see.

All Designer Builder Designer

If you are a construction worker, “CamToPlan” will be the perfect tool for a special editing builder. Users can keep plans made for measurement results and paste important details to get better results. The app also has the function of creating a visual environment based on the results obtained. Users can use other video recording tools with high accuracy. The app can get direct effects on video. With the app, everything becomes easier, and user activity improves faster.


CamToPlan is responsible for creating room drawings when the user collects all the necessary information. It can also redo a 3D intelligent environment, and the user can view all the nooks and crannies with the app. The camera movement machine is also flexible and flexible, and users can easily plan to build with precision, such as moving walls, furniture, and changing house structure. With this feature, all work related to building construction will be easy.


Thanks to the advanced AI advanced technology from Google, the app can work anywhere the user needs it. Even the acquisition of the item will be done automatically, and the user only needs to get the required results. The app can also scan all buildings, such as swimming pools, furniture, and many other objects around the user. Just use the camera and have a good angle; the app will rebuild all user data itself. Yes, it is possible to export user drawings or process documents, and the user can change the standard units commonly used internationally.

Simple and easy to use

To start enjoying the app, all you need to do is open it and select the first places and move your phone to measure distances to a certain place. Feel free to add more points to your ratings to create a complete map of specific objects or forums. Tips to work with visual images with your camera will make things as easy as possible.

Work well on the assistant

Here at CamToPlan, homeowners can use a useful height measurement app to work on their DIY projects. The app can easily measure the size of anything in your house, making it much easier when you are preparing to make any changes.

Help housing professionals make floor plans

And for real estate professionals, you can use the app to make floor plans for most of your buildings. Use the app to map your house, apartment, or any room. This works best if you are a real estate agent trying to deliver products to customers. Designers and decorators can also use floor plans to come up with their own beautiful design

Successful completion of measurement tasks 

Construction workers now forget about the large, heavy tools they often need when working on the construction. Instead, CamToPlan will provide you with all the functions you need within the mobile app. Feel free to use it to measure anything you wish and have a map available to constantly check your building conditions.

Work well in measuring geography

To have the best time to work in your gardens, surroundings, swimming pools, digging, rocking the earth, and other projects, Android users can easily use the app to measure the location. This is much simpler and much easier than the usual method.

Enable fast quote quotes

For less expensive professionals, it is much easier to measure the location of locations in your specific areas. Quick and accurate results will make it much easier for you to estimate the price of any of them.

Forget your measuring tapes and rulers

Lastly, for any of you working in the construction industry, including superintendents, domain managers, and engineers, you do not need to carry a standard tape measure or ruler. All of its useful and accurate functions will be properly replicated with CamToPlan.

Save and share your rating files

And after making your accurate measurements and maps, it is also possible for Android users on CamToPlan to easily save their files for later use. Or you can also share files via email or online forums for partners to review later.

Get access to our modified app

For those of you who love the mobile app, you can now find the modified version of CamToPlan, on our website. Here, we offer a fully open-source app with removed ads, in-app purchases, and more. All of this will ensure that you can enjoy the fully installed app for free. All you have to do is download the CamToPlan Mod APK, follow the instructions provided, and you are ready to go.


With a simple and accessible app UI and many great rating features, CamToPlan will ensure that you can all enjoy its many apps. Feel free to use the app to accurately measure your surroundings or any specific objects. With advanced ARcore technology and intuitive sensors on your mobile devices, the app will provide accurate measurement results, such as when using your regular rulers.

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