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There is no weight limit on beauty! Own the runway and race to the finish line to stun in cutting-edge fashion. Stay body positive!
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May 27, 2022
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Body Race – Racing games are popular as you can pass many cars or people on the way to the finish line. But with literally a million games in the race, you are probably tired of it now. But what if you could play a different kind of racing game where you will need to hit the runway and become a smaller model! Here, you will run the race but you will need to go through a course full of obstacles today.

What is Body race APK MOD?

Body Racing is a free game, free to play, and has 100+ million downloads. Developed by Moon Active. Play the Best Fun Game with Friends! Download the Body Race Mod APK for unlimited coins and spins. Here, as you upgrade your village, you will find cards, which you can see in your collection of cards. This game map is great, with 276+ beautiful village locations. Play the game and unlock them all. Here, you get free spins from time to time, so use your gambling machine often. Explore the amazing world of Body Race.

In Body Race MOD, where you will build any objects, you will find a star. First, collect 20 stars to reach the next village. When you run out of coins, you can swipe down the screen and use a gambling machine to earn coins. Also, you can invade the valleys of others. There are limited spins in the official game. Once you have hammer options on the slot machine, you can attack other players’ villages to earn coins. When you find three pigs in the slot machine, you can invade the village of the maser and steal his coins! There is so much to steal. I almost stole 300K gold coins in my first attempt.

About Body Race MOD Apk

In this game, you will need to choose healthy items consistently to stay within the right range. At the beginning of each level, you will be given the goal of the right weight you need to keep in order to win and unlock new clothes! But the race track is full of dietary restrictions and stamina and you will need to be a smaller model by choosing only healthy options. Lights, camera, action – can you stay fit until the end?

There are limited options when raiding villages. You can win many coins. Once you have earned a shield from the slot machine, you get a limited-time shield that will help your village in the attack. Also, you can win an extra spin from the slot machine. I got 10. So, you can start spinning again and win amazing prizes. If you attack a player’s village, he may make his shield work. When he attacks, he will break his shield. You will receive many coins as a reward. Download the MOD APK for body racing to get unlimited Coins, Spins, and many other great features.

Get all these features in this mod game. Share it with your friends.

Unlimited Spins & Coins: Get unlimited spins and coins. Spins help you to continue using the slot machine that helps to find coins, attack other villages, and steal the king of coins. Use unlimited coins to upgrade your village quickly.

No Ads and Safe: If you are thinking about ads do not worry we will not give you any kind of MOD ads because ads annoy everyone who does not want ads while playing ads. And using MOD APK for body racing works 100% fully because there is no need to remove the APK.

Features of Body Race APK MOD

Gismart Studio has long been regarded as a less focused engineer who devoted all his work to the creation of musical instruments. Yes, such projects were very popular five years ago, but today the need for them is much lower. The developer has decided to retrain to create time killers with real themes and make the right decision. Now every new Gisart project is very popular.

To Be Healthy Or Not

There are many running games that you can easily play today. There are also races of different models that you can play today. But if you are in a different kind of racing game, it is time to get on the road and play Body Race right now. This is a model racing game that allows you to go that route to stay healthy and healthy. Here, there are many obstacles waiting for you and many of them are traps!

A powerful and addictive gameplay

The gameplay of Body Race is very simple, but at the same time addictive. She plays the role of a girl who needs to win many levels. You will encounter healthy and unhealthy foods. Therefore, it is advisable to pick up healthy food and it is best to abstain from fast food. However, not all is so simple. Every level brings you a new workload of final weight, as required by weight in the end.

For example, if the job was to weigh 60 pounds [60 kg] and then end up weighing 45 pounds, this too would be inconvenient. It means you will get a few coins to complete it. At the same time, it is dangerous to skip the bar, as you can gain weight and simply die from obesity.

Different levels are fun

Now, Body Race has many levels of complexity and various designs. Hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, cake, and more will await the girl on the way. All of this contributes to weight gain. If you take dumbbells, broccoli, ride a hoverboard, and eat vegetables, then the weight will go away. The further you go, the harder it becomes.

Over time, there will be more and more things on the track. In addition, it will be even more difficult for the user to block them. Don’t forget that the scales are waiting for you in the end. It is important to match the predicted value of the pounds in order to earn more coins and unlock the next garment.

Wear elaborate costumes and attire

A distinctive feature of Body Race is customizing the main character – a little girl. At first, she runs everywhere wearing a bathing suit. Your job is to dress her up and do it with taste. You will be able to unlock both beautiful evening gowns and attractive attire for a nurse or a police officer during travel. It is fair to say that the game has a dirty meaning. However, the girl suddenly lost interest, as soon as she gained a few extra pounds.

Drawings and sounds

Body Race provides users with classic running graphics. Here you will not find much truth. However, everything is going well. The main character looks really contemptible, so watching her is a beauty pageant. There is no sound in the request – there is only indirect meaning.

Mod test

If you follow the mobile game market diligently, you may have noticed that many simple ideas or ideas quickly become full-fledged. The same thing happened with the idea of ​​runners, previously which was only one of the parts to play in the number of apps. Today, however, it is already difficult to imagine a Play Market without hundreds of such projects.

Such games are widespread because they kill the free time well and allow you to enjoy the result of your actions here and now. Now you might not surprise anyone with a project based on canons for runners, but engineers keep thinking about the use of new titles. Gismart Studio, in turn, decided to give players the opportunity to lose weight or gain weight without making any effort.

If you carefully read a few negative reviews about Body Race, it is clear that the players are happy with the gameplay and its main ideas, but complain about the small amount of clothing. Now, developers are not adding new content to the game, which is disappointing. There are also many ads in the system, but you can solve this problem by playing offline.

Download Body Race MOD Apk

Body Race allows you to buy a girl a variety of outfits for the game. There are no other ways to spend money. However, every win brings only a small amount of coins and we want to try on all skins. That’s why we offer you to download the mod for unlimited money, which allows you to buy any clothes. Download the Latest Version of MOD Apk.


Body Race is another race that does not give users a new transformation. The only clear plus of this game is the beautiful girl and the clothes you can wear. What remains is a common timer.


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