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This app allows you to purchase the App Cloner premium license, add-ons & make donations.
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App Cloner will be able to help you get the feel of a single device with many different apps. If your work will need to work with other unique applications, but the workload is high, and you need many applications, then this will be your application. This app will allow you to combine other apps into different clones. From there, you’ll be able to enhance your work with clone apps.

What is App Cloner Mod Apk?

Are you looking for any way to download the latest updated version of App Cloner Premium Apk 2022 with all the premium features unlocked? If so, you may like this App cloner premium & add-ons mod apk.

Now, create multiple copies of stable and independent applications.
App Cloner is an excellent app integration tool that allows users to make multiple copies of their favorite or existing apps on smartphones. You can use two applications at the same time with the hardware of the same device. If you use a lot of social media accounts or are an avid player and have different game IDs, the app cloner is really useful for you.

Features of App Cloner Apk MOD:

With the help of this app, you can create multiple copies of games or social media apps and easily switch to any account without having to log out of them.

It is an advanced application and does not require any special requirements, but you should ensure that your device’s hardware can run multiple applications at a time. If not, you have to deal with a lot of mistakes.

The most important thing every user likes about this app is to protect their privacy with Incognito login mode. With the help, you can use any app in incognito mode and keep you safe from any vulnerable online trackers. If you want to use this feature, you need to turn on Incognito mode while running the app.

This feature helps you to secure your personal data and information from hackers or data scrapers.

You can integrate premium apps like GBwhatsapp, Gmail, Messenger, and many other apps only with the help of the premium version of Apk Cloner.
Many important things like making clones of multiple apps with batch cloning, randomly constructing building pins to block device prints, removing permissions and disabling permission commands, and many others are locked in the free version.

So in order to solve all your problems related to all premium items, here I will give you a full and 100% official version of App Cloner Premium Apk 2022 with Premium Unlocked features. Keep reading, and I will give you all the most important ways you can use all the premium features and you can give more stability to the programs produced

What is the App Cloner Premium Apk

App Cloner premium & add-ons mod apk is a modified (cracked) version of the official App Cloner app. With this, you can access all aspects of the premium (locked in the free version) without paying a single cent. You can use the modified application quickly without interruption.

All the additional features that provide security in the integrated app are also fully unlocked, and you can use unlimited access without limits.

With App Cloner Premium, you can:

  • Hide mock location
  • Enable floating apps and windows free form
  • Customize the fake time zone
  • Disable accessibility
  • Block screenshots for a specific app
  • Change the launcher icon of the integrated application
  • Provide the name of the custom package

The best part is that the whole integrated app will work the same way and does not affect the functionality of the actual apps. The app cloner is very powerful and has the ability to make any paid app in just seconds without any technical errors because it uses advanced technology with the most advanced system.

Developers regularly update the app with new and improved privacy options like Google Service Framework, Mock Wi-Fi and mobile connections, and much more. Thanks to premium updates, this app has millions of active users.


If you have a few problems related to one app, but will need to open this app again, this will be the best solution for you. You will not have to worry so much about the problems you face because many other users around the world have the same problem as you. The best and most accurate solution for your work provided by researchers would be to integrate your app.

By coming to App Cloner, you will be allowed to integrate the required applications into a new clone. With just a few touches, the same app will now appear so you can use two apps side by side. Are you worried that the copy will benefit you like the original? And the response from the app developer is that the copied app will be completely copied from the original.


But sometimes, repeating an app event will not be a user need. Some users have requested that a copy of the application be created but modified for use in a different way than the original. To understand the needs of users, the app has made updates so that users can edit copies for completely different uses.

Now, when you integrate apps, you will be able to completely customize the integrated app to suit your special needs. The options will be clearly displayed while copying, and with a few simple steps, users can perform different tasks the way you want. You will also be able to modify the clone app icon and display the name on your phone screen.


With manufacturer studies and statistics, applications that need to be downloaded will appear on social media. Some good app names you can download include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. From there, we can see the needs of users who need to duplicate applications that often update information and social networks.

From the above statistics, app researchers have allowed copies of the app to be able to have extended functions targeted at users. Other special functions can be mentioned: incognito mode, password protection, hiding Android ID or fake locations, … Then, the quality that the clone system can do can be very good and better meet the needs of the users.

An app that needs to be used with many different functions will be a very difficult task. But your problem will soon be solved by merging the app into multiple copies. And App Cloner will be an app that can help you do this faster with just a few simple steps. Now try to hear the app with the different features it brings.

Features of App Cloner Mod Apk

Hiding the Android ID and hacking your App Cloner Premium Apk feature is really helpful if you can access any unprotected apps. This app comes with many advanced features that you need to know before installing any app.

Below I highlight some of the features you will find with this updated version of App Cloner. If you are still confused about downloading this premium apk, the features below will help you make a decision.

Premium Features Unlocked

App Cloner Premium features are unlocked

It is not fun to use the system until all its premium features are unlocked. The app cloner also allows users to perform basic cloning with a free version, which does not guarantee the security of the integrated app.

So to solve your problem we share the latest updated version of App Cloner with the help of which you can use any completely unlimited premium feature.

Clone Premium Apps

In the free version of the app cloner, you can not integrate advanced apps like Gmail, GBWhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, Parallel Space, and many more.

But in the App Cloner Cracked Apk, you can add any premium app you like because the app is customized so that everyone can integrate any app they like without any mistakes.

Identity And Tracking Options

If you want to change or hide your Android ID for any reason, this cloner Premium app apk is ready for you. Even you can change the Google Advertising ID and the Google Service Framework (GSF) ID to remove annoying ads. You can also create random build tools to block device stamps.

Privacy options

This is the most popular feature of the App Cloner Premium Apk with which you can block access to contacts and record records of any app.

You will find the Incognito mode feature for apps and the incognito keyboard that protects you from data theft.

Features of Media Option Editing

You can easily protect the app from changing volume or you can mute it while the app is in front of you. The best thing about this app is that you can change or disable the functionality it really helps you save battery when any app is running in the background.

Download App Cloner APK MOD

App Cloner is one of the best apps for creating multiple copies of apps available on our Android device. After compiling the app, you can log into your social media account without colliding with the original data.
This app has the ability to provide features to your device in conjunction with any app.

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