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If you are busy with your work, Baby Tracker will help you monitor your child's activity remotely. That way you can look at your child and understand his or her daily habits. Everything is recorded and more details are added along with beautiful, beautiful photos.
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About Baby tracker MOD Apk

If you are busy with your work, Baby Tracker will help you monitor your child’s activity remotely. That way you can look at your child and understand his or her daily habits. Everything is recorded and more details are added along with beautiful, beautiful photos. Users can share those beautiful photos with their loved ones. Not only that, it helps you to write down many important research details and nutritional advice for your child.


Coming to Baby tracker, users do not have to worry about their baby food because this app has a preset mode that will help you balance the number of nutrients in your baby food. Users are allowed to add recipes for milk or baby powders to the app. In addition, this app accurately tracks the time of breastfeeding your baby and the time of breastfeeding. To start and stop the timer, you just need a simple touch and you’re done.


This app will keep you updated on your activities accurately and clearly. Baby Tracker will summarize and fully display the last diaper change time and feed and firm. All information about the type of nappies you use is also fully recorded and the quality of each type is checked. In addition, this app also helps you answer questions and respond quickly to your child’s problems of dehydration, constipation, and diarrhea.


With the Baby tracker, the player can determine the day the baby starts to sleep through the night and the quality of its sleep. After the process of viewing sleep, night, and quality of those times of sleep, this app will help you create a specific sleep schedule for your child. The app of this app will also set alarms to put your baby to bed on time and have a balanced and balanced diet to help your baby grow to full potential.


Since your child’s first moments and experiences are recorded and organized into interesting time-bound collections, it’s easy to find. Users can create custom sections for their baby’s first smile, first tooth or first turn, and first steps in a young child’s life. You can also take a quick photo or add to the album the photos you have already taken in the gallery.

Keep a record of that food

It combines breastfeeding with weaning. Child Care also supports and monitors daily. Check the amount of milk you produce and breastfeed. Make sure there is no shortage or excess when inserted into your baby’s body. Feed your baby with proper milk. At the same time, when she is weaning, she will be able to choose delicious food and prepare it. From there, it will make children want food and grow faster. The condition of malnourished children is still great, which worries many parents.

Therefore, nutrition is important, which affects the growth of the baby. Baby Care always adds weed menus for mothers to learn. Breastfeeding and very scientific weaning. The app will test the feed and, along with the user, work very efficiently. Feed your baby at the right time, at the right time, with all the necessary nutrients.

Control weight, height

Changes in your baby’s height and weight will also be checked by Baby Care. Please weigh your child’s height and weight to see him or her grow day by day. Based on that, you will also know how your baby’s body receives nutrients. Measure daily and watch your child change. Childcare does not just allow you to learn more about parenting. The app also offers a full range of outstanding functions. Supporting and monitoring your child’s many activities. Let your baby grow taller and weigh more. It is a way of caring for children who have many useful information channels. Good heights in the future will also depend on diet and care.

Life mode in Baby tracker

Baby Care will have meals and bedtime so your baby can work on time. Developing habits for children from an early age, let them do it every day. Baby Care always incorporates information and provides ways to practice science. Milk time, diaper change, and mealtime… are all available at Baby Care.

The application will help parents to know how to live properly and in accordance with their children’s time. From proper nutrition and sleeping habits to the development of children. Record and watch all your child’s activities and moments. There are charts that record metrics so users can easily see them.

Download Baby Care mod to take care of babies in scientific ways.

Edit and take notes

In addition to tracking features, the Baby tracker also supports users to schedule other important schedules such as vaccination schedules, medical tests, treatment schedules, play schedules, and more with children. Once the date and time of the activity are reached, the app will send you a notification so you do not miss any important tasks.
In addition, mothers can take notes in the app to remind them to adjust their diet, bedtime, or plan for future activities. It is very easy and accessible to everyone, so mothers will have no problem writing notes or accessing many features of the app.

Intuitive interface, easy to use

We really appreciate the understanding and empathy of the publisher when we created the Baby tracker. They have designed their app to be precise, simple, and easy to use. All key features are displayed right on the home screen with thumbnails. Additionally, mathematical results are clear and precise with timelines, graphs, and more. Therefore, even if you are not used to using the phone, you can easily find it after a few uses. The colors of the interface are also very friendly, creating a comfortable feeling for users when viewing.


With the useful features of the Baby tracker, users can take care of their baby in a scientific and effective way. Users are allowed to record medical histories such as vaccination schedules, temperature tests, or pediatric medications. You regularly enter your child’s health data so that the application can analyze it and provide the most logical solutions so that your child can grow up to be a full-fledged adult.

This app is very helpful in taking care of your baby. It will be easier for users to care for and record their children’s favorite moments. Data relating to the development of the child will be recorded on requested days, weeks, and months, and the data will be analyzed and given the best steps to raise the children. Users can copy and sync data to other devices easily and simply.

Download Baby Care mod – Food, proper baby care

To absorb good nutrients, you need to have a safe and healthy diet. The app always ensures that users have the right ways to take care of their children. Know how to add and breastfeed on time. Monitor and perform tasks for your baby to keep them clean and change diapers quickly. Child Care will be an app that integrates multiple ways of using users. All the troubles of being a mother for the first time will end.

Child Care will bring comfort and help users to make it easier. Let your child grow up and develop in the best way possible. Add nutrients and nutritious milk. The baby’s growth process will be controlled by Baby Care on a daily basis. As a mother who always wants the best for her baby, do not neglect Child Care. An app that will bring useful information.

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