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Boost your browsing experience with Boost for reddit. Enjoy the best content of the most popular social news site.
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Boost for Reddit MOD Apk – For people who are long-time Reddit users, The layouts of the social media site are often dull and the mobile application can often be lacking options. So, if looking for a new design and an experience on your social media platform and mobile device, then this intriguing application called Boost for Reddit is certainly a wonderful tool to use.

About Boost for Reddit MOD Apk 

You are welcome to take advantage of the app on your mobile to replace the outdated Reddit app with a brand new version that features a new and improved interface and interaction. Explore the stunning themes and useful features within the app that will ensure that you are always able to take pleasure in your social interactions. Change your preferences as you like to ensure that you are always able to refresh the application.

What does Boost for Reddit MOD Apk do?

Similar to the apps like Joey on Reddit as well as the Rif, which is fun for Reddit, and here, in Boost to Reddit, Android users will get a different mobile application for the renowned social media site. With gorgeous designs, fantastic themes, improved interfaces, as well as a variety of added features this app ensures that you have fun every moment in the app as well as on the social media network.

Don’t be tempted to browse the same UI and layouts again as Boost for Reddit lets users play around using the application and the features it offers in any way you like.

Prepare to experience the appealing material design interface in the mobile app which will ensure that you don’t go through Reddit the same way again. Explore the numerous elements of personalization to make experience in the app more entertaining and enjoyable. Get access to the handy media preview feature so that you are able to view media when browsing.

Utilize the helpful filters available for posts to easily find what you would like to be able to see. Discover the intuitive posts on Reddit by using filters that are available for subreddit and domain author, keywords as well as other options. Set up your personal home screen widget, so that you don’t need to launch the application. Explore the latest tools available to mods only.

Features of Boost for Reddit MOD Apk 

Beautiful and intuitive app UI

For the first time, Boost for Reddit users will enable Android users to experience the user-friendly Material Design interface which offers clean easy-to-use, interesting, and accessible visual elements to use. You are free to explore the stunning and interactive themes that will inspire users to take advantage of social media interactions. Simultaneously, extremely customizable elements will ensure that you’ll enjoy working with the many themes.

Layouts that are intuitive and customizable with views

For those who are curious, you can benefit from the amazing layouts offered by Boost for Reddit. This will introduce many fresh and fresh modifications to the traditional Reddit user interfaces. There are different views for each subreddit that allows for distinct visual elements that match your specific preferences.

Choose cards with larger images to get better visibility on social media pages. You can enable the slideshow view in order to quickly scroll through the posts. View your subreddits’ image content as an images gallery, so that you can take advantage of the visual content. Mini cards are available with thumbnails to make them more visible in crowded newsfeeds. Make your handy Reddit lists to improve your experience in the app.

You can also have the split-screen mode for tablet users to increase the enjoyment of browsing the web. The left-handed mode will be available to Android users of Boost for Reddit, meaning you’ll have greater comfort using the features in the app when you’re using the left side of your hand.

Easy browsing experience with helpful features

While doing so you can also take advantage of the convenience of browsing with Boost for Reddit, because of the user-friendly and interactive touch controls available in the mobile application. In this app, you are able to use media due to the automatic preview features, which let the app automatically show images as well as display GIFs, GFYCAT, GIFV albums, videos, and more without opening the pages.

While you browse through subreddits and posts it will automatically label posts as read, so you’ll know you’ve read them and examined them. You can immediately sign up to the subreddits you prefer or save them to your favorites with Quick Access buttons. It is then easy to revisit your saved posts as you need to.

Utilize the handy motions as well as touch control that allow you to navigate through the social network pages. Just swipe left and then start the Sidebar to view the available navigation and settings. Swipe to shut down images. Click on any post or subreddit to view them. Utilize the search feature to quickly find content that interests you.

To ensure that you don’t are spoiled when you browse particular subreddits and posts You can turn on the Spoiler feature in the mobile application, which will block all important pieces of information from being displayed. Feel free to make and modify your many Reddit posts using Boost for Reddit.

Feel free to modify themes and colors

If you are interested, it is now free to modify the themes and color schemes in Boost for Reddit. This will allow a stunning and interactive interface for everyone.

Begin by selecting different colors for the different elements of your layouts. There are millions of colors available within the application. Choose your primary color, and then set it to 70 accent colors using Material Design to ensure that you’ll have your amazing Reddit interfaces. Explore the various presets available that let you pick colors from a variety of categories, such as Light Dark, Dark, and AMOLE colors.

In addition, you can also access The powerful themes manager, which allows you to easily alter the interface of the application as you wish. Enjoy working using the various themes, with their stunning colors and distinctive visual elements that allow you to personalize the app.

You can customize the text you use on your Facebook and Twitter sites by altering the fonts, sizes, and colors. This allows you to create your customized layouts of text for the current themes and colors. Take advantage of all the available modifications to enjoy using the fresh Reddit interfaces for your mobile devices.

Explore the incredible filters available on your social networks

And in Boost for Reddit, Android users will have the option of working with the amazing filters available on the social media site and will be able to easily browse through the social media pages without any difficulty.

You are free to make use of the mobile app to filter out certain kinds of content, based on your own preferences. Only albums, images, GIFs videos, texts, or hyperlinks on your feeds to ensure you can access them easily and manage the content.

You can also access the filters that you can use for your posts on subreddits. They include authors, domains, and most importantly, keywords that are easy to select and sort in speed.

A simple comment section that you can work with

In Boost for Reddit, Android users will have themselves a user-friendly comment section that is easy to use.

Begin by enjoying the relaxed and easy scrolling options that let you scroll your comments with ease using simple gestures or volume keys. Move your finger left or right in order to go between the left and right sides of your comment area. Use these virtual buttons in order to move between comments to ensure you don’t be lost in long lists of comments.

You can easily expand and collapsible threads of comments in a matter of seconds, to allow you to instantly view the comments. With the available highlights and highlights, you can quickly search for comments using tags that are available, including Threads, OP, IAmA Mine, Distinguished Links, Search text as well as Search Author. In addition, the color codes will improve the reading experience of the social media pages.

Boost for Reddit 

In the event of making comments, Boost for Reddit users will allow users to have their comments stored as drafts, so you don’t lose them in the event that you decide to add your comments later. You can also use the option to upload images and other media files in your social media posts with speedy access to your gallery as well as easy online uploads.

You can use the handy preview feature prior to submitting your message so that you can see exactly what you’ll send to the world. All of this should allow Android people to take advantage of their messages to the highest degree.

A useful home screen widget

For those who are curious, you can activate the home screen widget within Boost for Reddit to get a fast connection to your mobile application without any issues. It is possible to make the widget displayed on any slot that you can see on the home screen, and adjust the sizes to meet your personal preferences. Now, you can access the social networks while remaining on your home screen or access the app immediately by clicking on the widget.

Numerous advanced tools for moderators.

While at the same time moderators can now benefit from the latest tools and features of Boost for Reddit. This makes your work on the site easier. Explore the comprehensive Modtools menu and manage your subreddits and visitors at any time you’d like.

Automatically enable options to save data

When browsing within Boost for Reddit, Android users can get the automatic data saving option that will save their personal data. This feature is automatically activated when connected to certain networks or using your mobile data, based on your preferences. This can be very beneficial to all users.

Media files can be downloaded without problems

With Boost for Reddit, Android users can finally be in a position to download media files downloaded from the social media network. You are able to interact with all the available media files and get them downloaded. This includes photos, GIFs, GFYCAT, GIFV albums, and videos on any page as well as subreddits, comments, and other pages. You are free to choose the preferred location to save the files as well as folders.

Multiple accounts are supported

In Boost for Reddit, Android users are able to connect to multiple Reddit accounts with the application. This will ensure that you enjoy an easy browsing experience. Also, with secure OAuth2 logins, You can be confident that your information is secure and private.

Download Boost for reddit

Then, last but not least, those fascinated by the fantastic mobile app of Boost for Reddit aren’t willing to pay the premium price You can opt for the free and unlocked version at our website instead. We offer a modified application that has removed advertisements and features that are not locked. All you need to do is download the Reddit Boost Mod APK Follow the instructions, and you’ll be ready to start.


Be ready to take advantage of the amazing mobile app of Boost for Reddit that can completely transform your experience of browsing on the social media site. You’ll have fun using the redesigned and revamped UI featuring stunning materials and design elements. They have simple, user-friendly, and beautiful layouts to use. In addition, the new features and functions in the app allow you to use your social media platform a lot more.

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