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Bloody Bastards is a physics-based medieval fighting game where you fight against your bastard brothers.
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Jun 21, 2022
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Bloody Bastards Mod APK – The medieval times were extremely brutal since people were constantly armed with swords. This was the time in which the battle for the survival of the strongest was evident. The people of the time were brutal since you couldn’t be able to compete if you weren’t skilled. In the Game Bloody Bastards, you will take part in the unique 2D combat game in which you’ll have a difficult time moving your character.

Take on your Bastard brothers today and reap the sweet rewards.

About Bloody Bastards Mod APK

This game by Tibith, it’s the medieval style using the physics of rag dolls. This means you’ll not be able to control your character completely which makes the game more difficult. Be ready to fight against a lot of bastards today and unlock a variety of weapons. They include swords, maces knives, knives, axes hammers, and many other weapons! There is also the possibility of unlocking over 100 weapons that will defend you from combat. The game has thousands of levels you can finish right now!

Introduce yourself to Bloody Bastards

Bloody Bastards is a product of the publisher Tibith which may seem a bit strange to most people. In addition, it is their sole product available through Google Play. Contrary to other combat games, this one takes place in a medieval environment where the savages fight with their brothers.

You have to manage the character of your choice and beat rivals to earn rights to claim the assets that belong to the entire family. Bloody Bastards is a free game. If you’re looking to earn lots of money to purchase equipment, you are able to install the mod version of the game from The game is just 8MB, so it is not a huge use amount of memory.


Bloody Bastards is a combat game and you’ll take part in intense and brutal 1v1 battles. The battles are not supervised by referees, rules, or no medical professionals. The fight ends when either of them has been defeated (the health bar is equal to 0). The game currently has just one option (fighting in accordance with the narrative). You take on one of the warriors in the game to gain access to an opponent. The maximum score you can earn is 3 stars, however, you’ll need just one star to unlock new players.

The absence of variety in modes is a drawback in Bloody Bastards. I believe that this game is not PvP, it should be to allow me to play with my buddies. It could be more enjoyable to play with arenas or dungeons which allow you to combat monsters. At the moment, you’re able to battle other warriors controlled via AI. The difficulty level increases with each level, however, it’s easy for players to feel uninterested and boring when they are for the first few levels.


In comparison with other fighting games on the mobile platform, Bloody Bastards features entirely different controls. With no display keys and you must feel and touch the locations in the display. Double-tap the right or left side of your screen for a move. Move on the right to use the sword, and touch the left side to activate the shield. The control is simple (although it can take some time to become accustomed to). But, you’ll have a difficult time taking part in battles 1v1 with real adversaries.

For practice, the game offers the option of a tutorial. You can play freely and practice attacking with a wooden Dummy.

purchase items

If you’re curious about what you can earn from Bloody Bastards, it helps to purchase items for your characters. You can purchase a wide range of items, including weapons as well as shields, armor footwear, and pants. It not only makes your character more attractive, however, but it also helps you gain offensive and defensive statistics. Armed with the right weapons and armor it is possible to be able to beat your opponents.


Graphics are another striking feature of this game Bloody Bastards. With the help of 2D graphics, the action scenes in the game are shown as extremely impressive and funny. The characters of the game are akin to puppets. It’s hilarious and realistic. Additionally, it’s evident the controls and the mechanics of the game are very fluid.

Medieval-Based Fighting

There are a variety of mobile fighting and action games on the market today. If you’re interested in combat, you can choose from a range of games available today that let you battle. Furthermore, you can take pleasure in many exciting fights and players. But, not all fighting games are created equal, and certain games are sloppy. Therefore, if you wish to stay clear of them, then we suggest that you try Bloody Bastards now.

The game is different from any other game you’ve played because it offers original gameplay and theme. It’s set in medieval times when knights wore iron armor as well as were brutal. You’ll be fighting a lot of demons who are willing to challenge your will! Then, you can instruct them with different weapons such as knives, swords, hammers as well as axes. You can also put on tools like body armor, shields, boots, and a variety of other equipment to defend yourself.

Furthermore, it is possible to play at various locations at various levels now. Take on challenging opponents using different styles of play today! You’ll have a hard to getting around but you’ll enjoy it.

Features of Bloody Bastards Apk MOD

Do you want to battle against men during the medieval era? Have fun in Bloody Bastards today and fight until you’re happy.

Medieval Fights

You might not realize this, but the medieval era was extremely brutal. Knights wore heavy armor and weapons, and they used to fight frequently. If this isn’t your kind of thing and you’re looking forward to Bloody Bastards today. It’s a game in which you’ll be able to have fun playing against the majority of Bastards today. You can play against diverse opponents with distinctive weapons and wear various armors.

You can also carry a range of weapons, including knives, swords, hammers, and more! Mix and match various equipment starting from the head and torso as well as the feet in this enjoyable game. Take advantage of the unique physics of ragdolls that makes this game enjoyable to play now. Since you’re not able to play with ease it is necessary to master your techniques and strategies to be successful. In addition, you’ll have fun pushing your limits as you gain access to numerous weapons the more you beat!

Use a variety of weapons

Here are numerous weapons that you can utilize, such as maces flails, hammers and flails blades, axes, swords, and other weapons! Choose your weapon of choice in the present time as you take on a lot of other players. Your opponents will also be using different kinds of weapons. It is essential to employ different strategies in order to prevail and outlast your adversaries.

More than 1,00 pieces of equipment

There are also plenty of pieces of equipment in this. In fact, there are more than 100 of them which can be mixed and matched. You can pick the most robust armors, helmets, and pants to safeguard yourself. If you have the money. You can completely rock the full-gold plated armor which makes you appear like an emperor.

These armors keep you safe from those who may take a smack at you. The most important thing is that they are stylish and you can even change the look!

Take on many tough opponents

Here you’ll be facing a variety of adversaries that start with a breeze. There are many levels to be defeated, which means you’ll have to fight many enemies in the present. They all have their own weapons and equipment, and you’ll have to face the tougher ones as you progress. In this area, you’ll have to face the most skilled opponents while you test your skills.

Different locations

There are plenty of areas where you’ll be fighting like the fields, plains, and others. Take advantage of a wide range of places today!

Bloody Bastillards Mod APK Unlocked and unlimited money

Do you love medieval fights? Take a look at Bloody Bastards today and fight with your Bastard brothers.

Download Bloody Bastards MOD APK for Android

Although many aspects require improvements, it’s clear it’s a fact Bloody Bastards is a game worth your time. Fun, humorous and bizarre gameplay has made the game attract a large number of players. If you’re interested in the video game, and the MOD edition please download it using this link.

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3.2.0 - Tentative Fixes Patch (Here Goes Nothing)

- Tentative fix for multiple (BUT OVERALL RARE, OK) crashes and freezes
- Also, I added a kick mechanic in 3.1.9 (check the Tutorial in Options, lol)

⚠ NOTE: 3.2.0 can be played with people on both 3.1.9 and 3.2.0


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