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Beat Jumper: EDM on top! Issued by the world-famous AMANOTES PTE LTD. They are the creators of a series of hit music shows. Games are popular and common to all game lovers in the world, such as Magic Tiles, Piano Games, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!… And now continue to be Beat Jumper: EDM up !.
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About Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod APK

The game market is getting a lot of new faces that are introduced to players for players to experience. Every day, thousands of games are released, even counting that number. But among those thousands of titles, it is hard to find an exciting game so that players can choose to have fun and relax. And if you are a person who has not yet found what you need, let me help you do that with the game Beat Jumper: EDM Up !. This is a very fun game and suitable for many players.

Beat Jumper: EDM on top! Issued by the world-famous AMANOTES PTE LTD. They are the creators of a series of hit music shows. Games are popular and common to all game lovers in the world, such as Magic Tiles, Piano Games, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!… And now continue to be Beat Jumper: EDM up !. With the founding expert, the music games of AMANOTES PTE LTD are becoming more and more diverse. Try all of their music games and especially Beat Jumper: EDM up! Right now.

Different game types

Normal mode: You must survive when trying to catch two prawns and a dolphin. Your goal is to catch as many items as possible and survive the attempt without letting the crabs catch you. As the levels progress you go to the following mode: Hyper Mode! In this mode, your survival depends on the number of lives you have at sea.

Hyper Mode: This is a fun mode where you need to find the lost treasure with the help of a dolphin. In this mode, you not only need to find the treasure but also destroy all the enemies that come near you and your goal as well. The left button allows you to jump and the right one is used for magnification.
If you are playing with normal weight, you should increase the speed of your dolphin to move faster. This is done by pressing the left button on the dolphin and after that, you need to repeatedly press the left button. Using the mouse wheel, you must scroll left and right.

Features of Beat Jumper EDM Up Mod APK:

Enjoy playing your non-stop jumping jams

From the outset, Android gamers in Beat Jumper: EDM up will have the option to enjoy their simple but extremely addictive music game, thanks to continuous gameplay. As long as you can climb the ladder, there will always be endless jumping races for you to enjoy. So feel free to work on the exciting bouncy levels and get fully involved in the amazing game of Beat Jumper: EDM up.
Many songs with different beats to work with

For those who are in love, you can now enjoy many songs on Beat Jumper: EDM with various beats to work with. Enjoy the fun with your amazing jam and enable lots of fun beats on bouncy runs. Do your best to make the most of your jam. And stay tuned for new songs, thanks to the ever-growing library of jams and beats on Beat Jumper: EDM up. Thus, allowing all gamers to fully engage in all the emotions.
Simple one-handed controls to make the game more accessible

Here at Beat Jumper: EDM on top, Android gamers will have the option to freely control their flying balls with just one hand. The simple touch control system allows players to easily operate the ball. All you need to do is drag your finger across the screen to get the ball moving in the right direction. Collaborative controls will ensure that you can work freely at any game level.

Simple but extremely attractive gameplay

The game mode is not at all difficult when players have to swipe the screen to play it. Players will have to control the ball and there are many incidents that make it jump high by moving it elsewhere. The player will see that there are many round blocks in the game and the player will start from the first one going up gradually. The player needs to stay in the right position for the ball to keep jumping high and if it misses the player he will lose. It’s so easy, isn’t it? Players only need to control the ball left or right.

Amazing customization of your balls

To make the game more fun, Android gamers can also choose to customize many of their amazing games. Try many new background drawings that should give fresh air to the game. Unlock more bouncy effects to make your in-game self-awareness more enjoyable. So, allows Android gamers to fully enjoy their musical adventures.

Upload your bets to play the game

For those who are in love, you can now upload your bits to the game and play many of your favorite tracks easily. Variable beats in Beat Jumper: EDM on top will ensure that you can always have fun playing your songs.

Listen to the rhythm of the music

How to play Beat Jumper: EDM on top! It’s very simple. Enter the game, and select a song. Only open songs can be selected. After the music starts playing, the music stream of the game will start to flow. On the screen were many set plates and a ball bouncing. You need to hear the rhythm of the music and control the ball to fly that rhythm. Do not miss the discs, as they are the jumping points that help your ball reach the finish line.

Exciting jumping ball

Once the ball starts to move, the player will not be able to stand. Why? Because how can we disrupt an interesting piece of music in the middle. Therefore, you need to make an effort not to cause your football to stumble. When the ball falls, the track will stop immediately. Later the speed of music flow will be faster. But if you can pass, the rewards will be great.

Amazing levels to keep you engaged in gameplay

Throughout the game, Android game players will have the option to enjoy their game at the many levels available. Feel free to pick your own balls and start engaging in many of these growing challenges. Amazing levels with amazing sets will delight most gamers.

Collect many free songs and gifts

Here at Beat Jumper: EDM on top, Android gamers will have the option to work comfortably with free songs and amazing gifts, which are always available for you to enjoy. Enjoy exploring these valuable gifts, either by spending your time in the game or by simply participating in a gameplay. There should be a number of exciting prizes you can work on.

Connect your social network accounts to get unlocked features

To make the game more fun, Android game players can now connect to their social network accounts, which will allow them to store their bouncy football data online. As a result, you always have your data stored properly online, which can be easily retrieved whenever you can. And by doing this, you can also connect with friends and other online gaming players. Feel free to join the many exciting tournaments, where you try to earn the best points with your bouncy balls.

Enjoy the offline game whenever you want

For those of you who are interested, you can now have more fun with Beat Jumper: EDM up, thanks to offline play now available to all players. Just access the game and start working on its many features whenever you are ready. No need to check the active Wi-Fi connection or turn on your mobile data.

Free to play

And despite all the fun features inside the game, Beat Jumper: EDM up is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can now download it from the Google Play Store and start having fun with its many features. However, as a freemium theme, there will still be some ads and in-game purchases that require you to pay in real money.

Enjoy the open gameplay with our mod

So, unless you wish to spend your money on the game, we also offer our modified version of Beat Jumper: EDM at the top of our website, which includes fully unlocked gameplay and in-game content for you to enjoy. All you need to do is download the Beat Jumper: EDM up Mod APK, follow the instructions provided, and you are ready to go.

More Features of Beat Jumper EDM up:

• One of the most addictive music games
• Update the latest EDM songs
• You can upload your own song
• Free songs and amazing gifts
• Jump as high as you can and control the ball left and right
• Jump up and collect scattered diamonds
• A non-stop game with touching music beats
• Illustrated, attractive graphics and use of dream colors
• Using amazing reflexes in 3D environments
• Play hot music and control the light ball
• Share your best marks so your friends know about your skills

Visible and sound quality


Get ready to immerse yourself in the amazing gameplay of Beat Jumper: EDM on top, thanks to its amazing visuals. Have fun choosing your favorite game themes and enjoy the unique bouncy graphics. Also, the exciting viewing effects in each of the selected theme settings also make the game more enjoyable.

Sound & Music

Along with stunning animations, Beat Jumper: EDM up also offers powerful sounds and catchy melodies, which should keep you fully connected to the game.


Now, along with other great games from Amanotes like Tiles Hop: EDM Rush and Magic Tiles 3, Android gamers will have another amazing mobile theme to enjoy. Just join the amazing world of bouncy balls in Beat Jumper: EDM up and start jumping on selected beats whenever you want.



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