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Calculator provides simple and advanced mathematical functions in a beautifully designed app.
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Calculator Plus MOD Apk – Calculator Plus offers many useful features that allow you to quickly calculate complex math operations. The app’s functionality will be easy to use and you can convert between different types of calculations. The history stores the calculation results, which you can use to store and manage them.

About Calculator Plus MOD Apk

Although stock calculator apps for Android can be very useful, there are limitations that may prevent you from using the full-featured app and making the most of its calculating capabilities. Android users will need to use more advanced tools for more than just casual calculations.

You can all have fun with the All-In-One Calculator mobile app. This calculator tool from MINDBOX can help you solve any math problem. No matter what your purpose, the perfect calculator should be easy to use.

What is it used for?

All-In-One Calculator is a mobile app that Android users can enjoy using. It has all the features you need to solve any math problem. As you unlock many of the provided features and discover more about their applications, enjoy this multi-functional app. The app’s intuitive UI and features will ensure that you have a great experience working with it.

You can quickly engage with the various calculators in All-In-One Calculator. Each layout offers its own unique and fun features. Enjoy using the intuitive settings to make calculations more simple and more enjoyable. The smart settings will make the app even more fun.

Features of Calculator Plus Apk MOD

  • The calculator has convenient features that make it more useful
  • All-In-One Calculator features many useful tools to make your mobile device more functional and convenient.
  • The cursor and editable input quickly navigate between the in-app functions.
  • Use the copy and paste feature to quickly work on the inserted content.
  • Track your past sessions using the calculation history.
  • Use the memory buttons to quickly type within the app. To better understand certain mathematical problems, the function graphing can be accessed in real-time.
  • Allow quick calculation for Binary, Hex, and Dec numbers.
  • You will always be able to access the instant results as soon as you enter the functions.
  • The app also offers step-by-step solutions as well as formulas so that Android users can learn more about their math problems.

Smart camera currency converter

All-In-One Calculator includes a smart camera currency converter to make it easy to travel to different countries and learn about their currencies. Simply hover your camera over the number to get the results.

Algebra calculator 

The new Android version of the algebra calculator allows you to solve multiple math problems quickly and easily. The app can help you solve common problems such as proportion, ratios, averages, equations, combinations, and permutations. The app also has many useful features such as decimal to fraction and fraction simplify, prime number check, random number generator, and prime number check.

Use the geometry calculator 

Enjoy using the All-In-One Calculator’s geometry calculator to solve your shape-calculating problems. You will be able to recognize the various shapes such as square, rectangle, parallelogram, circle, oval, ellipse, and trapezoid. The app supports body calculators for cubes and cones. Geometry mathematics will not be difficult thanks to this app.

Unit converters that work in large applications

The app has a large collection of unit converters that will allow you to convert any number into their specific measurements. These include length, energy, torque, torque, angle, area, volumetric, and speed.

They also allow you to convert temperature, pressure, power, temperature, time, pressure, heat, pressure, weight, time, temperature, pressure, strength, cooking, and many more. These tools will be useful in your everyday life as well as in mathematics. This makes the app very user-friendly.

Use the finance calculator 

All-In-One Calculator offers a fully-featured financial calculator that can help you manage your money. Explore the currency converter, which has 160 currencies. To quickly complete your measurements, you can use the unit price calculator.

Allow sales and tax calculators to calculate the final payments. You will always be able to do well with money if you use the tip and loan calculator.

Take a look at your health

The app can be used to monitor your health and especially your Body Mass Index (BMI). To automatically determine your body shape, simply enter your height and weight. You can also track your health with the body fat percentage and daily calories calculator.

Other calculators available

Last but not least, All-In-One Calculator includes a wide range of miscellaneous calculators that you can use in many cases and unlock multiple applications. Enjoy playing with the Ohm’s Law calculator and other tools that can be used in many areas of your life, such as age, date, mileage, time, and even mileage.

There are many layouts you can choose from

Android users can use the All-In-One Calculator mobile app to enjoy the various layouts. You can also enable the simple calculator to be used as your daily calculating device. You can also use the scientific calculator to access advanced mathematical features within the app. The intuitive app UI and the smart search will make it easy and quick to navigate the various options.

Allow for unique color themes

All-In-One Calculator has Light and Dark themes, which can be easily switched to enjoy the different colors. The light theme will help you see more of the features during the day, while the dark theme will soothe your eyes at night.

Access floating windows and widgets

You can also use the floating calculator in other apps to make the app easier to use. You can also use the intuitive home widget to create quick shortcuts for your calculators on the home screen. This will ensure that you are able to use the app as much as possible.


Calculator Plus has a number of features that make it easy to calculate your tax amount. These features make it possible to calculate tax-related calculations much more accurately and efficiently than ever before. You can combine features within the application to make it easier to view the results whenever you like.


Calculator Plus’ second feature, highlighted calculations in the application’s calculation history, is another important one. To ensure that the calculations are correct, it is possible to recheck the calculations several times. Users will use this feature many times. These two features are sure to be of great benefit to users.


Calculator Plus’ main function is to accurately perform calculations for users. Enter the desired calculations and the results will be displayed in a matter of seconds. The interface of the application is easy to use and allows users to identify the results quickly. Users can also perform advanced calculations with just a few clicks.


Calculator Plus allows users to perform basic and advanced calculations. It will also help in certain cases. These advanced calculations may not be very varied, but they are most commonly applied and used. You can be confident when you come across different math operations during your work. The application also allows you to save the relevant results.


Sometimes, operations can be tedious with multiple calculations at once. The application will save the current calculation result so you can take a break before you start again. You can also use the app’s memory function to recall the results that you are interested in.


Total, which allows you to calculate multiple results, is a feature that every user will love. You will need to include important data in the calculation. This will allow you to quickly calculate and compare the results. This feature can save you time.


To view all calculations, you can access the history catalog by using the new highlight feature. You can also choose to archive it or delete it whenever you wish to make space for more complex calculations. This is an important tool you should not ignore.

The application’s calculation function will allow users to perform different math operations:

Users have the assurance that they can continue to calculate complex calculations, from simple to advanced, and save their results.
Choose to save them or delete them for new calculations.
You can highlight specific results in the application history and then compare them.
This new version of the software has a tax calculation feature. Users can use this feature for more precise calculations.
When you have to combine significant results, the grand-total function can help you get an exact result.

Download Calculator Plus MOD Apk – Latest Version

If you are interested, you will be able to use the modified application of the All-In-One Calculator from our website. We offer the unlocked pro features that you can enjoy absolutely free.

You can download the All-In-One Calculator Mod from our website and follow the instructions to get started. or get its original version from Google Playstore.


The mobile app has a wide range of calculators that can be used for all aspects of your life, as well as scientific mathematics. You can use the application to complete your daily measuring and calculating tasks.

You can also make even more of it thanks to the unlocked and free version on our website.

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