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All Languages Translator - Speak and Translate app for all language translation expert to translate photo easily. Free Voice translation app to translate all languages.
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All Language Translate apk MOD – How do you travel around the globe? Although it sounds impossible, the All Language Translate App can help. For many periods, the problem of language barriers has plagued humanity. As technology advances, so do translation apps. Because it acts as a bridge between people from different countries, the job of an interpreter has great importance.

About All Language Translate app MOD

All Language Translate App can also be used as a translator. That’s not a nickname. This is the All Language Translate App. It can translate into any language in the world.

Most likely, you already know basic techniques for using interpreter software. Do you think it is possible to use your hands and write documents, then translate them into different languages? It takes time and effort if that is the case. Even so, it’s unlikely that you will be able to speak with a foreigner for more than five minutes.

Many improvements have been made to the translation app. All Language Translate App works very well. Let’s talk about what it can do for you.

What is the All Language Translate app mod?

All the tools you need to use an interpreter app. All Language Translate App is renowned for its speedy translations. When translated correctly, the meaning is retained. It allows you to understand the sentences of foreigners instantly. It also provides multiple translation options for ease of use.

What country is the best place to solve it? 

There is no one that can fix it, not even a German or Spaniard. All Language Translate App is capable of translating hundreds of languages from all over the globe. No matter how complex or simple the language, it can be translated.

How to use All Language Translate Apk?

All Language Translate apk MOD is designed for users around the world. iTranslate supports over 100 languages so you can communicate with everyone. It is easy to use. you have to do is open the app, choose the input language, then select the language to translate, and then speak to your phone.

The app will recognize your sentence and translate it into your language. This app is extremely accurate when it comes to voice recognition. You don’t need to worry about how you pronounce the words.

Features of All Languages Translator Apk

  • Over 100 languages can be translated
  • Translations can be spoken in male or female voices.
  • Dictionary: Includes synonyms and multi-meaning
  • terms. Contribute to translations by rating and suggesting the best translations.
  • History: This feature allows you to personalize your translations. The application will save translations that you use frequently and prioritize the words you use when you translate again. You can also use offline translations.
  • Nuance offers voice recognition features. Simply speak and the application will recognize your voice, convert it to text, and then begin the translation process.
  • Phrasebook: This app provides thousands of English sentences that can be used every day. This feature is great for learning and communicating in English.

The best translation app

The app is available for both Android and iOS and offers both male and female voice translations, as well as a dictionary with synonyms and multi-meaning terms. The app’s collection of common phrases includes over 100 phrases. It allows users to switch between different dialects and conjugate verbs of various tenses. This is a wonderful feature! This is very useful for languages such as Portuguese, with hundreds of irregular verbs.

All Language Translate also allows you to translate hieroglyphs into Latin characters. You will no longer have to worry about traveling to Eastern countries such as Japan, China, and Korea. Also, choose between male and female voices, as well as adjust the speed of the speech. You can share translation text via this application on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

MOD Feature of All Languages Translator Apk

PRO Unlocked All Language Translate PRO, a paid version that offers some additional features than the original version, is PRO. It is $ 2.99 per month. You can start your trial for 7 days before you commit to purchasing a PRO package. The PRO version includes the following features:

  • Voice translation
  • Camera Translation.
  • Verb conjugations in various tenses.
  • There are no ads
  • Mode offline
  • Translate web pages
  • Translate text quickly

People prefer the traditional method of translating. Typing text and translating is almost a daily routine for translation apps such as All Language Translate App. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this method. First, it ensures the text is accurate while also correcting spelling errors for the author.

Very useful for translating complex, jargon-laden documents. This translation is used by many people, of all ages. Both for study and work, this translation is very effective. The problem is that translating is the most difficult task. Editing text will take longer than recording audio or taking photos.

Translate images and voice easily

These are the most efficient and fastest methods. applies to every person’s daily practice. Imagine you’re walking down the street when you see a strange sign. It has foreign words that are hard to understand. How do you translate it? Open your smartphone and open the All Language Translate App.

Select the camera section and take the best picture possible. the text on the sign will now be fully translated. Or if you want to speak to a foreigner. Use the microphone to talk into it. Your voice will then be translated into the other person’s language. Engage in a lively conversation.

Complex documents

Your teacher assigns you a challenging foreign language text assignment while you are studying. You might be assigned a job by your boss to complete quickly. The All Language Translate app will help you complete them. This app supports file extensions such as.pdf and.txt. These text formats are common for uploading or sending.

You can download them to the All Language Translate App. Wait for a while. documents are now translated. Please review and adhere to the requirements. Before using the All Language Translate App, please ensure that you translate as best as possible.

Download All Language Translate apk MOD Pro Android

iTranslate is a powerful translation tool. Some features make it even better than Google Translate. This application makes it easy to travel and meet foreign partners without feeling anxious.

We have provided the APK file as well as iTranslate PRO. You can quickly download and install them. or Get the original app of All Language Translate from the Google Play store.


You don’t have to worry if you are having trouble with translations or working in foreign languages. Your smartphone comes equipped with an All Language Translate App. You can translate everything accurately and to your fullest. Communicate with everyone in a way that makes them feel comfortable and happy.

All Language Translate App can be used to build long-lasting relationships and cooperation. You can improve your language skills and amaze others with your translation abilities. I translate App mod is there to help you in any critical moment.

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