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You’re not boring, and your social media shouldn’t be either. Cartoon your social life, create the cartoon face, and style your personal avatar!
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If you want to create your own attractive cartoon characters, look at Avatoon: Avatar Creator, Cartoon Face, and Emoji Maker. This is a funny and fun game, and players will get a chance to build and create their own avatars in cartoon style. There will be plenty of attractive features and unexpected situations; join to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

What is Avatoon MOD Apk?

Avatoon is one of the best tools for creating an avatar on social media. This app was released at the end of 2019 and now has over 10 million instances on Google Play. Chances are, you will leave a 5-star review when using Avatoon, as more than 700,000 updates from other users.

You can create an image in two available ways: face recognition and personal creation. In fact, people often choose to make avatars using face recognition. All you have to do is put your face on the frame on the screen and take a picture of your face. The app then relies on that pattern to select the right details and give you back the image that best matches your face.

Avatoon offers a few suggestions on how to create an image with good similarities:

  • Direct camera view.
  • The space is light enough (not too bright or too dark).
  • There should be only one face.

How to make a handmade avatar as a fashion game, choosing all the details including hair, skin color, eyes, eye color, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and face, … to look just like you. I believe that number is enough to create a unique, stylish yet enough avatar for people to see just like you.

Create your own avatar in style

When creating an image, you can only use basic and standard information. If you want to create a stylish avatar you can visit the “Style” section. You may find piercings in areas such as eyebrows, nose, mouth, or facial expressions. Of course, each of the above changes comes with a price. You need to do a lot of work to earn coins and buy them.

Photo Gallery

A photo booth is a place where you can create avatar-style photos instead of taking personal photos. To create an image, select a background image, and then select characters from the collection. You can customize the size and place them anywhere. Avatoon also allows you to use a selection of background images from the device gallery.

Additionally, you can add stickers, icons, and layouts to your photos. And if you do not feel like the Avatoon library is different enough, you can use coins to buy more at the store. There are many different stickers, including animated avatars.

Participate in voting photos to win coins

Avatoon has a large user community. Their jobs may be put on hold by a voting challenge. You and others participated as a voter, voting for one of the two photos displayed.

For each vote, you will know which image gets the most votes and the 10 cents bonus. In some cases, you can earn up to 20 coins. If you do not like certain images, you can disable them by swiping them up or down.

Buy clothes to change your style

If you feel like jeans and T-shirts are boring, you can visit the store and buy some new clothes for your avatar. Avatoon offers hundreds of fashion models based on popular styles in each country. As a result, the character can change the style from good to changeable, hip-hop, clean, or out of the way. In addition, the store also has models of shoes, sandals, sunglasses, hats, and necklaces. The cost of each item is 100 to 300 coins.

Complete daily activities

In addition to making avatars, Avatoon also has a machine program that you can make. Simple, like buying or dressing, sharing/storing avatars, or editing existing avatars. When you are done, you will receive coins.


If users regularly use flexible and flexible communication platforms, they may want to design different icons. In addition, designing an animated version is OK, so creating emojis or stickers will be easier and more flexible. The app will automatically create all sorts of different options for users to explore, and can freely design and customize the style of content. Of course, after completing the editing, users can directly share and save them in other forum stickers libraries for convenience and sharpness.


Avatoon is a simple and fun-focused app, so it has a variety of useful functions to design and customize its cartoon characters. If users want more brightness, the clothing system will be plentiful and endless with many different styles to wear and be beautiful.

Next are the pose and wallpaper; the app will have a variety of engaging content for users to be creative and make themselves great or hot, supermodels. The fun from Avatoon is endless, and users will have many different ways to discover their beauty after becoming cartoon characters.

In addition, users will have a variety of goods and designs to shape and share directly on many different platforms with just one tap. If you want to know your beauty through the world of cartoons, then download the app and take the first pictures.


By coming to Avatoon, players will get a chance to see your face with the image you provide instantly. From head to toe, all the details in your actual photo have been re-created with the animation in the same way. It will be easy to make a beautiful cartoon without having to spend a lot of time drawing it. Become a creator of cartoon art with just one tap.


If you have Avatoon, players will be provided with photo editing tools for the game, which can help their images become more beautiful and vivid. If you want to increase or decrease the brightness, complement the mood, or change some image effects, this is a simple problem that this game will satisfy you. In addition, it also helps you to crop and rotate the image to suit your needs and desires.


In this game, you will know a fun little game that takes part in making you a new, elegant, and modern character. Here, the game will give you more than 200 outfits of all colors and designs, giving you the freedom to choose your favorite outfit.

In addition, more than 100 pairs of shoes and 100 stylish jackets with the latest and most recent fashions are available for use. And yet, more than 200 accessories like sunglasses, jewelry, hats, bags, and the like and your expensive clothes, make you a very beautiful actress in everyone’s eyes.


In order to choose the right image and take it as your avatar, you have to think and choose carefully. Then you need to use existing images or real photos and insert and add, and modify the icons there accordingly. Next, you will dry and create a live wallpaper for your character. Use your photography skills and skills to intelligently solve the situations the game offers you, and use them in situations like these to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

Special Fun in the AVATOON COMMUNITY

The thriving community of Avatoon will always provide players with surprises and fun surprises and fun. Players will always be amazed at the modern features offered by the game. In addition to creating pictures and posting pictures, players can earn money through the game screen.

Not only that, but you can also share with your friends and invite them to join this fun avatar game. In addition, you have the right to share thumbnails and animated images you create on any of your favorite social networking sites.


Keep updating and changing the style of the characters, do not use the same style forever; it will soon cause boredom to viewers. You should always read books and look at fashion magazines to learn more about modern and innovative techniques. Then create a stylish person from head to toe and take on a new style, from bun to cool. You need to know how to fit each character to make the images you create in different colors.


This is a world-famous and trusted character game that you use to draw and create your favorite emoji and characters. Here you will find more information and expand your knowledge of animation production, landscape design, and much more. Not only that, because of this game, you are very happy in life and at work.

It helps you to reduce stress, increase your energy level, and make you feel happier every day. Plus, this is also a free game, so downloading and participating in entertainment is also a good idea. Do not forget to invite your relatives and family to play together and have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds!


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