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1DM + [formerly IDM +] is one of the fastest downloaders specially designed for Android smartphones and tablets where you can speed up your download by up to 500% without doing anything. This app offers many different features like smart downloads, custom themes, supports HTTP live streaming websites, high security, and many more. In this application, you can use magnetic links or torrent URLs to download torrent files for full protection.
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About 1DM+[formerly IDM+] MOD APK

1DM + [formerly IDM +] is one of the fastest downloaders specially designed for Android smartphones and tablets where you can speed up your download by up to 500% without doing anything. This app offers many different features like smart downloads, custom themes, supports HTTP live streaming websites, high security, and many more. In this application, you can use magnetic links or torrent URLs to download torrent files for full protection.

The built-in download feature of this app is really functional and can download large files in just minutes. IDM + Instant Music, Video, Torrent Downloader allows you to modify or configure new settings from scratch, but it is recommended to make them default for best results. Also, this app supports dark and light themes, which you can change at any time with one click which ultimately gives a good feeling to the users.

But knowing that, there are many premium features such as a non-advertising experience, clever error management, downloading password-protected sites, speed limit, and many other features that are not in the free version of IDM Downloader. If you want to enjoy these features, you will have to buy IDM + in a play store which costs about Rs.69 one-time payment.

To overcome this problem, here I will give you an IDM + Fast and 100% Fast Music + Video, Video, Torrent Downloader Pro Apk, with all the premium features unlocked. Keep reading, and I will give you all the best tips for downloading large files in just seconds.

What is 1DM + [formerly IDM +] Mod Apk

IDM + Mod Apk is a modified (cracked) version of the official IDM + version. You can enjoy all the modified features such as Free Download, No Ads, Download Editor, Multipart download, speed limit, and many other things without spending a single cent.

IDM + Instant Music, Video, Torrent Downloader supports many languages ​​such as French, German, English, Dutch, and many more that ultimately help users to use the app in their own language, which provides a better user experience. This download manager has an excellent interface with a proper navigation system that keeps it easy to use.

You can rename downloaded files and share them with others directly from the app dashboard.
One of the best features of this app is to limit download speeds according to your preference from the speed reduction option. With the help of this feature, you can preview important files for faster downloads compared to others. This application supports all file formats and contains powerful download tools that take your download progress to the next level.

IDM + Features

Instant Music, Video, Torrent Downloader Mod Apk

IDM + has many amazing features like multilingual support, ad-free sound, black theme, trying and unlimited, and many other things that help you manage the download process easily.
Below, I highlighted some features of the IDM + Downloader Mod Apk. If you are new to this site and are confused about downloading the modified version, the features below will make you feel comfortable and help you make a decision.

Blocking ads

Advertising is one of the issues that annoy users when they crawl the web. 1DM + has an integrated ad-blocking feature. It will remove all javascript captions containing the ad library for better, safer browsing information.

Intuitive interface

1DM + has many features: import files, download torrent files, download files by URL, web browsing, and blocking ads … All of these features are displayed on the homepage. If you want to see more details and features, you can see the menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Includes download settings.
The main 1DM + interface is a list of files that have been processed, downloaded, or imported into the application. You can sort them by name, date of creation, size, file type, … or search by keyword. If you want to keep your privacy to yourself, you can hide files or set a password to protect them.

Other limitations

In addition to the features mentioned above, 1DM + also has a limit on which you can download files on YouTube. This application still complies with the terms and conditions of service set by YouTube. Some people feel dissatisfied with this, but the rules are the rules.


The torrent protocol is getting louder and louder. People can share with peers when they store torrent files and source files, respectively. ΜTorrent Pro is a torrent download protocol, but now you do not even need it because 1DM + also supports torrent downloads.

Usage is also very easy. You just need to press the merge icon in the bottom corner of the screen, then select import files from the device. You can then browse to find torrent files, import them into the application, and begin the uninstall process. Indeed, 1DM + provides a detailed visual interface for tracking your downloaded volume and estimated time.

Powerful download support

As mentioned, 1DM + will make the device download 5 times faster than normal. Why is this app possible? The answer is that it includes more than 32 simultaneous download holes compared to 1 hole as usual. Basically, at the same time, the app will automatically transfer data to newly created small files, equivalent to 32 downloads at a time.

After the download is complete, each small file is linked to the other and forms a complete file before being displayed on the user’s device. Therefore, you should not be too surprised when a large amount of data of a few tens or hundreds of GB is downloaded in a short period of time.

Additionally, users can increase their time and energy by attaching the download link to the address box in 1DM +. The app will automatically connect to that link and be ready to download any files the user requests.

Torrent protocol integration

Torrent protocol is probably not very common for every user yet. Normally, users should use a dedicated app to download Torrent files, however, you no longer need to do that. With 1DM + everything becomes much easier. In just a few simple steps, you can download a Torrent to your device instantly.

How about now? Very simple, users just need to press the merge icon attached at the bottom corner of the screen. Next, select import files from the main device. Then, click the Browse button to find your favorite Torrent files. Finally, download it to 1DM + to start downloading now.

There are many attractive features

• Freely customize light or dark theme in the app
• Supports many popular languages
• Download directly to SD card
• When the screen is off, the download will continue and will not be interrupted
• Supports only download via Wifi connection
• Supports opening/sharing downloaded files instantly
• When the download is complete, the device will automatically output audio or vibrate for users to see
• Sort files clearly by size, date, and time so that users can easily find the required files

All in all, this app offers so many great features that we can’t fully cover the scope of the article. You can download this app to check out the full set of built-in features.

No ads appear

1DM + is a paid application, so it is not very difficult to understand when it includes adblocking during use. This will help users to get free content without feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, your device will always ensure security when browsing the web, avoiding the problem of virus transmission if you accidentally click an ad on the screen.

Modern interface

The interface was one of the features that made us happy to use 1DM +. Basically, the main interface of this app is very intuitive and integrated modern. Thus it provides the necessary information for users right on the home page. Here, you can access any features you want to use immediately. Alternatively, you can also click the menu button on the left side of the screen to see detailed information and features.

Download APD 1DM + MOD for Android

If you are a data downloader on your device, 1DM + visibility will be very helpful to you. This app will make your download process much faster and safer than usual. What are you waiting for? Download the app via the APK link below the title to experience it.

MOD Features IDM Apk

• More
• Pledged
• AD-Free

Best images of 1DM + Plus

• No ads – The only thing users are worried about is that ads appear to be crammed into the app, in this version, all ads have been removed.
• Support downloading Torrent files – This is very useful for sharing and transferring large documents and data.
• Multilingual Support – Currently, this app supports more than 20 languages ​​worldwide.
• Smart Download – Download files once you have copied the path to the clipboard.
• Try again with unlimited support for custom delays, download without interruption when closing the

The app saves battery on the device.

• Supports all archive files, music, videos, documents, programs …
• Support multi-data download downloads, up to 32 components.

Premium version of 1DM + Plus APK

Normally, to install a specific app, users will have access to the Google Play App Store for Android. At $ 1.99 for 1DM Plus is the perfect fit for a quick and smart download.

App usage and payment are very sensible and are a way to help publishers bring a better user experience. However, for some reason, you can not install it directly on Google Play, you can completely download IDM Plus for free by downloading from the APK file we provide. Select the link below and download the latest version of your Android device.

Another highly advanced download manager with new features that take your download speed to the next level.

• Premium Features Unlocked
• Beautiful interface
• Download Password Protected Files
• Update Expired Links
• Simultaneous download


1DM + [formerly IDM +] is the fastest and most advanced download controller (with Flood download support) accessible on android. Up to 500% faster than normal downloads. In addition, it does not apply the rules of management when no one can download and the smart download options corrupt and extend the battery life of the IDM mod apk.

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