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Make your own brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, leaflets, and infographics, for your product or business. Quick & easy to use. No design skills are needed.
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Apr 20, 2022
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Brochure Maker – Infographics- Video Brochures bring you the most exclusive brochures. With expert testing, brochures are currently the best way to market your products. If you are looking for a manufacturer who can make a template for you, why not create one for yourself. When you get to this app, you will be supported by a complete ad generator with many fun features.

What is Brochure Maker – Infographics?

Create brochures, pamphlets, catalogs or catalogs, pamphlets, and infographics, for your product or business. Your ad is the basis of your marketing. It is one of the first things customers will notice about your business, so it is important that they take a good look at it first.

A great tool for creating a pamphlet, pamphlet, triple brochure, catalog, restaurant menu, business details, and pamphlets. Surprised. Try Tract Maker, Data Maker, Tract Maker, and Catalog Maker apps today and start marketing your business.

Brochure Maker – Infographics MOD APK Lover If you want to download the latest Brochure – Infographics MOD APK, congratulations on coming to the right page.

Features of Brochure Maker – Infographics

The manual creator is exploited to provide a platform for creating ads, marketing products, creating menus, and creating posts with useful content. With a large number of templates and a variety of supporting content, we appreciate new techniques, and you have the full potential of being a stylish design. Gaining more with it is easy because new additions to categories, themes, and performance-related improvements will be available soon. Quickly update the app and start working with it!


First of all, the harmonious combination of colors and humorous images are the hallmarks of the Bookmaker. Next, find a template that you feel is appropriate to start editing. Create a new template and turn it into your product very quickly with the step-by-step instructions we provide. By clicking on each section, you can change the content and use a few other tools to get the job done.


Do not be put off by the sheer volume of bookmaker stickers that will be provided; check out a few more icons and learn how to adjust their color and size index. Adding text to your liking is also very easy; select add text, a box will appear, and you just need to enter the content you want.


Before completing the download steps, Manual Maker lets you see the entire product and supports zoom in and out to check for errors and correct them. That way, you will have the opportunity to test without delay if you are not satisfied.

New creative work is also being developed; for those who want to create unique products. This creation will be most noticeable when you upload it to sample size, offer and monitor the number of users. Share on social media for more exposure, becoming a trendsetter in the design world!


Manual Maker is completely free with your experience, expertise and speed are all that can be said about the application. To support the job of creating ads and designing posts and menus, the app does its job well while providing a series of tools and a great template. The updated version will always be available, but after each experience, do not forget to leave a review to let us know how satisfied you are!


Are you a manufacturer or business that makes quality products, but how can users know your product? Indeed, specialized promotion programs delight users with their products. And Digital Brochure Maker will help you create advertising videos, flyers, pamphlets, infographics, catalogs, and more to use product promotion programs.

By coming to this app, you will be able to design the most accurate digital flyers yourself based on available data. Unique sample ads have been added to the large sample app collection for easy reference. Templates of over 1000 booklets are available in many different themes such as cartoons, party brochures, advertising brochures, Christmas brochures, marketing brochures, event brochures, and birthday brochures, … We are waiting for you in the app.


The first step in creating a smart video template is to identify the field and category of product you want to advertise. After all, it’s as easy as going to the app’s archive of available ads to find pieces that fit your theme. And the next step will also be the most important step for you to be able to create a unique product ad. Thanks to the templates available, you can use your ingenuity to make the translation the way you like.

In order for users to free up their ingenuity, the app has created a unique user interface. Here, you can change the ad text, ad font, and even more, the specialty where you can add your stickers, effects, videos, and recordings. The final step is to organize all the messages you want to send to the ad properly so that the final product can be delivered.

One of the most modern and effective advertising styles today, the most popular with professionals, is undoubtedly Brochures. But to be able to create a unique and highly relevant ad for the product you want to advertise is not easy. If you have found a Digital Brochure Maker – Create Video Brochures, congratulations, you have come to the right place. The app will help you create personalized ads and preferences based on many interesting features. Try downloading the app and enjoy the best features.

Various businesses:

  • Fashion Brochures
  • Education leaflets
  • Books and Magazines
  • Building Brochures
  • Travel brochures
  • Food Brochures & Restaurant Menus
  • Auto Mobiles leaflets
  • Beauty Tracts
  • Eligibility Brochures
  • Health care manuals
  • Picture Brochures
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Business Brochures
  • Commercial flyers
  • Product Brochures
  • Spa brochures
  • Party flyers
  • Event flyers
  • 3D manuals and more
  • Advertise the event
  • Sell the service
  • Increase productivity
  • Study the subject
  • Creating a restaurant menu
  • Describe your service easily
  • Increase Awareness

Increase Communication Collaboration

The pamphlet maker helps you create the best booklet design you can think of.

A leaflet designer who will create unique business leaflets to promote business on social media. Our team of graphic designers has designed 5000+ booklets for you.

This catalog maker and pamphlet maker app is useful for social media marketing and graphic design of brochures, flyers, infographics, posters, advertisements, restaurant menus, and more.

You do not need a graphic designer to create brochures for your business. We have designed a beautiful collection of templates for advertising brochures and can be edited using this mod apk maker, infographic maker, and pamphlet maker app.

Make your custom booklet faster and easier with the mod maker mod apk – no design skills required. Get the booklet in your hands. Selecting a brochure template helps people get results in half the effort to make brochures. Brochure maker mod apk is a program that will allow you to easily design brochures from templates.

The Brochure maker mod apk app provides a triple booklet, duplicate brochures, infographic brochures, product catalog, pamphlets, promotional leaflets, food brochures, restaurant menus, travel brochures, fitness booklets, product brochures, event brochures, brochures of places for sale, and more.

Download Brochure Maker – Infographics

On this page, you will find out what Specialty of Brochure Maker – Infographics MOD APK and Mod Version Apk will give you one Click Direct Link to download, download Bookmaker Maker.

Brochure Maker – Infographics MOD APK’s latest version is available for free to download on Android devices.  You can download and install the Brochure Maker – Infographics MOD APK on your Android device.

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What's new

✨ BrandKit : Add all your brand resources like logo, font, color etc in one place. Must check it out.
✨ New templates added for brochure, pamphlets, catalog & infographics.
✨ Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thank You for using the brochure maker app! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features to help you connect with your friends.


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