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Offline English to English Dictionary is one of its kind, with features ranging from Advance English Dictionary, Voice Translation, English Idioms, English Conversations, Spelling, pronunciation and much more.
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Oct 5, 2022
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Advanced English Dictionary APK – Advanced English Dictionary MOD APK is an offline English-English dictionary app that has many useful features like Advanced English Dictionary, Accent Translation, English Idioms, English Conversation, Spelling, Pronunciation…

If you want to learn English faster and more conveniently, go to Advanced English Dictionary Meanings & Definitions. This is a popular English learning app for all ages. You can learn more than 800,000 new words and improve your English. Don’t hesitate to download it now to learn more useful knowledge.

Meet the Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English dictionary with idioms, spelling, conversation, pronunciation, and many more useful features!

You know, learning new English words is not only necessary but should be a habit. If you learn a few new words every day, how many new words can you have in a month? And to do this effectively, you need a useful vocabulary to support you every day.

Advanced English dictionary for offline use

Advanced English Dictionary comes with lots of useful features for English learners and users. Currently, the app has more than 800,000+ words. Each word includes an explanation of the meaning (in English), synonyms, antonyms, and use of the words in sentences and example sentences.

In particular, it can be used offline without an Internet connection, which is extremely convenient for every student. You can access it anytime without being dependent on the internet.


After coming to this application, users can enjoy the hundreds of thousands of words it provides. Each word is carefully explained and has a precise meaning, translated into Vietnamese so that users can easily and quickly understand its importance. In addition, it will display more antonyms and synonyms to make it easier for users to learn. In addition, in order for users to understand and visualize the meaning of the word as quickly as possible, this application will provide several more specific examples with straightforward content.


It is a practical application for learning English for a wide range of users. You can use it to look up words whose meaning you don’t know. Just enter this word in the search box. You already know its meaning and use. Most notably, you can search for new expressions without going online. This created an opportunity for many users to use it anytime and anywhere to learn vocabulary.


This application will provide users with an attractive and unique English quiz every day to challenge and review. With these simple quizzes, you will gain new knowledge and determine your English level through the multiple-choice questions that this app offers. Work hard to learn new words every day to increase your vocabulary.


In addition to learning vocabulary, this app can help you translate any text of any language in the world into English. You will be surprised that the unique and valuable feature that this app brings is the ability to translate through the camera.

You need to place the camera on the content you need to solve and it will automatically scan and provide the desired results. It’s convenient and saves you time. If you are a student, student, or someone learning English, use it as a reference and learn more effectively.

Multiple choice questions to systematize knowledge every day
Advanced English Dictionary Mod apk also has a system of daily English multiple-choice questions. So you can determine your level of English using a series of multiple-choice questions that are renewed every day. Again, your vocabulary and related parts will deepen and improve day by day.
It is enough to use for 10 minutes a day and with this function, you can quickly systematize your new knowledge.

Convenient camera translation for everyone

Just raise the camera, scan the content, and Advanced English Dictionary will return translation results corresponding to the words in the image. On the go, you can see and understand any brand that suddenly passes by, which is a very useful feature when traveling.

Summary of detailed features in Advanced English Dictionary Mod Apk

  •  English voice translation
  •  Find the meaning of every English word, from common to advanced, including their synonyms, antonyms
  •  Give examples of how to use individual words in conversations
  •  English idioms
  •  Bookmark words as favorites for future reference
  •  Translate words using the camera
  •  Use offline without an internet connection
  •  Word pronunciation and speech-to-text functions

Simple and clear interface, layout

This mobile dictionary is the right choice for businessmen, tourists, students, teachers, and anyone who needs to learn English. All the useful features mentioned above are presented in a unified, minimalist, and easy-to-read interface that is suitable for everyone, even those who use the dictionary on their phone for the first time.

Pronunciation and speech-to-text functions

Advanced English Dictionary Mod apk is so simple and convenient that you can quickly search for a word by voice. This is a new feature added in the app update. Word pronunciation and speech-to-text features are also added it.

This voice translator allows you to translate anything using just voice input. This means that from now on you can translate English from any input method: text or voice.

Download Advanced English Dictionary APK & MOD for Android

The app is compact and takes up less space and has low battery consumption, as well is the largest word library in offline dictionary apps today. He can translate mainly through voice and pictures. Advanced English Dictionary Mod apk has all the necessary features for every English learner.

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