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Best Racing Game ever with approximately 250 Million downloads! Try to build your own Bridge by competing with others for collectible blocks! You should look out for potential looters.
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Jun 1, 2022
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About Bridge Race Game Apk MOD

There have been many running games produced over the years. From car racing games to marathon runaways, there are a number of options available to you. But if you want something more, then this is the perfect place for you. Meet Bridge Race, a racing game that allows you to collect your colored bricks so you can cross the bridge and win! If this sounds easy, wait until you know there are enemies!

In this game, you will compete against 3 other players at a time and they may disrupt your bridge or collide with you! Be careful not to collide with any of them so as not to drop the bricks you have collected. Then, you need to be fast and smart fast if you want to win.

Cross the Bridge First

Racing is always a fun activity no matter what you are running for. In terms of cars, there are many racing games available as the Asphalt series, the Real Racing series, and Need for Speed. But when you say race, it is a broad term that encompasses all forms of racing, including marathons. But on the Bridge Race, you will compete with others in creating the bridge first so you can cross over to other platforms.

Here, you will need to collect your colored bricks!

The bricks will be laid randomly and all the players including you will collect them. Here, you need to be careful not to collide with any other player so that your bricks do not fall off. Also, you need to make strategies so that you do not end up in the race. This is because some players may put their bricks on your bridge and vice versa. That’s why it’s up to you whether you want to collect all the bricks available first or do it step by step.

Eventually, the number of players will decrease one by one as you ascend the stadiums with only one left!

Bridge Race Features

Want to have fun with a different kind of racing game today? Download Bridge Race now and enjoy.

You can prove your worth by being very fast either in the car or on foot. But if this is boring, it’s time to try something new today! Published by Supersonic Studios, Bridge Race is a unique racing game that allows you to compete with others by building bridges. However, you will need to collect blocks of the same color in order to climb the bridge to another platform.

Then, the players will go down as you reach the top until there is only one winner left. This is a fun game to play as you compete with others but not out of time. Sure, you need to hurry but you also need to do some strategies here if you do not want to be left behind. You can clash with others or bring your blocks to a player near another platform.

Play Against Others

Here, you will play with 3 other players in the beginning. You can choose the color of your brick that you will need to collect on various platforms. Here, you can only collect bricks with your colors. It is the same with other players as they will run and collect as many bricks as possible. After that, you will need to put yourself down to create a bridge that will allow you to go somewhere else. Do this 3 times to win!

Collect Skins

In games like this, there is usually nothing more to do than play.

However, there is also a lot of customization offered by the Bridge Race. Here, you can collect and purchase a variety of skins to enjoy. There are the basics, therefore, there are others with the opposite sex and style. All in all, there are plenty of skins available that you can try and enjoy today.

Blocks and colors

You can also choose different blocks and customize them! Shop for the best looking at your collection today. Although they can’t do much, they look cool. You can also change the color you will need to collect in the game.

Customize and enjoy

Customize the name and enjoy 3D graphics today on Bridge Race.

The following strategies are for Top – Players

As a way of life people often say “lay the first brick”. Anyone laying the first foundation of the bridge will own the property to build the following sections. You have to do the same in this game. Once you have built them, the opponent can no longer do anything.
But fortunately, your enemy can’t touch your unfinished bridge.

This works in single-player mode. You are free to continue bringing the bricks and come back without fear of losing the unfinished part only provided that the number of bricks you have on your shoulder should be more than the number of bricks the enemy is pitching on their bridge. In my opinion, it is a great privilege.

The second tactic I think you should know before playing Bridge Race: you can’t believe what you see. I’m talking about the relationship between the number of bricks found and the length of your bridge. In my experience of playing about a dozen scenes, the bridge stays longer than you think. As provided, you will need more bricks. So, the thing to do after “laying the bricks” is to collect as many bricks as possible. If you are short, you have to collect more. If you only need 1 or 2 bricks, it will be very difficult! In the meantime, the overuse of the required bricks is better because you can quickly build the foundation for the next brick.

The third note is: Do not let the colorful colors of the game distract you. You have to collect the bricks, but also don’t forget to stop the opponent. They are also the builders who do the same thing. The color and texture that they need to collect are different from yours. To stop these opponents, you need to appear in front of them, explode and drop them, throwing all the bricks they have. That means it’s also important to pay attention because they can do the same for you.

In-game rewards and points

Every time you finish building a bridge or discovering interesting things while playing (other than collecting bricks), you will earn bonus points. These collection points will help you buy a cool new visual connector that will enhance your mood, and transform the look of the builder and the brick on his shoulder.

Some cool things along the way sometimes also bring many benefits to you such as Speeding coins that can help you run twice as fast and collect bricks faster; Or something that stops an opponent, if you use it, everything except you will stand for a certain period of time so that you can do what you want freely.

Interesting here is the award-winning mechanics. If the opponent falls, the brick will fall to the ground and will turn gray automatically. At this point, you can quickly assemble these bricks and turn them into the color of your bricks. This is the kind of thing that can be achieved by destroying an enemy that we often see in combat games, making the game more competitive.

Bridge Race Mod APK – Unlimited revenue, no ads

Yes, as with all other games, some points are still not good. On the Bridge Race, a little annoyance while playing the game is that you have to go to the right part where there is a lack of bricks to keep building. I did not find it wrong at first. But after a few scenes, the opponent was too numerous, the length of the bridge increased and the number of bricks to be collected increased many times. During the fire, I had to go back and forth across the length of the bridge, making me tired and restrained.

Drawings and sounds

Bridge Race graphics are very minimal, with a color block style. All you can see and love in the game are monochromatic color blocks, from the builder’s image to the bridge and the bricks… But this simplicity makes the competition very interesting. Also, the background music is cool and unobtrusive, which will help you focus on your brick-and-mortar process.

Download Bridge Race MOD APK for Android

I can only say that if you are looking for a simple, easy, fun game that does not damage your brain or damage your mind, you should experience this unique and exciting game as well. Bridge Race is relaxed and very nice. Occasionally, making a trip to a 2D game with blocks of unusual colors like this is great.

Want to try a unique racing game? Download Bridge Race and compete with others in building a bridge.

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