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🔋 Battery Guru displays battery usage information, measures battery capacity (mAh), show estimates, and helps you change your charging habits with useful tips to prolong battery life and increase its lifespan.
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Battery Guru MOD Apk – Battery Guru Battery Saver is an incredibly popular application found on every mobile phone. Its primary function is to show battery usage data and also measure the battery capacity of your phone.

Furthermore, the application will also calculate and inform users of the number of charges as well as modify the user’s habits regarding battery charging issues. The phone will certainly see an improvement in battery life and longer usage time with this fantastic application.

About Battery Guru MOD Apk

Monitor the battery’s voltage, electric current temperature, voltage, and more.

There are many wireless devices that come with different capacities for batteries, and each one has a specific level of performance or consumption based on the application or task they’re performing. A lot of users look for battery monitoring or maintenance apps, such as the Battery Guru among the top options when it comes to this area. It is designed to assist users to monitor their battery usage closely and in-depth, as well as the performance of every application or system that is running simultaneously.

What is Battery Guru Apk MOD?

Batterie Guru is an application that displays information on the battery’s usage, calculates the capacity of batteries (mAh), and shows estimates for battery life. From there, it will aid you in changing your habits of charging by providing suggestions to prolong the life of your battery and improve battery longevity.

Battery Guru is designed to ensure that the battery is in good shape, ensuring an optimal life span for the battery. Also, with Battery Guru, you can ensure your battery’s longevity and maximize the performance of your battery on your device, while reducing the battery’s status, rapidly draining your battery, overheating, and an inefficient drain battery.

What are the reasons to be taking care of the mobile device’s battery?

The battery life is limitless. If you recharge your phone the battery gets depleted and its lifespan decreases slightly. If the battery isn’t fully charged, or in the wrong way the battery’s life is reduced significantly. When the life span is cut short it can cause the battery to be rapidly depleted, leading to less efficiency and a hotter device.

Thus taking care of your battery, reducing wear on the battery, and spending less time attaching your mobile to the charger is essential. To accomplish this, you might require an app that is specifically designed for helping you with this process such as Battery Guru.

Features of Battery Guru Apk MOD

To assist your smartphone’s battery extend its longevity lifespan, Battery Guru has supported several features that are detailed. Everything is designed with the same end goal to take charge of your battery.

Specific highlights that comprise Battery Guru include:

  • Determine the capacity of the battery (in mAh) and allow two battery types.
  • Utilize charge notifications and temperature alerts to prolong battery life.
  • Support wake-locks from the last unplug
  • Remaining charge time alert Lets you know the time until the battery is fully charged.
  • The indicator for Usage Time remaining lets you determine when the phone will be completely depleted of battery.

Estimate Screen On/Off

  • Examine the ratio between Deep Sleep and Awake Time
  • Real-time, continuous notifications that provide detailed battery stats
  • Doze. Editor

Advanced battery saver system

Doze is a battery-saving function. It allows your device to standby quicker, meaning less power usage, thanks to the auto-off feature of the screen. Deep sleep optimization will set the parameters that are adjusted to extend the life of your battery.

You can select to show these parameters in your smartphone’s Status Bar:

  • Current mA levels
  • Temperature
  • Level of battery
  • or all of these parameters simultaneously

Comprehensive statistics on device battery charging to help users understand the state of the battery on their mobile and determine whether they’ve charged it effectively and in a timely manner, Battery Guru offers an extensive list of details:

Battery statistics: include the percentage of charge/discharge and the estimated time needed to fully charge or discharge.

Display battery information, including temperature, voltage capacity and health status, charge, and discharge past …

App Wake-locks, Apps, and devices deep sleep/awake-time stats

Additionally, Battery Guru also has charging reports. This profile will allow you to find out if you’re taking the right treatment of your battery regularly as well as how healthy your charge is, as well as show your charge history over the last three months.

You can set reminders to monitor the temperature of your battery, the charge limit, or excessive usage of the battery. If any threshold is met the app informs you via a message.


The primary function of the battery is to assist users in analyzing the battery’s consumption over the most recent timeframe, and then provide a report or suggest ways to improve the effectiveness of the battery. Furthermore, its tracking capabilities can be performed at any time, at any location, and even during charging and charging.

The battery’s changes are shown clearly and accurately as well as users can modify the apps and programs they use to optimize battery use in the near future. In addition, users can limit the monitoring of their battery to the notification bar, or an overlay of bubbles to assist users in optimizing the user work area or interface at all times.

Users can also monitor the battery’s remaining lifespan or the time to service it, thus receiving more information to help protect the battery in a timely manner.


The app provides users with thorough and comprehensive monitoring but offers a wealth of tutorials that allow users to modify or improve the efficiency of battery usage. This includes preserving battery life or keeping the usage of several apps to a minimum.

A variety of changes to the battery could affect the app, which will allow users to have the best experience ever before when making use of the device for a long duration.

Additionally, users can place the device in an inactive state, an ideal option to shut down all activity in the system for a short period to extend the battery’s longevity. Of course, users are able to alter the system’s settings and place limitations on specific apps in several simple ways.


The best part about Battery Guru helps users keep an eye on their battery consumption and to customize everything for the best user experience. Additionally, certain cases offer amazing options that aren’t found in other applications and can be customized according to your personal preferences.

Additionally, users are able to completely alter the user interface or themes, as well as the indicators that allow users to look around in an impressive manner or alter the interface to a fresh design.


Numerous causes can result in battery depletion and a decrease in battery lifespan, so Battery Guru provides a wide variety of options as well as detailed instructions for users on how to prolong their battery’s lifespan or increase their performance capacity.

This includes a reminder to keep the battery’s temperature to be at a minimum, and also the length of time the battery lasts each day. Each of these restrictions can affect the quality and frequency of use however the benefits are the effectiveness of the system and the longer battery life, and much more.

Battery Guru is an incredibly versatile application that is devoted to ensuring that users have complete stability while monitoring or working with the battery, making the process smoother and flexible in setting the limits that are required. Additionally, it provides precise instructions so users can extend the battery’s life and the device.


The primary goal of this app is to ensure the health of the battery and extend its lifespan of the battery. The app will improve the phone’s functionality while alerting users to bad practices that harm the battery’s life. Since your battery has only a short lifespan, following each charge, the duration is diminished either charging or using it will deplete the battery quickly, causing numerous accidents that are not necessary.

So, having this app will improve your security while using it, and will make the battery of your smartphone healthy.


Battery Guru Battery Saver is a program that provides users with all information about the batteries on their smartphones. The program is completely detailed by the percentage of battery usage the use of battery by apps on the device, to the level of the battery. With these numbers users can easily be aware of the condition of the battery, allowing them to take timely decisions in order to avoid harm to their device.


People who use smartphones may have fallen into a bad habit like charging the phone during use or when making use of the battery up until it’s completely exhausted to recharge it. These habits gradually become difficult to stop and can significantly drain the battery of your smartphone. So, notifications to warn users will be automatically displayed to stop their negative habits of users.


The Battery Guru app may also help you recharge your battery. Topics suggested in the app will help in saving data, which will lead to a longer battery lifespan.


  • Find out the capacities of the batteries (measured as mAh) and supports are provided with twin-battery configurations.
  • The charging controller and battery tips should be calibrated.
  • Pay attention to temperature and charge warnings it can extend the life of the battery.
  • Application use in full detail
  • Watch-locks on wake-ups after the most recent disconnect
  • Find out how much battery remains in your battery and also how it will take it to be completely charged.
  • Be aware of how much use time remains on the battery so that you can plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Estimates of the screen being either on either off or on.
  • Find the proportion of time awake versus the time spent sleeping deep.
  • notification in full and in real-time of the present condition that the battery is in.
  • Power-conserving technology that can be used in advanced systems
  • Double battery support

Download Battery Guru APK & MOD for Android

If you notice that your smartphone has a problem with the battery and quickly heats up even after only a short period of time, one of the causes is due to the battery. Download Battery Guru From Google Playstore.

But even before that occurs it is best to prevent than treatment, so the recommendation is to get Battery Guru to use now to begin using batteries and charging mobile devices more efficiently starting today.

Click on the “Download Now” button at the top of this page, and your download will automatically start.

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