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Do you love to discover, navigate, and track new cycling routes? Then you'll love Bikemap. It doesn't matter if bicycling for you means a leisurely ride with your city bike or e-bike, climbing MTB trails with your mountain bike, or preparing for your next cycling marathon. With more than 9 million bicycle routes and trails worldwide, Bikemap has something for every cyclist.
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Jun 13, 2022
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Bikemap MOD APK – Do you love to ride your bike? Do you want more convenience when cycling? Bikemap is what you need. This application is easy to use and meets all user requirements.


Bikemap can track and guide you on your bike’s route by using your phone’s GPS Cycling location. When you enter the application, make sure to select “Allow access GPS location.” This will ensure that the app doesn’t have access to your personal accounts.

The next task is to decide the destination and starting point. You may find yourself in a remote area without a street or address. The application will use GPS to determine your exact location. It would be helpful if you could choose a destination to help the application determine the routes.

We suggest many fast and convenient routes

Bikemap will provide you with information about the starting and ending points and suggest the most efficient and fastest route. You will also receive information about traffic jams, construction work, and broken roads. You will find prominent spots and shops along the route. Users can choose the best route easily.


The application displays information about your route, including distance, time, and travel speed. Through smartphone tracking, you can track the route’s progress. The app will notify you if you take a wrong turn or travel the wrong route.


For faster access, users can create frequently used routes. This could be the route from your home to the supermarket or from Lake A to your home. These familiar routes can build up to a collection. You will also be responsible for setting up your travel plan, including speed, time, and route, according to your preferences.


Moving can be difficult. You may have to repair your car, puncture your tires, or go to the bathroom. Without a smartphone, it will be difficult to find an immediate solution in such situations. This app will show you the closest auto repair shop and the nearest public toilet. This app will make it easier to ride your bike without worrying about any unexpected events.


For cyclists, discovering new roads and cycling is a great way to get inspired. We will find great joy in discovering new roads and experiencing amazing things.

Mark all roads that you have traveled and then choose the Bikemap that best suits your needs. We don’t want to stop there. In addition to the roads that we have ridden, we want to discover and conquer new routes. Don’t worry, the application will show you a mini-map that will help you navigate to the right place. Special voice effects can be used to make it so you don’t have to look at the map, but instead, follow the instructions. This map is very useful and effective.


Do not spend too much time looking. Use your voice to find your way. You will find the most convenient route to your destination in just a few minutes. Voice navigation saves you time and makes it easy to find the right way. You can control your car safely by remembering every turn and bend. Remote locations can trust offline voice navigation.

There are many types of maps available, including Basic, 3D, and… which will help you greatly in your viewing experience. Bikemap offers suggestions to help you explore these amazing places. The application will also warn you of potential obstacles, such as rocks and potholes, so you are aware of them before you set off. Your speed will be updated automatically by the application.


Bikemap is a modern application that connects to the internet. It doesn’t matter what type of bike you ride, whether it is a mountain bike or an electric bike,…, the application can be connected to it and will get you there in the most efficient way. It will help you find your way and not waste your time. Bikemap will record your movements in detail and accurately.

It will track your cycling and provide statistics. Provides enough charging stations, resting spots, and public toilets to meet your needs. Bikemap’s accuracy and speed made a lasting impression. It is completely free and can be customized to meet your needs. This application can be your companion on new roads and help you discover exciting things.  visit

  • Let’s get on a new ride with our beloved bike and our brilliant friend Bikemap.
  • Use the GPS Cycling connection with the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Input your starting point (GPS Cycling can be accessed from anywhere) and the destination you wish to travel to. The app will provide all information about bike routes.
  • Track your route information such as speed, distance, and time through your smartphone
  • Create frequently-used routes and have them available for you to quickly access whenever you need them. You can also add them to a collection Help with problems

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What's new

Here's what's new in version 16.1.0:

• You can now customize and build your own bike computer and choose from a range of values for a personalised overview of your cycling data. (Premium) 📲

Like this update? Share the love and make sure to review the Bikemap app. Missing features? Simply get in touch with [email protected] - we love to hear from you!

Happy Cycling! 💙


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